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1987 Buick Regal Grand National 6794 miles LOADED HARDTOP orig paint #1 survivor

1987 Buick Grand National WE2

Make: Buick
Model: Grand National
Type: Coupe
Trim: WE2
Year: 1987
Mileage: 6794
VIN: 1G4GJ1176HP438338
Color: Black
Engine: 3.8L Turbo
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gray
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Buffalo, New York, United States
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Hardtop, Cassette Player

Description for Buick Grand National 1987

Hello Turbo Buick fans and investors! If you are looking with a budget or worried solely about price, this is not the car you are looking for. If you want quality and condition with an amazing pedigree, this is the car for you!These have been rising in value year after year! One even sold for $105,000 recently. Possibly 2020's coming out in the fall?

-Impeccable condition Loaded hardtop, every option with hardtop and window sticker, recall letter, etc., all documents!! New car smell. RARE! Be sure to zoom in on the pictures! Autocheck run on May 19, 2019.
Let me have the pleasure of saying that this car has the factory original paint that is in MINT condition, no repaint, no repairs. NO WET SANDING!! Full paint thickness!A TRUE #1 concours condition survivor! HIGH AUTOCHECK SCORE (52)!! The fastest production car made in America in 1987. Even faster than GM's own Corvette.WHETHER OR NOT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING OR NOTHING ABOUT THESE, PLEASE READ ON!!It gets good, really good and I am both excited and sad to present to you my Grand National from my personal collection. (I sold one for record money nearly 2 years ago, right here!) ...AND I had requests for a buy it now above the sale price, including the winning bidder! So with that said....
This is NOT a neglected barn find!! This is an original survivor AND mint!!
-I have been on here over 15 years specializing in selling high end and rare items including 5 of my personal high end classic cars I sold over the years on eBay:I have owned several GN's and currently own another GN and GNX so please feel comfortable when you buy from me. -I may sell my original low mile GNX at a later time.
To the winning bidder: I may contact you to discuss after the auction ends though. I prefer to hear a live voice if possible.
This is a cut above the rest!Look at my feedback from selling only and my longevity for superior credibility. I pay attention to detail on everything I sell, I have (or try) to have proper grammar, not lazy and use punctuation.
There is a lot to know about this car. To sum it up, I have seen many 10 mile, 100 mile, and 1,000 mile cars. Some do not live up to the original paint quality detailed finish of this car. It has an ORIGINALshow quality detail from someone who has experience detailing new cars, old cars with single stage paint, clear/base, AND exotic cars and literally everything in between. I have seen their work over the years first hand. Graded well into the 9's (out of 10) by several professional and experienced eyes, which I also agree its graded condition. Near perfection!!
This #1 conditionunrestored survivor car is near perfection in quality and correctness. Simply an amazing investment for a 6,794 mile car. Everything works, even the power antenna!! Yes!

With all the speculation of an all new redesigned Grand National and GNX possible, these will be sure to follow a pattern like the 05/06 Ford GT and the release of the new 2017 Ford GT spike in valuations (and still holding steady). If the brand new (2019-2020?) GN's do bring a disappointment, then these may be even more desirable! The pattern may follow... up,up, and away in value so don't wait for a second chance because there may not ever be one again! Right now all I can say is speculation. It is a big big hush hush!! So look for it!

