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RARE E28 M5 1 Owner 50k Miles Survivor ALL ORIGINAL Clean Carfax COLLECTOR PIECE

Condition: Used
Make: BMW
Model: M5
Type: Sedan
Trim: Base Sedan 4-Door
Doors: 4 Doors
Year: 1988
Mileage: 52,299
VIN: WBSDC9301J2791338
Color: Black
Engine: 3.5L I6 24V
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Private seller

Description of 1988 BMW M5


Own a Piece of BMW’s Rich Racing History With This

1988 BMW M5 (E28)

All Original!


1 Owner – Clean Carfax

-Full Service Records and History Documentation

-Full Manuals and Service Booklets

-2 Sets of Original Keys

Pristine Condition / Showroom Quality

1 of Only 1,244 Produced Between 11/1986 – 11/1987

Twin-Cam, 24-Valve Inline 6

(First introduced in the M1!)

with a

5 Speed Manual Transmission

VIN# WBSDC9301J2791338

Type Code: DC93

Model: M5 (USA)

E-F-R Series: E28

Series: 5

Body Type: LIM

Steering: L

Door Count: 4

Engine: S38

Cubic Displacement: 3.50

Power: NA (0)

Transmission: HECK

Gear Box: MECH

Paint Code: Schwarz

Upholstery: Natur Volleder (0237)

Production Date: 4/25/1987

Other Options:

458: Seat Adjustment, Electric (F Driver/Pass)

494: Seat Heating (F Driver/ Pass)

780: BMW LM-RAD (M Parallel Spoke Wheels)

Evolve Motors is pleased to present this immaculate 1988 BMW M5!

The year was 1988. The Olympics were being hosted by Munich. CD’s were outselling vinyl records for the first time in history. And BMW was offering up the worlds fastest production sedan, the M1 inspired M5. Although much has changed in the world since 1988, one thing surely hasn’t. The BMW heritage of racing and performance, not to mention their iconic hood badge on the front of many winning race cars. The first M5 made it’s debut at the Amsterdam Motor Show in February 1984. It was a product of demand for an automobile with the carrying capacity of a sedan, but the overall appearance of a sports car. It utilized the 535xi chassis and an evolution of the body from the M535i. This hand built example was assembled by a team in Daimlerstrasse in Garching, roughly 60 miles east of Munich. The continued production of North American spec E28’s led BMW into a class action law-suit filed by M5 owners for falsely advertising that the 86-88 M5’s would be limited to only 500 per year. The original owners were presented with a $4,000 voucher, which they could use or give away. Still, with only 1,340 hand built E28’s produced for North America, it’s tough to say how many true, clean examples still survive today. We have one of them, and it is a most gorgeous example.

This 1988 BMW is a true one owner car. The gentleman that owned the car loved it very much, as he pre-ordered the car as soon as he was able to. We purchased the car from his wife after he passed away. She was able to give us all of the documentation on the car that he had saved throughout the years, including full service records and ownership documentation, full manuals and service booklet, and even both sets of original keys. The carfax shows that the mileage on this gorgeous sedan is true and accurate, as does the overall quality of the car from head to toe. We feel blessed to have such a beautiful piece of automotive history to offer up here at Evolve!

The interior of this M5 is A1 perfect! It truly needs to be seen in person to appreciate the love and care that went into this gorgeous example. The carpet is as pristine, as are the mats, showing no signs of foot wear or tear. All interior knobs, switches, and features function smoothly and properly. We even have the factory radio code card! This car was ordered with a very rare option for 1988, HEATED FRONT SEATS. This was the only available option on the car, as each one was hand built specifically for the U.S and Canada. The Canadian examples came standard with heated seats, while the U.S. examples had to be ordered specifically with the option. As you can imagine, this is a non-smoker car. By the way his wife made it sound, if you even had a cigarette near the car he might’ve issued a stern warning! The windows move up and down with no groans or moans, and quite efficiently I might add! The power sunroof also functions like new, as the previous owner recently had the tracks greased during a maintenance. The Natur Volleder (tan) leather seats look new, with very minimal creasing in the driver seat, and none in the other seats. Absolutely no wear marks or tears in any of the leather, even the shift knob and boot show minimal wear. Popping the trunk, we wondered if they had ever put anything in it! The carpet and mats in the trunk are in showroom condition. We were promised this car was as clean as the day it was first sold, and we were far from disappointed! If you had to choose a name in luxury performance automobiles, BMW has to be one of the first manufacturers to put on the list. Anyone can take great care of a car, but at the end of the day a Ford LTD is still a Ford LTD. It’s astonishing to see that such care was taken for such a rare and pristine automobile, with such a rich history of racing pumping it’s blood!

