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1965 Rambler "Cross Country Classic" Station Wagon

1965 AMC Rambler "Cross Country" station wagon

Make: AMC
Model: Rambler "Cross Country" station wagon
Type: Wagon
Year: 1965
Mileage: 100,000
Color: Red
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Dixon, Missouri, United States

Description for AMC Rambler "Cross Country" station wagon 1965

1965 Rambler "Cross Country" Classic Station Wagon
Has the optional 287 V8.
Ok, so, bought last year to pull my 1952 Nomad Teardrop Trailer (also on ebay) as it's big for a teardrop and wanted the oomph, plus the look.
P.O. stated that the 287 had low compression, and it was the heads. He pulled them (you can see the RTV and new gaskets, so, had no reason to doubt) and had them rebuilt and installed. Ended up still with low compression, so, he just let it sit in the shop until he could get around to it. Lost interest, and sold it to me. I got it home, and engine was seized, and I'm thinking from just sitting for too long. Didn't want to break a ring, so was going to rebuild, and started to prep it for pulling and rebuilding it. Most of the big stuff is off, and just needs to be pulled and rebuilt, or, pull the heads, and re-ring it and do the lower end in the car. Your call. Wouldn't take a lot.
Stock car. Completely intact and it's never been hit. has some rust around the rear quarter panels, but, easy fix. Upholstery is fair and could be used as a driver. Has a nice set of Crager Classic rims on it with all new tires. I have the original rims and hubcaps too, but, she looks good with the Cragers. You get both Even the chrome still looks good. I've also got the workshop manual and a couple of vintage excellent condition original ad. brochures for it also;.
Nada list this car in fair condition for 11K plus as wagons are now back I guess. With a rebuild and some paint etc. this will be on the high end which was in the 20's. It's just a nice looking ride. Wanted a classic ride for my tear drop, but, life happens, and need to sell off some toy/projects.
Ok, just added this to youtube. Video of it back in November, give you a general idea. Floorboards are solid, interior panels are really good with just one arm rest that needs replaced or repaired. Anyway, hope this gives a better idea.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b60pXNCLZ7I

Quick note. I've tore down all of the periphery engine stuff. power steering pump, fuel pump, altenator, water pump etc. All is bagged and tagged. Motor just needs to be pulled, which was my plan, or, pull the heads, push the pistons up, re ring it and bottom end it in the car. your call.