Of course, this car has no mods and never raced! This car has NEVER ever done a burnout (Sad and RARE)
Extremely important: Notice NO stress cracks or twisting of the frame which is an easy indicator that a car may have been raced and abused. I have a closeup of that too.
This official'classic car' has the 32 year old original Goodyear Eagle GT tires with NO repairs; NO plugs, NO patches. NO dry rot whatsoever! Not even a hint of it as you can see. Plenty of tread left, only 6,794 miles and the TIRES WERE NEVER REMOVED FROM THE CAR, EVER! ORIGINAL AIR IN THE TIRES TOO!! There is approximately a 40k-50k mile tire life for these specific tires.Original spare in trunk never removed as well as the original jack assembly, untouched.Has all power options, and are functional.FULLY LOADED HARDTOP WITH EVERY OPTION. 1 OWNER WITH ORIGINAL WINDOW STICKER! (super rare) Most buyers, this is what they want, a more sound frame than t-tops. I like prefer both.
Factory original paint appears 'better than new' but is as good as 32 year old GM paint can get with todays detailing products (when applied properly and professionally like this has). 2 Days of careful professional labor to be precise. Detailed with several 6.5k lumens lights hovering every angle!! The best lighting that is currently available! Finish shines like a polished diamond, or a new plasma tv screen when it is off.To me the most important thing I look for in the Grand National is... the GM factory paint which was approximately 3.5 mil - 4.5 ml in total thickness throughout as you see pictured. The paint thickness on every car varied and typically on each and every one of them is 3.5 mil - 4.5 mil. (I spent hundreds of dollars on the paint depth gauge for piece of mind) ABSOLUTELY NONE of the paint or paint thickness was removed or compromised when detailing the car. When you wet sand or compound a car, you risk this being done and that layer is gone forever or it may burn through. This car was NOT wet sanded and NOT compounded, EVER. Proof shown in the pictures.A wheel was used only ONCE for the first time ever, and it was this time! All I even owned were original paint GN's.
If you have ever seen a perfectly still lake, this is the paint detail. Or even Kohls floor, the floors are always prefect. (Kohls is a department store for those who are unfamiliar)
This 1987 Buick Grand National still retains the original orange peel (glitter or flake like substance). It is visible best within bright light. If it is not visible at all on any GN, then there may have been too much taken off when polished.
NO checking (no cracking, "X's" or pulling) in the paint which was typical. NOT even any spider webbing on the surface of the paint. You will ALWAYS see this in just about EVERY GN, even most professionally detailed ones and many 10 mile ones!! The surface spider webbing has been polished out which takes it up to the top notch level!! Body guys, you know what I am talking about. Please look at the LAST picture to see the difference in the 2 cars. The dull 'scratchy' car was a friends GN with extremely low miles and 'mint' otherwise, but I got just the right lighting to show you how you can be fooled to make it look mint when it really isn't visible in the picture.
Never been smoked in. (Unused cigarette lighter) NO rain, NO snow, NO sun, NO fun, well you get the point.
Original highly documented 6,794 mile car with a clean and clear 1 owner title.
All original GM car with MOBIL 1 Full synthetic 5W-30 oil and of course an AC Delco oil filter, changed May 2019 with a zinc additive. These cars although with bulletproof engines, need it for engine longevity.I put ethanol free premium fuel. All fluids are clean and do not need changing. Has retro air conditioning with an original system which is all there, it has a retro fitting for the modern air refill, which you can legally purchase in the store or online. Does not decrease the value.Just get in it and drive or just stare at it in the garage or your living room.
New AC Delco battery $130.00, as of early 2018. I took the picture of the engine bay without the brace for the battery. It DOES have it and is on the car now. I had the battery out for the winter on a trickle charge. It was kept in climate control heated storage.It has a performance chip as well as the original ACXA chip that rolled off the line with the car. Many do not have this when selling an original car.
Immaculate undercarriage with original exhaust and catalytic converter!
No one has ever sat in the back seat, not even me! Tires never repaired or removed. Sticker on drivers side back seat ash tray lid, never removed. Dealer lot number on inside of windshield, never removed.The light on the cluster is the security light. It flashes when the car is off and the key is in the ignition. I just caught it flashing when I snapped the picture. All light are off in driving mode.
-Serious buyers, please view in person. You must see it with the naked eye in direct sunlight! There is NO hiding defects this way!
G80 full posi rear end, not a one wheel peel.
Doors open and close as they should, the right 'sound' and 'feel', which also prove the doors do not sag. Hood and trunk latch clean as well. Again, keep in mind I am familiar with these cars.
Weatherstripping is all factory original and is in excellent condition. No dry rot. Trim is also original and in excellent condition. This stuff is NOT cheap and hard to find, if not impossible!! Try looking up new old stock parts for these cars. I can guarantee you will be hard pressed to find much. Even aftermarket items aren't cheap when available!
Car is squeak free, creak free, and leak free with the original rope style rear main seal. Drives like it did 30+ years ago and yes I drove them new then! Just as exciting as it was then! Car is as tight as it was in 1987.
Original 9 HOLE hood liner, NOT the later 8 hole style which BOTH STYLES have the same part number! ALL 9 hole hood insulation pad retainers are also GM original and they all match, same part numbers. Many break and are replaced with a set of BLANK $5.00 Chinese ones. This car does not have those crap ones! You cannot even buy the GM retainer pads if you had to!!
Car is straight as an arrow with NO unwanted sideways pull. Equal and factory correct door gaps, hood gaps, trunk gaps throughout. Clean bumper fillers, not cracked. If not painted -the ORIGINALS will fade. These originals are mint.
Again, No webbing or checking in the original paint. It is smooth as polished glass both visual and by the touch!! A very deep deep shine you can get lost in! Pictures were done with an $80 camera. NO ENHANCEMENTS.
Rims are original and decent, no rust or pitting to the chrome!! Evidence of them never being removed from the car in the pictures. Also come with wheel locks as shown.
Gleaming MINT original interior. Upholstery, no rips or wear. Period.
-Serious buyers, please view in person. You must see it with the naked eye!
No messy undercoating.
Original Brochure, Embossed Regal owners manual, Delco radio manual, Goodyear warranty book, maintenance schedule book! Recall letter: NO recall parts were ever replaced. Other documents, books, license plate, hat, GN floor mats, spare set of keys, etc. as shown in trunk.I have never taken it to shows or cruise nights BUT I have had open checkbooks wanting to make offers at the time. In my experience of owning, caring for and selling my personal GN's (I don't flip), I have respectfully always got thousands more than a car with less miles!Own one before they peak further!
Hagerty #1 concours condition value has risen over 35% this May 2019!
It will takes you about $75,000 to restore a GN, PLUS the cost of the car, but who would want to?? So you get the point where the values are headed on the true original unmolested survivors!!! What is a 100% survivor worth?? Bid or just sit back and watch to find out.

