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1969 AMX not a Javelin 69 AMX american motors

1969 AMC AMX

Condition: Used
Make: AMC
Model: AMX
Trim: 2 door AMX
Year: 1969
Mileage: 41xxx
VIN: A9C397T19521
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Chandler, Arizona, United States

Description for AMC AMX 1969

1969 American Motors, MX not a Javelin, VIN - A 9 C 397 T 195219,

This auction is for one driver quality 1969 AMX V8 343 with 4 speed manual transmission. The car is modestly modified with modern day upgrades for driver reliability. Most of the work performed by professionals in the business, uch as brake updates, ransmission repairs and carburetor rebuild.

This is car appears to be an Arizona Car ! with no rust issues found, he body and paint is in fair shinny driver condition. The tires and rims are brand new. The Car went through the required registration testing, nd complies with Arizona IM230 emissions requirements and has current valid tags. The car handles very nice, or it vintage, hifts as it should through all the gears, t has a little wine and we are told that is the transmission. We have no idea, o the experts can comment on that.

The entire car is complete with nothing major missing, ut sure the experts could find something, he vehicle needs finishing, ut the carpet, eadline and seats are new, n nice condition, he door panels are temporary panels the correct ones with the door handles are in the trunk, nd may need to be installed, epending on new owners objective. The passenger door glass is missing but a new was ordered but the wrong one was received, ith too much time from order date, an not be returned, herefore a new one will be needed, nd this other resold, t will come with the car but it is for a Javelin and apparently the AMX and javelin are different sizes. Go figure.

The overall condition of this car is described as good. There are no major issues to mention, his is not a restored car and not represented as one, t is a good all around driver, he paint, lass, nterior are driver quality, he photos tell the story. If you are looking for a fully restored car, his is not it, his car needs some work to completed, ut can be enjoyed during that finishing process. I am no expert on AMX, merican motors vehicles, o if there are questions, lease ask. I mention it to be up front and open with what I know and not making any claims. there are paint imperfections, ut nothing major..

Some additional information, The car is listed on behave of my friend who did not want to be inundated with questions, r answering the email, herefore, will coordinate all questions, nd schedule any possible inspections. We encourage physical inspections, o that you know exactly what you are buying, ith no surprises. The car is currently Chandler Arizona with easy access to view, r inspect, lease call for an appointment. 480-309-2566 or 602-231-2977. I am long time standing ebay as both buyer and seller where my rating of 100% speak for it's self. Recently sold, 2006 supercharged mustang and a 1973 XR7 cougar, here both buyers were pleased leaving positive feedback. We want to complete a smooth transaction. Thank you for looking / bidding.

There shall be no test drives, ithout money in hand, nd I will do the driving, he auction can be ended at anytime, his is a used car and therefore sold "AS IS" with no warranty. Payment in cash, f you chose to pay with paypal you will be asked to add the paypal service fees, o exceptions, he owner will accept bank transferred of balance, hich is preferred, r a cashier check. Any other payment options should be discussed prior to bidding.

NOTE: The car and title will be held until all fees / payments have cleared with our bank. We are open to negotiating other terms, rior to the end of auction, nce the auction ends, ayment of 10% or $1500.00 via paypal as a non-refundable deposit. The balance is due before the car is released or transported to your location, ithin 48 hours. Should transportation be required it will be the full responsibility of the buyer, ut we will gladly help to accommodate the pickup schedule to meet the transporter.


Currently registered with Validate Arizona state title ready for proper transferred upon payment. Lastly, hese photos are all recent photos and shows the car exactly the current condition.

12/2005 - purchased, eceipts available for most of this work.

1) major repairs making road worthy Brakes, ncluding wheel cylinders, lutch kit, elts hoses, uel and coolant items, ncluding a new aluminum radiator

2) Steering wheel, nd wheel alignment, ncluding adjustments for Arizona emissions.

3) Tires and rims,

4) Most recent, ajor tune up, ince the car was not used for a while, hat included another carb rebuild for gaskets, oints plugs, uel items, ump/filters, ater pump and various minor electrical updates for drivability.

Tags good thru Jun 30, 016

Special License Plate "1969AMX"

Odometer 41437, nknown of original or greater than 100K

Clear Arizona Title, o issues, o liens, eady for transfer, pon payment.
Door tag, river side, I was told that the door is not original, o the tag numbers are meaningless.
Plaque numbers from this car are as follows:
line 1 - 009884
line 2 - 6879-7
line 3 - 881-E
line 4 - 45-A
line 5 - E or B, 09822
On Sep-13-15 at 20:18:20 PDT, eller added the following information:On Sep-13-15 at 20:24:47 PDT, eller added the following information:

Added based on several questions regarding the vehicle tags
Requested the information from the owner, nd below are the results
numbers on the car, u>but the owner is not sure if they are correct .
the Door tag, river side, is not original, o the tag numbers are meaningless.
Plaque numbers from this car are as follows: not sure if they are correct.
line 1 - 009884
line 2 - 6879-7
line 3 - 881-E
line 4 - 45-A
line 5 - E 009822
bottom line, here may be no relevant numbers on the car tags that decode this particular vehicle. sorry about that - but that is what the owner says.
One item confirmed is that the vin number on the car and title are one in the same and correct, ased on owner/Arizona DMV confirmation.
Thanks for the questions, nd sorry for the confusion.
hope this helps
respectfully submitted

On Sep-16-15 at 07:19:56 PDT, eller added the following information:

Updated Sept 16, ased on questions from couple of emails -
1) Disk brakes: yes for the front, nd drum in back
2) AC system: yes the in dash controls are present, s are the vents, he ducting is there, he compressor is in the trunk, no idea if from 1969, nd original or a replacement) it looks as if it was mounted at some point and removed. there are several brackets that could be engine brackets, r AC brackets not sure, here are no hoses. lastly, f the AC is important and considered by a potential buyer, s "a major item" then I will write that the system while mostly complete, s not functional and is not complete. I stand corrected by my description words that the car was mostly complete. sorry for any misunderstanding or confusion. none was intended, nd my mistake.
3) additionally, took photos of the disk brakes and AC compressor, o if anyone wants to see those, lease send an email address and I will gladly forward those photos, bay will not allow me to add more photos during the auction process. - again sorry about that, should have been more complete in my original description details.
Hope this resolves and answers the questions
respectfully submitted