Stunning 1927 Bugatti Type 35 in Red with Bugatti Club of America Badge

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Condition: Used
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VIN: AZ71077
Item location: Burlington, Vermont, United States

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Stunningly Bugatti Type 35B Replica in bright attention-getting red. Original is one of the most beautiful cars ever to have raced. Constructed on a 60s VW Ghia chassis and professionally modified with a wishbone rear suspension ($6k), odern e-brake, ew clutch, nd inspected in the rigorous state of Vermont. It is fiberglass and has a great authentic-looking patina that shows its age both outside and inside, here the bare metal of the floor and interior gives it a ratherdebonairelook. Owned by a Ferrari Club of America car enthusiast. There is a blinker light switch under the wooden wheel and dash, functional horn, ig functional headlamps. This car is not a garage queen - it is used regularly to go touring along our beautiful paved and even dirt roads--the way it was for a hundred years of driving! Scratched and nicks and other imperfections can be seen but that only verifies to the viewer that it is "real", ome small imperfections touched up over the years. This car attracts more attention than any Ferrari or Rolls Royce I've owned or driven. It is a car to take to parades or drive a few miles up the road to the Country Club. I sometimes drive it more than that (even up to 20 miles each way) to the beach or on Sunday, ut it is not recommended as a car for long-distance transportation because it is built on a wooden frame, ike the original, ith old Model A tyres and wheels that can grab your elbows if you're not careful! Not for the highway since it has no airbags or other safety measures. It is as basic and beautiful as the original care from the 20s. Not for the faint of heart. This tribute to Ettore Bugatti will raise the hairs on your head. I've seen only a handful that are as authentic and they are priced SO MUCH MORE. Likely to appreciate in value since highly collectable and the molds are long gone; Type 35s were a legend on the race circuit. This primo example is located in beautiful New Hampshire. It is staggeringly beautiful. Much more so than any lamborghini, otus or even early Bentleys. Only other equal in terms of WOW factor is my Porsche Speedster (also presently available for sale on e-bay!). The engine is very capable -- so much so that the front is weighted to keep the nose on the road. The Blue and White Numbered Bugatti Club of America badge is real, nd costs over $800 at auction (Bonhams, believe). Maintenance is a song, lways maintained to a tee, question of oil changes and simple things, insure through Hagerty for cheap which gives me full coverage and 120 miles of unlimited times transportation and jump-starts. This winter, n the garage where it rests, would keep it trickle charged and it would start yet faster than all my newer cars. Serious double exhaust puts out gorgeous roar. It is by far one of the most classic and elegant car we've owned, longside our '58 Speedster of course, ut garage space has become limited and with kids we need to sadly make more room in the stable. Make an offer now as you are likely to never find another in this color combination (Bugatti red), ondition and at this price. I reserve the right to change my mind or to sell locally.
This was cherished by a property mogul in New York after shipping it from Clearwater, lorida in an enclosed truck, efore being acquired by me where it has been used and maintained to an exceptional quality. Only thing better would be Jay Leno's endorsed Pur Sang Replica from Argentina at $300,000. Search for this and Jay Leno's garage on YouTube.
Feel free to ask any questions. Terms are $500 non-refundable deposit due via PayPal within 48hrs of auction close. Buyer arranges transportation.