This is clearly a Barrett-Jackson or Mecum car. They would take it on consignment, but I rather sell it this way for now. It saves us both time and money (saving about a 10% buy and 10% sell). You can also view it in person without anyone getting in your way, anyone else touching it, no-one breathing on it, accidentally scratching it with jewelry, beer being tipped on it while someones jaw is open, etc. Ohh,oops, I am soooooo sorry! They may be truly sorry, but it wouldn't get a scratch out of an original car. How many times have you heard: It is only original once, no do-overs!! You get the point!
BRIEF STATS for the current and future die hard fans:0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds est. stock. (Ferrari territory) (and faster than the Corvette)150 mph top speed approximately125 mph top speed governed245 hp/355 ft.lb, was closer to 300 hp stock (more than the Corvette in 1987)3.8L 231 cu.in. V-6 -TURBO - these arebulletproof engines too!1/4 mile: varies, approx. high 13's-low 14's,@ 95 mph-approx
(what makes these cars so special is that they can be modified to beat any car, yes even the V-8 supercharged 707 hp Hellcat AND 840 hp Demon with an even bigger supercharger!) (and even the awesome 2019 ZR1 Corvette)This car needs to stay in collectors hands so it remains original and unmolested to preserve the value.
NASCAR based, there were 20,193 Grand Nationals made in 1987, the LAST YEAR! Most desirable and collectible year 1987, regardless of production numbers! The numbers on a fully loaded hardtop, an educated guess 5-10% and how many in THIS condition, a handful if ANY??

