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1991 BMW 8-Series V12

Make: BMW
Model: 8-Series
Type: Coupe
Trim: V12
Year: 1991
Mileage: 203000
VIN: WBAEG2312MCB72245
Color: Black
Engine: 5.0 V12
Cylinders: 12
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Safety: Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Elgin, Illinois, United States
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
CD Player, Leather Seats, Sunroof

Description for BMW 8-Series 1991

What can I say about this magnificent car that you don't already know? I mean, if you are looking at this listing, you must love the E31 as much as I do.In short, this is a BEAUTIFUL, SOLID and GREAT RUNNING car which has been taken care of extremely well. It drives like a dream. It has been driven, it did not sit still. It has lived a great life so far and I am confident that with the proper care, it will live on for many years to come.I will try to detail everything I know that has been done to this car below however, since I have only had it for about 7 years, I cannot tell you everything. I am happy to send you pictures/video of specific areas (please specify). I am also happy to answer your questions.
Note: I have a GREAT MECHANIC and whenever something breaks, I get it fixed right away. There are currently no codes/faults in the computer (checked a month ago) and no warning lights on the dash. I love this car and it has always been important to me that everything works properly.
Note: There is no heat in this car. I know, I know... you're worried about how you're gonna cross the Arctic Circle with no heat. Well, the heater core started leaking a few years ago so I had it bypassed and blown out with compressed air. The Heater Core is still on the car, in case you want to replace it however, I was told that to replace it would mean about $2000 of work and that in the process of removing the dash (to get to the heater core) there was a good chance that a lot of old plastic would break, which would cost even more to replace. Since I really only drive the car in good weather (never in snow), this has never been a problem. There are, however, heated seats which do add a bit of warmth when needed. On the few occasions when I have driven the car in below freezing temperatures, with the windows closed and the seat heaters on, a jacket kept me nice and warm. Really, this is a 'Summer' Car anyway. With the windows down and the roof open, it feels almost like a convertible...
Repairs/Modifications/Etc. (in no particular order)
Preface: So much has been done that I'm just going through notes/receipts and listing it all here. I'm sorry if the lack of organization bothers you however, I like to spend my time on other things. Like driving the car... ;) I've tried to do some grouping however, keep in mind that some things might be listed outside the 'group' so please just keep reading all the way to the end before you get worried that something was missed (not recently addressed/fixed/repaired/replaced). Thank you.
Tires:Continental Extreme Contact DWS- they work very well on this car - plenty of tread left on all 4 wheels
Wheels: The "M-PAR, staggered" setup -Genuine OEM M-PAR Staggered 18" -they look great on this car
Stereo: The entire sound system was upgraded by me about 5 years ago at ABT Electronics in Glenview, IL by a top-12 installer named Eric (a friend of mine). It consists of a Kenwood Navigation Double-Din head unit, including a rear camera. Speakers are JL Audio 3-way fronts (in the doors), Jl Audio 2-way rears (just under the parcel shelf), an 8" JL Audio subwoofer in a custom sealed enclosure between the rear seats (I still have the old 'first aid' box that was there, in tact in case you want to replace it) and everything is powered by a Hertz 5-channel amp. It's not the kind of sound system that will turn heads from blocks away. It is what is known as a SQ or Sound Quality system. Even with all of the windows open at 100 MPH, you can still hear everything clearly. As you can see in the pictures, in order to fit the double-din head unit, plastic fabrications/modifications were made to the center dash panel/console and the on-board computer (the display on this was refurbished a few years ago by German Auto Recycling of Riverside, CA a few years ago and there are no bad pixels) was moved down to between the seats.
Transmission/Driveline: Completely and totally rebuilt by Total Driveline Experts of Illinois a few years ago for about $4200. All major components were inspected, repaired and/or replaced to ensure perfect performance. I know this because I worked closely with them to test and retest all of their work several times to make sure. Everything works as it should, including all 'S' and 'M' modes. The mounts were replaced. The drive (prop) shaft was replaced. There is even a Dinan chip in the TCC (transmission control computer) which improves shift points for performance.
