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1962 AMC Rambler Cross Country - Custom Wagon SURVIVOR Complete

Condition: Used
Make: AMC
Model: Rambler
SubModel: Cross Country - Custom
Type: N/A
Trim: Cross Country - Custom
Year: 1962
Mileage: 83,971
VIN: C794944
Color: Blue
Engine: 195 c.i.d (3.2L) I-6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Wagon
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only

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Private seller

Description of 1962 AMC Rambler Cross Country - Custom

962 AMC Rambler Classic
Cross Country Wagon
All Original Survivor!
83,971 MILES
Perfect Patina
Driver Quality Wagon
Well Optioned!
Runs and Drives Great!
Vin # C794944
Body # 177053
Model # 6218-2
-1962 AMC Classic 6 Custom Series Wagon
Trim # 263V
-Individual Front Seats
-Reclining Back
-Overdrive Transmission
-Weather Eye Heater
-Solex Glass
-White Tires
-White Tires
-Light Package
-Heavy Duty Radiator
-DowGard Full-Fill Coolant
-Outside Mirror
-Backup Lights
-Windshield Washers
Paint # 40-72
-Two Tone Blue / White Roof
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We purchased this Rambler Wagon from the original owner, who used it as his daily driver up until late last year!
Load up the family for a cross country adventure in this 1962 AMC Rambler Classic Wagon!
The Rambler was the focus of AMC’s management strategy under the leadership of George W. Romney. American Motors designed and built some of the most fuel-efficient, best-styled, and well-made cars of the 1950’s and 60’s. Their compact cars (for the time) helped AMC to become a real contender against the Big 3. In 1961, the Rambler ranked in third place among domestic automobile sales. In 1962, AMC took a leadership role with safer brake systems in all Ramblers, featuring twin-circuit brakes, a design offered by only a few cars at that time. The popularity of the compact-sized Classic continued in the face of a dozen new competitors, making them a real trendsetter. Sales of the 1962 model year Classics increased by over 56,000 in the first six months compared to the same period in 1961. A Popular Mechanics nationwide survey of owners that had driven a total of 1,227,553 miles revealed that the Rambler is likeable, easy handling, providing stability and comfortable, a roomy ride with low-cost operation. Flaws included inadequate power and poor workmanship. Even Motor Trend magazine named it their “Car of the Year” for 1963. There’s no secret that the Rambler has it’s own cult following, and we have one of the most original survivors out there, right here at Evolve Motors!
I don’t think we need to sell you the fluff on this sweet old girl. What you see is what you get on this one. This ol Rambler’s got more patina than the Statue of Liberty. It’s literally a running, driving tribute to the 60’s. What family didn’t have a Rambler wagon sitting in the driveway? If you didn’t, your neighbor’s sure did. Here’s your chance to re-live a piece of your childhood, and create some new memories with your kids in the same fashion. The exterior is pretty raw. The rust you see throughout is limited to surface patina. In fact, with visual rust all over, the only real “problem” area is in the small corner of the passenger side floorboard, near where the floor meets the kick panel. Other than that small spot, the car’s tins and metals throughout are surprisingly solid. The car was bought new in Missouri, and spent it’s entire life (until now) in Lawrence, Kansas. This car was driven, and loved daily up until the day we brought it up here. When we loaded her up, the owner had a small twinkle in his eye (we won’t call it a tear), as he beamed with nostalgia one last time. The car shows absolutely no signs of body damage or repair over the years, as it sits in it’s original two tone blue and white paint job. The patina is absolutely perfect on it, not too much, not too little, and evenly spread throughout. This is the look a lot of guys are going for these days. I just picture this thing with a V-8 transplant, a set of old school Cragar wheels, hitting the open highway with a car load of people. She’s got great bones, no matter what you decide to do with it. Drive it, restore it, or hot rod it. The great part is, when you buy it, the choice is yours!
The interior is mostly in good condition, aside from some obvious wear and tear on the driver’s seat. An upholstery specialist could repair that in half a day and have the interior looking like new. The dash is super clean, as is the headliner and all of the glass throughout the car. Again, we note the only major flaw of this entire ride is the passenger floorboard where the rust has gotten through the floor pan. The trunk is amazing. Pull back the carpet in the trunk area, and see the original steel and paint looking like it just rolled off the factory line. The original spare is still intact, along with the correct tire iron.
Pop the hood to find the same story, underneath all of the dust that has invaded it’s space, the firewall and inner fender wells look untouched and very clean. The original 192 cubic inch 6 cylinder motor fires right up and idles smoothly. The car doesn’t smoke or make any scary noises. Push in the clutch, find the right gear up on the column, and head on down the highway. You’ll find the ride surprisingly smooth and comfortable. I expected this thing to cough and weeze like Tow Mater when we got it. I was excited to see it start right up and drive off the trailer like it was no big deal. I know it’s just an old Rambler wagon, but something about this car is just cool! The suspension sounds good and tight, with no creaks or squeaks to note. Braking was just as smooth as accelerating, leaving us relieved. As we mentioned earlier, this car was used often, maybe not daily, but weekly for sure up until last fall when the gentleman made the decision to purchase a different vehicle and sell off his Rambler.
All in all this AMC Rambler is a solid example, with just the right visual patina that any “hot rod” or “rat rod” guy would be interested in. A couple coats of clear, a 383 stroker, and a full tank of gas is the only thing this car needs! The possibilities are endless with this Cross Country Classic. Would definitely make a sweet addition to anyone’s collection. Call Evolve Motors today to get all the details. 773-267-2684. Thanks!