I drove it home since it was detailed and only have seen minutes of daylight since I have owned it. Most of that which has been for taking pictures. ALWAYS covered up, in storage under constant 24 hour surveillance. No one has touched it, No one has driven it or even looked at it to this point. This is the way I feel comfortable with my baby. I do enjoy looking at it and that has been, to sum it up, my enjoyment with this GN. I'm sure that someone wants to give me a lecture, drive it man, BUT I have one that I drive and enjoy, so I am safe.
This car...
will get attention...will get awards...will get offers with open checkbooks...
...once it is exposed to the public eye!!!
Always undercover and covered up with a breathable car cover.

WHAT MISSING PARTS TO WATCH FOR ON OTHER GN's (which this car does have): original computer chip (not the recalled one, or aftermarket), GN rims, Goodyear Eagle GT tires, complete original exhaust with original catalytic converter; and most of all THE PAINT, must be original to command above average money. Some may have checking, or webbing which is ok but for it to be smooth with none of that present, is a huge, huge plus. These are the main things to look for . This car is missing nothing but a new caring home.
Original paint in above average condition (with LOW miles) will usually be around double the value, and then buffed to perfection, well that will take it up to what the buyer and seller agree upon, which is where THIS Grand National is at!
I have seen on a rare occasion, a 40,000 mile original car sell for MORE THAN a 15,000 mile original car because of condition, pedigree and the way it was presented.
You almost never see a GN or GNX clone because the parts when available are way to expensive...IF you can get them as new old stock! You will have more into a clone done exactly to specs than most real ones!!
Dozens more pictures available. I could only fit 24 here to supersize. These are of most significance.
Sorry for all the underlining and CAPS, (and parenthesis) (PUN intended). I just needed to stress all the important details that make this a high end collectible and a cut above the rest.
Whether or not you have a trained eye, if you saw this in person you will know immediately without words, it is the best of the best original GN's. You modified GN guys, I have a love for those cars too!!
I urgeserious buyersto view before you buy. When you bid, you are entering a legal contract between buyer and seller. If you are the winning bidder and did NOT view the car in person, you are still financially responsible for the total winning bid.If you see the car and are not impressed AND before the auction has not met reserve, I will not obligate you to proceed further!! YEP so please look at it first before the auction ends. The last 2 I had sold over the years were sold site unseen, but with pictures and when they were delivered, they were extremely pleased.
If you see it in person before commitment and do not like it, you have no obligation.
Pictures were taken in overcast weather, believe it or not.
NO PAYPAL for full payment unless arrangements are made by both buyer and seller.$500 deposit to be made by PayPal within 48 hours, unless cash in hand. 7 days full payment is due.Cash preferred.Although I reserve the right to sell elsewhere, once reserve is met, the car will be sold to the highest bidder!! Even if higher offers prevail, it happened last time. I did not back out. I had no buy it now last time either.Winning bidder responsible for shipping costs. I can help assist in shipping/pickup. I am familiar with Passport Transport. They are very professional. I will give you my time and patience needed to complete the sale.Car is located in Western New York outside Buffalo away from the city. Easy to find and easy to load.
This is a private listing for both seller and buyer protection.
Clean and clear title.
FYI: Internet Explorer lets you zoom in closer on the picturesthan Google Chrome.

Reason for selling is some life changes which prompts me to check a couple more items off my bucket list.
Serious bidders only. What it took just a few minutes to read, took me weeks to prepare and over 10 hours finalizing the ad including pictures. Pictures and description are important. I like to sell it as if I were a buyer, finicky.
Thank-you for browsing or bidding!
Tags: 1982 (1983; no production this year) 1984 1985 1986 1987 T-Type Turbo-T Turbo Regal Limited GNX prototype Richard Clark (Hi Richard!) Darth Vader Lord Vader Star Wars X-Ray Hemi LS6 Judge 442 Ram Air OAI W-30 WS6 GTP GXP Firehawk G8 GTO Firebird Mustang Cobra Corvette ZR1 Z06 Hennessy Smokey Bandit Cannonball Run Dukes of Hazzard Carfax NASCAR INDY and on and on

