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1923 Buick Antique Vintage convertible touring Car

1923 Buick Other

Condition: Used
Make: Buick
Model: Other
Type: Convertible
Trim: Model 35
Year: 1923
Color: Black
Engine: 170 CID
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Ferndale, Washington, United States

Description for Buick Other 1923

1923 Buick

Model 35 Touring

This remarkably preserved 1923 Buick is an unrestored original car, having never left its hometown, after being purchased new in Bellingham Washington, from Iddins Buick Company.

It has to this date never been rebuilt in any of its main mechanical systems including the engine, and still sports its original top and seats and even the original rear carpet (see picture). Other than the running boards, tires and a60 year old repaint, with the re-paint being older than most other original cars, it's just like it rolled out the door at Iddins Buick Company in 1923. Total production of this model/year 45,227. This car has been in Whatcom County Washington its whole life, and I am only the 3rd owner.

The car is a model 35, which is the 4 door touring car with the 4 cylinder, 170 CID, 40 HP overhead valve engine. It is a 3 speed transmission and uses the reverse shift pattern that Buick was known to use for many years. The car has rear wheel mechanical brakes and stops the car very well. It has an electric start, and also a hand crank (included), high and low beam lights, parking and tail light, electric aoogah horn, and a hand operated windshield wiper. The car has 3 very special options in a spot light with built in rear view mirror, accessory fender mirror, and a 1917 “Liberty Bell” electric bell. Inside are original leather seats, speedo, oil, and ammeter gauges. Other options include a bud vase, bevel cut wind wings, and a dash mounted safety badge. Also included with the car is the original owner’s manual, photo album with history, lug wrench, hand crank, and spare parts including an extra radiator cap, & fuel tank cap.


The car starts right up in all weather, no smoke or oil usage, and drives great. The 3 speed sliding gear transmission is non-syncro so requires proper shifting techniques, but all gears are good with no unusual noises. Top speed is probably 45MPH or so, but is happiest at 35 or so. Oil pressure good, charging good, tires new, exhaust new and original radiator good with no leaks. All lights and electrical work, with all doors, hood and body good with no rust. Wood framed body, but super solid, no rot. This car has been stored inside its whole life. Top is original and is amazing for 92 years old, but is not waterproof. (Not that you would drive it in the rain.

Please view the attached video for a look at the car starting, running and driving,


In 1923, a gentleman named Erik Westlund, a poultry farmer living north of Deming Washington on the Glacier Star Route ( Mount Baker Highway) in Whatcom County Washington went down to the county seat of Bellingham to buy himself a brand new automobile. He settled at the automobile works of Iddins Buick Company at the corners of Cornwall Avenue and Chestnut Streets in Bellingham where he purchased a 1923 Buick model 23-35 Touring car.

Mr. Westlund was presumably quite a hit with the locals north of Deming, a small logging community where Model T Fords were the automobile of choice. One young fellow named Alfred Clausen who was a teenager at the time and fascinated with the early auto took notice and continued to watch this vehicle for the next several decades.

Erik Westlund and his wife Elizabeth (Lizzie) continued to use the car through the 1920’s and 1930’s always storing the car indoors. Mr. Westlund valued his car so much that he scribed his initials under the engine oil can, were it still can be seen today (see picture). When WWII broke out in 1941 Erick moved into Bellingham but continued to use the Buick. During the war, gas was rationed and the “A” ration sticker was affixed to the back window, where it still is. The “A” rating entitled you to I believe 3 gallons of gas a week. (Included with the car is his original unused “A" ration stickers) In 1947 after the war ended and everyone was looking for a new car, Mr. Westlund traded in the Buick to Hillyard Motor Company 101 Prospect Street in Bellingham on a new Studebaker. Hillyard’s slogan in 1947 was “We pay spot cash for used cars.”

With the Buick on the used car lot for the price of $75.00, Alfred Clausen, an early car collector himself and my great uncle, who had been watching this car for many years, became the second owner of the “23”. Uncle Alfred owned the Buick for the next 54 years, with the only work being painting the car in 1952 and sealing the top with “top coat”. Again the Buick was kept indoors and just driven for tours and fun.

As a boy growing up in the 50’s and interested in old cars, Uncle Alfred by that time had dozens of old cars. I was always eager to go see his old cars and in 2001 when Alfred went into the nursing home I purchased the Buick becoming just the third owner in 78 years.

Since buying the car in 2001 I have repainted the fenders, color sanded and buffed the rest of the finish, replaced the tires and the running boards. I also replaced the head gasket while looking for the cause of water in the oil only to discover later that the seeping water pump packing was going into the distributor drive shaft.


There are not a lot of problems with the Buick, but here is what is known.

· The speedometer cable/chain has a broken link rendering the speedo inoperative. Case and chain included and can be easily fixed.

· The fuel vacuum tank was not dependable so it is disconnected and a small in-line 6v fuel pump is used instead.

· Water pump packing is always tough to get all the way sealed, so typically it drips/keaks water when parked.

· Clutch is original and a little bulky when cold making it hard to shift, but as soon as it warms up, shifts fine with no issues.

· Drips oil (normal)

· Exhaust heater to intake disconnected because of leaks.


§ Title free and clear.

§ $ 500.00 deposit due via PayPal within 48 hours to winning bidder.

§ Payment due in full before car or title released.

§ Payment method must clear the bank before release car. (suggest wire transfer if want to expedite)

§ Shipping is buyer’s responsibility, but I will help load on my end.

§ Not included in the sale is the front license plate and topper