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1966 Buick Riviera Hardtop 2-Door 7.0L Wildcat 425 V8 WILDCAT Engine NO RESERVE

1966 Buick Riviera

Make: Buick
Model: Riviera
Type: Coupe
Trim: Base Hardtop 2-Door
Year: 1966
Mileage: 90,975
VIN: 494876H928390
Color: Green
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RearWheel Drive
Interior color: White
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Carson, California, United States
Power Windows, Power Seats

Description for Buick Riviera 1966

Hello to all EBayersThis car and all the other cars I have listed are located at my shippers in Carson CA I live in New Zealand and have been buying and Importing car's from the U.S for years as my feedback show's I have had some major life changes recently and this and all the other car's currently at my shippers Im quitting mostly with no reserve. All the photo's are what my shipper provide's upon the cars arrival at their warehouse to me and the description's are what the previous seller's wrote in their ad's.Inspections are welcomed Mon-Fri work hrs and can be arranged by calling Steve @ Kiwi Shipping +1 818 324 1767.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Previous Sellers Description :Beautiful 1966 Buick Riviera Automatic 2 Door hardtop with 425 V8 Wildcat Engine.(PLEASE LOOK BELOW FOR 60+ Pictures and just wait to let them load) I've ALSO uploaded a quick video on Youtube of the engine running. It's located below too. It's not the best quality but you can hear the power and get the idea there.I'm quite sure (if my memory is correct) that this car has matching numbers for the car and engine. Frankly I can't remember where the numbers were on the engine. If this means anything to you I will try to check for sure.Here's the deal I have not used this car for quite some time and It needs to go to someone who will drive it give it the TLC it needs and get some actual use out of it. I don't want it to fall apart sitting around when someone could be driving this thing and loving it like I did.This was my daily drive car several years ago. Unfortunately the gas prices finally made it too tough for me to keep driving it as my daily driver. I parked it and drove it here and there but nothing too much. Eventually I just wasn't driving it anymore at all and would start it here and there or drive it up and down the road a bit.It needs to sell now. I just don't have time for it anymore.I will be blunt with the condition and issues of the car.Here goes. The Car actually looks really nice. The issues it has are minor and really just come down to giving it some TLC some general repairs/upkeep and paying more attention to it.90975 actual original miles.The paint-Needs a good wax job. The Paint's not perfect by any means. Has a number of imperfections and age is starting to show on it. There are a number of minor chips here and there that don't add up to much. There are a number of bubbles in the paint which of course is rust forming. Most of these have not come to the surface as yet but they are there in several spots. A few places show some rust through the bubbles. Nothing horrid but they are there for sure.The rust is still VERY much manageable. Easily fixed if you spend the time or money on doing it. No rust holes etc. Still VERY SOLID!I've tried taking as many pictures as possible to show all the spots. Most are around the fenders. A few on the hood one area around rear passenger glass.Please note that the rear driver quarter panel had light damage to it and was repaired as soon as it happened. Although it was repaired you can now see a 'line' there now as it's been a few years and the repair has since 'cracked' some. It's not awful and doesn't stand out much but it's there. Again it was a minor issue. (my dad backed his car into mine and it hit the rear quarter)Again looks good as the pictures show but those are the issues with the paint and repairs.Underbody-Under the car it looks good still very solid. General looking surface rust in places of course. This car had some undercoating applied years ago so it looks Very nice in places. No rust holes or anything like that!! SOLID.The Mufflers are done rusted! They were on the way out when I bought them and now they are done! Need new ones for sure.Trunk looks good again very solid no rust holes or much surface rust for that matter. Looks good dirty though.Doors Trunk and hood close Near Perfectly. Tight well fitting eaisly closeable doors. They feel great. About as good as you can get.Inside-The seats are in very good condition. No Rips or tears that I noticed. Seats look very nice. White Leatherette was cleaned many times over the years and conditioned so they have plenty of life in them. Could use a pro cleaning though.Carpet very good no real issues. Could use a pro cleaning once more.Headliner looks near perfect no issues. Has front and rear seatbelts. Front lap belts only.Heat worked good but didn't check on it when I took pictures today.Dash not awful but does have a crack or two in it. Has some rust on dash where it meets the windshield as many old cars do. Could use some TLC there.The lid that holds the cigarette lighter won't stay closed. I always left it open because I used it to charge my phone regularly.Console looks very good. Black Leatherette/Vinyl in good condition no issues.Here's a note for the whole car inside and out.