You get documentation with automobilia. I am going to list it all;
~Revised (added to description): 2 spare sets of GM keys (4 total), one with the original selling dealer Keychain!!
Automobilia:~Corduroy Grand National hat unworn, issued at purchase to new owner, MINT condition~Crystal Springs (tag) Grand National Polo style T-Shirt, made in USA, size L -50% cotton, 50% combined polyester, issued at purchase to new owner, MINT condition~Buick Grand National vanity license plate with turbo 6 logo, MINT- unmounted~Buick GN, T-Type, GNX Turbo - "Facts and Figures" Boo, 208 pages~High Technology From Buick brochure, 4 pages RARE~Autoweek magazine Feb 24, 1986~Grand National floor mats, set of 4 MINT in package with GM "hang tag"
Documentation:~1987 Buick owners manual, original bossed cover, mint with no rips, writing, or anything~Buick/Delco manual and station directory, MINT~Buick auto owners maintenance folio from original dealership in Phila.,PA~Goodyear Tire warranty brochure for Buick, MINT~1987 GM Maintenance schedule brochure/booklet, MINT~Buick 1987 NEW CAR 6/60 quality commitment plan - warranty and owner assistance information book, MINT~GM 1987 Body Service Manual for passenger cars, thick- hundreds of pages, Near Mint~1987 Buick brochure, 48 pages~LETTER FROM BUICK Nov, 1990 - urging a recall - never done!~ORANGE postcard with urgent recall, AUGUST 1991~June 1992 Buick recall letter~lost key replacement application~customer satisfaction for delivery procedure April 1987~PRE-Delivery new vehicle inspection procedure form~General undated recall letter~(2) Buick campaign postcard - never sent out or filled out!~SHIPPING/CARRIER COPY SLIP!~motor vehicle installment sale contract~2 PINK SLIPS~ANOTHER ORDER SHEET with options ans MSRP~ANOTHER DOCUMENT / loan and balance, yellow copy~ORIGINAL WINDOW STICKER~ECM factory aluminum plate/door (usually gets 'lost') This one has it!~Purchased brand new April 1987
All documents from day one!!
I am listing the options off the window sticker word for word:
Electric door locks
Soft ray tinted glass
Electric trunk lock release
Trunk trim covering
Protective body side moldings
Door edge guards-black
2 speed windshield wiper/delay
Electric rear window defogger
Front seat reading lamps
Lighted visor vanity mirror passenger side
Body color mirrors-left & right remote
Limited-slip differential (G-80 posi)
Electronic cruise control
Engine - 3.8 Litre (231 CID) SFI Turbocharged V6 w/intercooler (no charge)
Tilt steering column
Tungsten halogen headlamps
Headlamps on indicator
Twilight sentinel headlamp control
Heavy duty battery
Theft deterrent system
Automatic power antenna
Concert sound speaker system
Delco-GM graphic equalizer,cassette tape & ETR AM stereo-FM stereo radio with seek and scan, auto reverse with search/repeat and clock
Electronic instrumentation
Frt license plate mounting (no charge)
Regal 'Grand National'- incl's turbo V6 engine, 4 spd auto trns, performance suspension, sport mirrors, air conditioning,15" chrome wheels + Eagle GT tires, specific interior & exterior
Power seat 6-way (driver side)
Exterior color- black (no charge)
***Trim 583 - bucket seats in grey cloth

MSRP $11,562.00Options subtotal $6,298.00Destination charge $ 430.00
TOTAL amount $18,290.00
Originally delivered to Philadelphia, PA
The gas mileage information is 17 city MPG and highway 25 MPG
Thanks eBayers and good luck!

ALL sales final. As is, where is.Questions, positive comments, welcomed!
Thanks for looking!