Rear Differential: The stock diff was replaced with a 3.91 LSD from an M5. This work was also done by TDE when the transmission was rebuilt. This was done to improve the 0-60 acceleration. The car now accelerates like a much lighter vehicle and is about 1 second faster to 60 than it was before the change was made. The downside to this, of course, is slightly higher engine speed (RPMs). I have found this change to be one of the best things I ever did to the car. Don't believe me, check out Bimmerforums...
Rubber Parts: They get old. I replaced them. Some examples include: Suspension bushings, CV boots, see more stuff listed below.
Paint: Yes, if you have checked the VIN on this car, it was originally Red. I always wanted a Black one so I had it painted by AutoArt in Glenview, IL (for cash, I saved a bunch of money) and they did a great job. There is a very minor issue with the paint on the front bumper which I am happy to show you (and which is also covered for life by AutoArt as part of their lifetime guarantee). If you have any issues with the paint, just take the car to AutoArt, ask for Larry (the owner) and tell them that it's Elliott's old car. He will know... Everything was painted on the car except for under the hood (which is where you will see the original Red color).
Interior: The headliner was replaced a couple of years ago (also @ AutoArt) and some of the other interior trim was dyed to match. The parcel shelf, for example, was redone to match the headliner. A faux-Alcantera material was used.
Sunroof: Completely*rebuilt with all new parts (about $1500 worth of parts) last year.It now functions like new, including the pop-up feature.*When this was done, I did not replace the fabric on the underside of the metal roof panel. This has been known to sag and bind up the mechanisms...
Fluids: All fluids are changed and refreshed according to maintenance schedules and are are currently in great shape. Don't believe me, ask my excellent mechanic (name available upon request).
Performance Chips: There are Wokke V2 chips in the engine. There is a chip in the transmission.There are no chips in the EML (I found them to be problematic: the 'sensitive throttle issue'...).
Exhaust: Magnaflow mufflers. The center resonator was removed and a stainless steel Borla X-Pipe was put in place to give the car a much better sound. When you hear it idle and rev, you will know why...
Electrical: New Bosch batteries, Bosch alternator, coils, wires, plugs, etc. about 2 years ago. New turn signal relay. The car fires right up and idles perfectly...
Cooling system: NewBEHRradiator, reservoir and cap, hoses, etc a few years ago.
Headlights: New, improved Sylvania Silverstar Ultra bulbs in the high and low beams.
Suspension: The car has been lowered about 1.5 inches (to improve handling) using Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs Front & Rear. All mounts have been replaced as needed. All control arms have been replaced as needed. All stabilizers have been replaced as needed. All bushings have been replaced as needed. All tie rod assemblies have been replaced as needed (am I boring you with all of this yet?)
Brakes:Performance One Disks withGreen Brake Pads on all 4 wheels. The brake fluid was flushed last year. All ABS sensors were checked and cleaned.
Steering: Power steering / brake booster system was flushed and all gaskets were replaced.
Engine:Here is a list of the things I have replaced and/or repaired (as needed);
  • Intake duct boots and clamps
  • Intake Manifold Gaskets
  • Refurbished DK's (Throttle bodies) - These were rebuilt by an expert in San Francisco.
  • Fuel Pressure Rails
  • Fuel Lines
  • Fuel Filters
  • OEM Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • Crankcase Breather Assemblies
  • V Belts
  • Pedal Position Sensor
  • Belt Tensioner
  • Oil Pressure Switch
  • Mass Air Flow Sensors
  • Rear main engine seal
  • Exhaust mounts
  • Engine mounts
  • Thermostat
  • Temp Sensors
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Oil Filter Mounts
  • Replacement DME's with WOKKE V2 Chips

  • Hood Rubber Seals
  • Fan Shroud
  • Brake Air Dams
  • Rear Pinion seal
  • Rear brake hoses
  • Windshield washer fluid level sensor
  • Windshield washer nozzles and tubing
  • Thrust arm Bushings
  • Front sway bar links
  • Custom Leatherette Seat Covers (Seat Covers Unlimited) (front only)
  • Windshield
  • Rear-view Mirror
  • Front & Rear Pillar Covers
  • Upgraded Heated Seat Switches In Center Console
  • Updated 3 Spoke BMW Steering Wheel
  • Carbon Fiber Decals
  • 8-Series Floor Mats
  • Door Seals
  • Floor Liners

Did I mention that I have receipts for everything?
Closing Notes:
I have two keys and some spare parts that you can have too. Again, I'm happy to send you pictures and/or video of any specific areas of the car. Please just let me know what you want to see.I'm also happy to answer any questions you have. Please just ask...