Three 1930's Austins - Two Austin Sevens, One American Austin Bantam

1933 Austin

Condition: Used
Make: Austin
Year: 1933
Item location: Barre, Vermont, United States

Description for Austin 1933

Three Austins, wo Austin Sevens, ne American Austin Bantam.
I am a collector of British cars and need to move along some of my collection to help fund my daughter's college tuition. I had been trying to collect one of each body style with the idea of starting a museum after retirement.
These three cars are being sold as one lot. Bid what you want, ake one, ake two or take three. This is not a Dutch auction, he winning bid will win all three cars and can take all or some of them.
All three cars are exactly as I purchased them. They have been stored in a heated/dehumidified garage. I have not done anything to any of them. They were purchased to restore and display after my kids got out of college. Things change. I will give a brief description of each and will post several photos of each. Please ask questions and I will do my best to answer.
The yellow Austin Convertible
Imported into the US back in the 50's and stored in California. Owner moved to Georgia and then passed away. I purchased the car from Georgia. The seller of the estate claims to have gotten the car running off a small soda bottle of gas and driven it around the neighborhood. I have never started nor tried to start the car. It arrived in VT with the correct smell of being run recently and a new battery so I have no reason to doubt their claims. Car is complete and appears to be in original condition barring upholstery on the seats being redone at some point in the past. There is a small mouse hole on the rear seat. Looks every bit of its 80 years of age with great patina. I had planned on restoring the drive train and leaving its "look" untouched.
The patina/rusty Austin sedan
I do not know the history of this car other than I bought it out of a farmer's field in Texas. It is well worn but appears to be complete. I bought it as a parts vehicle for the yellow convertible thinking it was too far gone to restore. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. While heavily covered in surface rust the car is remarkably sound. Rust through on the right hand door pillar as shown but everything else is pretty much solid even the floor pans. Don't get me wrong, ou are not going to buy a new battery put in some gas and drive off. But what is there is restorable. Having resigned myself to not parting it out, thought about an original patina gasser or restoring the original mechanics, olstering the frame and body as needed and having an eye catching, ne of a kind Austin.
The red Austin Bantam
I purchased this car from a US Marine in Florida. There is a stack of restoration photos that come with it. I bought it as a running and driving amateur restoration. Indeed it does run and drive (I personally drove it off the trailer and into my garage) but the poor level of restoration was beyond my means and desires. Here is what I know. The engine, rame, rakes, ransmission and pretty much all body work from the windshield forward is American Bantam issue. The doors, nterior, ashboard, ear trunk, tc are homemade. Fairly well done and look the part, ut they are fabricated and not original parts. Car was converted from leaf springs to shocks, ot sure why. Owner drove the car in local parades and appears to have had it registered and inspected. I have not done either and would personally go through the suspension and brakes before putting my daughters in it. The wheels and tires were professionally done and are new. Those alone are hard to find and worth a fair amount. The car is a convertible with the entire black top removable as one unit. It does not fold down and store, t is removed.
What I have done......
Virtually nothing. I am not saying I know nothing, ot claiming not to be a car guy, ot hiding behind a lack of knowledge. I am saying that I have over a dozen cars, ought these with the intention of waiting 20 years to get to them. As such, hey arrived, moved them into a relatively permanent resting place and kept them heated and dry. I have not looked them over, rawled under them, ried to start them, ssessed what was and wasn't present, tc. They arrived and they have sat. I did pull the spark plugs and put a dollop of Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder. Therefore the condition of the engines (whatever that may be) has not deteriorated since they arrived in VT.
I truly hope these go to a home where they will be appreciated. I am starting the bidding at a low $11,500 ($3,500 per car) but don't value them all the same. The yellow one is the gem, he red one worth more than that in parts and the rustmobile to me is almost priceless because it's look can't be replicated. Think of the possibilities. I have way more invested in them than I am asking but college is expensive and I need them to sell so am starting them low.
Please ask all questions before bidding. I will do my best to provide an honest answer. Buyer is responsible for transport. I am more than willing to store them for a lengthy period of time as long as I have been paid for the purchase price.
Thank you