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1983 Alfa Romeo Spider

Condition: Used
Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: Spider
Type: Convertible
Year: 1983
Mileage: 87,420
VIN: ZARBA5410D1016341
Color: Black
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Georgetown, Texas, United States

Description for Alfa Romeo Spider 1983

Well sorted and fully road worthy Car. You can drive it anywhere. The car has been completely upgraded with new standard maintenance components. The car presents beautifully and has great corner appeal and drives like new. Mileage 87,420 All the work listed below was done as preventative service and modernization. The car ran and drove before. I did this work at the suggestion of my Alfa mechanic. All parts were purchased at Vick's Auto. All maintenance issues were done by Italian Motor Service of Austin. Recent work includes: Engine: Mileage at 86,081 (All work done by certified Alfa mechanic)

  • New timing chain
  • All new gaskets except head gasket. This includes exhaust.
  • All new hoses. (water, acuum lines, nd any other rubber engine components including air filtration system.)
  • Major tune-up. (Including valve settings, leaned injectors, gnition, park plugs and plug wires, ngine timing)
  • Rebuilt radiator with replacement coils.
  • New belt. (all belts, ose clamps etc...)
  • Motor mounts
  • Engine tested for compression, eaks, usty or broken bolts. (Passed all with no defects or problems)
  • Air compressor was removed for added performance. And boy did it make a difference. This car runs superbly. It is an absolute joy to drive. However, moves later, he air compressor is missing and will need to be repurchased.

Drive Train: Mileage at 86,081 (All work done by certified Alfa mechanic)

  • New gaskets
  • Replaced rubber hoses
  • Replaced mounts
  • Gears and synchronizers inspected and tested. No faults found. 2nd gear synchronizer is smooth.
  • Rear-end gears inspected, o faults found. (gaskets replaced.) Replaced gear oil with factor specified oil.
  • Clutch plates replaced. New gaskets installed.

Suspension: Mileage at 86,081 (All work done by certified Alfa mechanic)

  • Rear-end dropped and all bushings replaced with new.
  • All steering and suspension bushings replaced.
  • Replaced both control arms.
  • Front and rear koni shocks (at 85,325 miles)
  • Center and end links replaced
  • Sway bar replaced. (lower a-arm bushing, nd link bushing, ear sway bar center bushing)
  • Steering idler
  • Front sway bar bushings
  • Steering linkage
  • Trunnion bushing
  • Upper caster bushing
  • Upper control-arm inner bushing
  • Upper ball joint left and right
  • Rear springs (at 85,325 miles)

Brakes: Mileage at 86,081 (All work done by certified Alfa mechanic)

  • New master cylinder
  • Brake booster hose replaced.
  • Brake hose front and rear replaced.
  • Brake pads front and rear replaced.
  • All 4 rotor replaced.
  • Slave cylinder and other safety components such as; emergency brake and cables inspected and in dependable working order.

Exhaust: (In the last 100 miles)

  • All new stainless steel exhaust from header to tip

Tires: Mileage at 86,081 (All work done by certified Alfa mechanic)

  • New High Performance KUHMO Power Star 758 tires
  • Factory wheels are chip and curb rash free. Appear brand new and have all four emblems which are clear and not faded.

Ancillary: Last 100 miles

  • New electric fuel pump
  • New battery


  • Car has had one respray due to a small hit on the right side, hich was repaired with bondo (not my preference) and then resprayed. In my opinion, lear coat was done poorly and should be redone if you want to make this a "show quality" car. This is not easily noticable but the trained eye could spot it immediately.
  • There is a butt-cheek dent in the front nose cone, which should pop out easily and a small nickel size dent in the right rear quarter panel and should be an easy fix.
  • Left rocker-panel is rusted and will need to be replaced. I have the new part still in bubble wrap that will come with the car.
  • Right rocker-panel has cracking bondo that will also need to be addressed.
  • Rest of body is bondo free, ust free and all hinges and hardware are in excellent working order.
  • Rear wing (spoiler) has remained soft and textured. Appears non faded and presents well.
  • The top shows wear, ut seals well. Has no leaks and rear window is clear.
  • Car comes with original jack, ool kit, anual and brochures.
  • Floor pans and chassis have been inspected for rust and found to be rust free and in excellent condition.


  • All gauges and lights work perfectly. The 55 mph buzzer needs to be replaced or bypassed, ecause on occassion when you reach 55 the speedometer will drop to zero. It is not illegal to bypass this buzzer as it was a part of the 80's 55mph speed limit hysteria.
  • There is a 4" hairline crack in dash. (see pic) that is a recent defect on my own volition that I have no excuse for.
  • Door cards are warped, ut leather, ardware and finish panels are in good condition.
  • Original wood-grain steering wheel and shifter are beautiful and present very well.
  • At one point the horn quit working from the steering wheel. I did not have access to an Alfa mechanic. So I bypassed the steering wheel and had a horn button installed on the steering column. This allowed me to pass inspection and I never go around to repairing this properly. Again, his should be an easy fix.
  • Radio works, ooks great.
  • Seats and carpets are original. They are blemish and tear free. They show little wear, f any.

Although car is rarely driven, t has been kept indoors and on a trickle charger. It is started regularly and monthly it is taken out and all gears are run through to keep it drivable. The only other defect that I am aware of is on very rare occasions during long drives and long engine running periods, he car will act as if the battery is dead. However, f you let it sit 10 minutes it will start right up. This does not happen every time, ut you should be aware that it can happen and I carry a portable Hotshot just incase this happens and I don't want to wait the 10 minutes...for whatever reason this does the trick. I have had the starter solenoid alternator and the wiring checked and no problems were found. I am mystified. However, have not conferred with other Alfa owners on this problem, o it could be something quite simple. Oil is changed every year, ven if it's been driven less than 100 miles as are all fluids. Gas is treated with high octane booster and water remover. Car starts right up, urrs like a kitten, oves rpm and corners on rails. I never drive it in the rain or the cold winter. I have described this car as honest as humanly possible. Alfa prices are all over the map. With the work that has been done to this car, y reserve of $6500 is possibly the fairest of any Alfa on Ebay. I am not trying to milk this car for every nickel it's worth. I need to sell due to poor health, nd I want to sell it on the first effort. Feel free to call me with any questions. Car should be inspected and driven by potential buyer. (817)201-6574.