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1960 Amc Rambler American 2dr sedan "Retro- Rod"

Condition: Used
Make: AMC
Model: Other
Trim: Custom
Year: 1960
Mileage: 85
Color: Black
Transmission: manual
Drive type: 3 spd manual
Interior color: Red/gray cloth w/white headliner
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Columbus, Ohio, United States

Description of 1960 AMC Other

This Rambler is an American 2dr sedan that I bought in 2010 or 2011. It has been stored for the last2 years so it will need the carburetors rebuilt in order to run. It was running when I put it away but not smoothly, o I was pretty sure they needed rebuilt then but I never got it done. The main car itself is in good condition but does have its flaws. Most of the work was done before I purchased it andhere are the details. The car was repainted from red to black but not the best quality paint job, k for a driver though, he interior was redone nicely, arpet was replaced, loor pan repaired and inside is completely sound deadened with dynamat type material, ar is lowered 2 inches and rear axle was moved back approximately 2.5 inches to center up the wheelsin the wheel wells, ence the driveshaft was lengthened, nderside is undercoated, ost of the glass gaskets or channel felts have been replaced, nd different wheels and tires were put on. The car was mostly redone before and since it has been sitting so long, took a couple of parts off for my other one which was in an accident and needed repaired quickly. I have gotten most of the parts replaced, ut some need refurbished. I know where a bumper can be found and I can pass that information on to whoever purchases the car.
The car was operating just fine when put away except for the carburetors as I stated before, he driveline, rakes and such are good. It just needs a little TLC to bring it back to life and I just don't have the finances to do that anymore so I'm passing it on. If I hadn't been in the accident then it would be a different story. I truly love this car and don't want to sell it, ut I don't want to see it sit any longer either as it deserves to be out and about. I always got lots of love, humbs ups and compliments on it because it is a really cool car. I call it a "Retro Rod" as it has always reminded me of a car that a young man in his car club back in the 60's would have done to fix up their cars and be cool. Nothing major just a few little things to make it stand out.
With the sale, ou have two different options as to how you can buy it. You can purchase it for whatever the sale price may be as it is or I will take a $1000 dollars off of the sale price and remove the engine. That way it can be a clean slate for anyone that wants to turn it into a street rod with a V8 or whatever. That was proposed to me when I had it at the AMC National event this year and I wasn't sure if I waswilling to do that, ut I am as I would like to hold onto the engine for my other one.
If you have any questions about the car feel free to ask and take a look at my feedback as can see that I'm an honest person and don't hide anything about my sales. You can also contact me if you or a representative would like to see it in person and we can work that out.
Thank you for taking the time to check out my listing, ll sales are final as is and I reserve the right to end the auction as it is for sale locally as well.