- The chrome inside and out could pretty much all use some TLC. Some of the outside chrome looks great some inside looks great while some outside needs TLC as does some inside especially on the inside doors. Also note that some of the chrome letters on the car (hood trunk) are missing. They were that way when I bought it and I never looked for replacements)Another note for inside- This car has power windows (front and back) and power driver seat. All the power options worked for me fine when I drove it regularly but I have No doubt this will be another TLC issue. I'm sure the doors need taken apart and some conditioning done to the power for the windows. They work but last time I tried them the windows had a hard time going up or down. Gunk inside that needs cleaned out no doubt. Again Just some TLC Issues. Nothing God Awful but little things that need addressed by someone with time. The Radio is not connected. Probably would need TLC there too. I'm not even sure where the speakers are if they are there. I never looked into it as I had a MP3 Setup I would bring with me in my car.Windshield looks good no real issues. All glass looks good no real issues. No cracks etc.Tires were put on shortly before I parked it so they have plenty of life left I'm sure. Tried to take a picture to show tread.The Front headlights do not fold as they should. I had taken it to a shop after purchase to check on it and I think they said the part that makes them move wasn't working right or not getting power right. AGAIN I never looked any farther as I didn't mind the headlights staying out. I figure it will cost a few hundred at most to fix this issue.Engine-425 Wildcat engine. Engine runs strong. I'm positive it can use a tune up as this hasn't been done for quite awhile. Powerful engine. When I drove it daily always had plenty of pickup. Didn't burn oil (at least no more so than any other 1966 Engine that wasn't been picked over by a gearhead). Again I'm sure some TLC would fine tune it even more. Solid Engine though.ANOTHER ISSUE TO NOTE-This car is not ready to drive away with. The Break line has a whole in it somewhere or is broke. Again needs some TLC to get this minor issue fixed. I don't have time to do it and I don't want to pay to have it towed to a shop to do this minor issue. Since it's a cheap fix and since I was selling the car didn't see the point of spending that much money on this issue.Breaks were in good shape and I'm sure have life left in them.I never ran anything down to where it was falling apart so the breaks tires should be good to go.Might need a new battery on the car. I'm charging it as we speak but had to put another one on it to start it for the video I'm posting to show it running.Might be fine after a charge though don't know.Transmission-Never had a single issue with it should be good to go.Once more this is actually a very nice car that need some Tender Loving Care. Somone who wants one of these and has time for her would love it.Would be a perfect driver or a perfect start to a car you could take to shows.Everyone loves the style of this car. Muscle car body with luxury interior. What's not to love.___________________________________________________________________________Please be ready to buy when you click. A non refundable $500 deposit is due at purchase and final payment within 7 days. Balance is to be paid by wire or a certified bank cashier’s check. Check will need to clear before the car will be released and title is sent. The winning bidder needs to contact me within 24 hours of auction end to make payment arrangements. Please arrange all financing prior to bidding.Vehicle will need to be picked up 14 days after auction end. If you are not sure about something please ask! Do not assume anything. All non-paying high bidders will be reported to EBay.I have not seen this Riviera. The information that I have is from the previous owner. It is your responsibility to inspect the car or send a third party inspector for your satisfaction. Remember this is a 49 year old car and can have some imperfections that are not in the description that I am not aware of. As with most pre-owned vehicles these are being sold on an as is where is basis and no warranty is being expressed or implied.I reserve the right to cancel the auction at any time as this vehicle is for sale elsewhere If you are seriously interested in this or any of the others and wish to talk please email me your contact numbers and I will call promptly. Thevehicle may have other defects or imperfections such as but not limited to: rust scuffs scratches dings dents fading paintwork wear rock chips and other imperfections.Being sold with no Reserve This is your chance to own this classic Riviera.