Walking around the exterior of this vehicle makes you stop and wonder if you just stepped back in time, standing on the lot of a BMW dealership, drooling over your new toy, asking your wife if you can take it home. Yes, this is that car, and no it’s not 1988. Although you should probably still ask your wife for permission, we won’t tell if you don’t… The body panels are nice and straight, showing zero signs of any damage or body work. Once again, as the wife tells us, IF this car ever got driven to the grocery store, or any parking lot for that matter, you’d find it at the very last space, far far from the minivan and shopping cart demo derby taking place daily. We do note minor paint repairs over the years, along with a few scuffs on the lower fascia, as any car driven through Chicago for 25 years will have. I feel that the small blemishes remind us that this car was in fact driven and enjoyed (thoroughly), as it should be. The glass is all in excellent condition, with no knicks or scratches. The window seals and weather stripping is also in A+ condition, showing not even a fade in the black over the years! All plastics, and bumpers on the car are straight and line up nicely. The original body panels are excellent, with original VIN tags in tact. This goes without saying, but this car is RUST FREE! Even the wheels and tires are like new, showing no scrapes or “curb rash”. Even the tires are newer, I’d say showing 90-95% tread life still. This car is a show car, a driver, and an absolutely immaculate example of BMW’s luxurious and illustrious racing history.

Putting a car like this up on our lift is like unwrapping a Christmas present. Not like one of those Christmas presents your grandma would get you from the Fingerhut catalog either. I truly believe you could flip this car over and eat right off the bottom of it. The frame is super solid and straight, showing no signs of impacts from any angles. The M1 inspired drivetrain looks very well cared for and was obviously serviced regularly. Every boot, seal and bushing look fantastic and are free from any dry rot. The floor pans are as clean on the bottom side as they are up top, and all of the suspension components, including the ball joints, show no rust and are free from corrosion due to road salt. This car has proven to us over and over again that it has been parked inside it’s entire life!

Opening the hood to this beautiful specimen is an honor. To see so much racing heritage and history packed between the fenders of a four door sports sedan is mind boggling. How did they do it? Or better yet, why? Hell, why not!? Mind you this car is 20 years ahead of anything in it’s class. With a twin cam, 24 valve inline six that was basically transplanted from the race inspired (and ultra rare) M1 cars, the E28 produced 256 bhp and a staggering 9.8:1 compression ratio! That’s probably a good reason why the 1988 BMW M5 was the worlds fastest production sedan at the time. This car (and a small handful of others) have paved the way for automakers across the globe to create a fun to drive family vehicle, similar to the Charger Hellcats and CTS-V’s of today. This car was, and still is, ahead of it’s time, and ahead of it’s class. If you want a museum worthy race sedan that fits the entire family, and can still tap 0-60 in 6 seconds, go ahead and pick up the phone, make it yours!

Coming back from the test drive left us with a giant smile on our faces, wanting just one more lap around the block. This car is super fun to drive, and turns heads at every corner! As you can imagine, this shining example runs and drives perfectly. Zero road noise. No creaks or clunks. The clutch life is great, and the syncros are in great shape, making shifting easy and fun. The car tracks straight and stops straight, as the brakes are in excellent condition.

Have you read enough yet? I can go on, but I think you get the point. The 1988 BMW M5 is, and always will be, a benchmark for BMW’s future success through many different model lineups, both in racing, and in luxury performance. These cars own the early, fast sedan market, and very few originals still survive today. If the market has shown us anything, it’s that people still want a family vehicle that doesn’t “feel” like a family vehicle. If you’re looking for a vintage sports sedan that will continue to rise in value as it reaches it’s 30th birthday, we have it. Don’t waste any more time reading this, call Evolve Motors today and I’ll tell you more in person!