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1988 bmw m3 base 2.3l

1988 BMW M3

Condition: Used
Make: BMW
Model: M3
Type: Coupe
Year: 1988
Mileage: 999,999
VIN: WBSAK0308J2197069
Color: Red
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Bloomington, Indiana, United States

Description for BMW M3 1988

1988 BMW E30 M3

This sale is for an incomplete project car and sold as is. Mileage is unknown. It will need to be transported and comes with boxes of loose parts.


The car paintwork needs help but could be made to work for a track car. The car had previously been repainted when I bought it. The interior, engine bay, skirts and bumpers were painted last year some spots were missed during a home paint job in rather poorly lit environment. The car was heavily stickered on the exterior when I bought the car and all the stickers have now been removed.

A cage has been installed that was reported to be Chrome Moly by a previous owner. The cage is welded in and extensive and goes out to the strut towers in the front and the rear. When the cage was installed one of the front wheelhouse chassis inner fenders was replaced with a BMW panel. What was reported by a previous owner was a poorly done previous accident repair had caused rust and the cage builder was insistent that this be replaced to have a solid chassis to work with for the cage.

The trunk spare wheel well has previous damage (and so is rippled and dented but useable) and the fuel tank in the car also has a dent. My guess is the car ran over something on the track causing both the wheel well and gas tank to be dented.

The sunroof cassette is gone and the sunroof panel is tack welded in place. The worst paint damage is on the passenger fender and door and is pictured. The interior metal of the doors has been cut to accommodate the cage.

Body Trim / Glass

The rear bumper opening for the exhaust has been enlarged.

The front bumper is missing an inner mount. And has seen some action over the years but usable as is if a replacement mount is sourced

The original side skirts come with the car not perfect but will work

There is no windscreen, the car comes with the side glass and a rear screen. The rear screen has spatter damage from welding.


Most of the interior is missing

A Full labelled e30 325i body harness with fuse box that need to be installed

A pair of used but very good condition grey recaro SRDs come with the car


New rotors front and rear come with car

Used pagid blue pads with plenty of pad

front calipers are in good condition provided but not installed

rear calipers need rebuilding

new Stainless Steel brake line kit

Porsche 944 Brake Booster installed in the car


Original uncut used front Strut housing (these are now $1600+ each from BMW)

Comes with new yellow bilsteins front + rear

New upgrade Rogue Engineering rear shock mounts

Used lowering spring Front + Rear

Used E30 M3 aluminum control arms that will need new boots

Rack is in place and identifies as a BMW recon at some point

Drivetrain: Engine

The drivetrain is non original

M50 engine with approx. 200k and burns a little oil on start up.

AKG M50/S50 Swap engine mounts

S50 cams installed

New vanos seals installed

Valve cover gaskets and oil filter house gaskets replaced

Block and valve cover repainted

Spark plugs replaced

Knock sensors replaced

Rubber hoses replaced

Water pump replaced

Comes with a repined e36 325i harness + ECU

Comes with accessories

Comes with new belt tensions

Comes with new radiator and mounts that would match the M50 engine.

Will need and a chip appropriate for the s50 cams

Drivetrain: Transmission

A used e36 325i Getrag transmission is installed that was reported to shift well is installed and had bmw recon label on.

Used e30 m3 driveshaft comes with the car not sure if it will work with the m50. Was taken apart and will likely need re-indexing

Half shafts come with the car but likely need refurbing

There is no diff, shifter mechanism, front hubs

Wheels and Tires

Original wheels with no center caps and junk tire