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1972 2002 tii

1972 BMW 2002

Condition: Used
Make: BMW
Model: 2002
Year: 1972
Mileage: 52100
VIN: 2761327
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Description for BMW 2002 1972

For sale a 1972 2002Tii. I'm the original owner. All numbers match to the vin plate, the engine block, steering column and right fender all match. Car spent first 2 years in Wisconsin and the rest of it's life in my garage in Scottsdale, AZ. Background on car. I purchased the car new in 1972. I can't believe that there are too many original owner cars available, we're getting old. You can see by the pictures that it still looks pretty clean. I'm not sure what you will find underneath the paint if you take it down to the metal for a repaint. I don't see any indication of rust underneath the car. I did have it undercoated when I bought it to protect it from Wisconsin winters. It runs great and has approximately 52,100 miles on it. The odometer stopped working years ago and I kept track of milage based on gas fill-ups until I had it repaired which was probably 8 years ago. The last time I posted someone suggested the car was neglected. He's probably right that it was. It sat in my garage untouched for 10-15 years at a time. I always drained gas and put it up on blocks when it rested for any period of time. The car is solid but needs some things due to its age. New rubber around windshields, doors and trunk, under hood foam, new front windshield. I have an oil leak. The dash is cracked and would need to be redone. Steering wheel has a crack in it Sun roof felt gasket needs to be replaced. I had a parking lot ding 30 years ago, I don't remember exactly where. Had the car painted by an employee's husband who cleaned up a few other minor dings and repainted it with the same golf color. The motor, transmission, and Kugelischer, are all good. I'm told the warm-up regulator has a vacuum leak. I was told by Gus they all have vacuum leaks. I've not noticed any loss of performance over the years, it has always run great. The plastic intake runners crack and break and todays replacements are not as robust as the originals. That is why you see my attempts at reinforcing them. I do have a 1973 intake, I bought it 25 years ago, tried it and didn't like the way the car ran. I was asked after if I replaced the throttle body with the later version. I had not and that was probably why I wasn't pleased with how it ran. I suspect the purchaser of this car would want it original and continue with the plastic runners. I do have some additional parts that I will include with the cost of the car. (tune-up parts, plastic intake runners, cold start valve, oil filters, air filters), rear tail light lenses.. All parts are for this car. The air conditioning is pretty much non-existent in the AZ heat. ( Behr system). All sales are final. The car is offered as-is. Finally, I was told by my bank (Wells Fargo) yesterday that it could take several weeks for a cashier's check to clear. A cashier's check from Wells Fargo could possibly reduce that time. I will release the car once the check clears my bank. Likely several weeks after I deposit it, it takes them that long to verify it's authenticity. I'm repeating what my banker told me. If you've always lusted for a Tii this might be the one. Good luck.