1970 Cadillac Eldorado 500 Cubic Inch 8.2 Liter Engine family owned since 1974

1970 Cadillac Eldorado

Make: Cadillac
Model: Eldorado
Trim: Coupe
Year: 1970
Mileage: 80,650
Color: Blue
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Holiday, Florida, United States

Description for Cadillac Eldorado 1970

1970 Cadillac Eldorado 500 cubic engine 8. liter 400 HP 550 ft lbs torque 80. 50 ORIGINAL MILES The car has a excellent body. the rockers are not rusted out like most all 67-70 Eldorados. this was a dessert car most of its life and the steel body is in great shape. The fitment is excellent. I have never seen the gaps on any car to be as perfect as this vehicle. The doors open and close smoothly with no bounce-back or recoil. The engine is running strong as shown in the recent video however any new buyer should fully have the car evaluated before driving. I power washed the engine on 11-29-2014 and cleaned the carburetor. and vacuumed out the gas tank and put in fresh fuel and changed the gas filter and the car engine is running strong as demonstrated the linked video posted on youtube. I have done nothing else to the car and have fully disclosed everything I know about the car. SHE IS AN EXCELLENT CANDIDATE FOR RESORATION !PLEASE NOTE: THIS CAR WILL BE SOLD BY THE END OF THIS LISTING EITHER AS A COMPLETE VEHICLE OR WILL BE PARTED OFF AS INDIVIDUAL COMPONENT SALES. I ALREADY HAVE A BINDING OFFER FOR $2300 FOR THE ENGINE ALONE. I AM SEEKING $4000 FOR THE ENTIRE VEHICLE WHICH IS VERY REASONABLE CONSDERING THE ENGINE IS WORTH 2300 MINIMUM. MOREOVER THE FRONT WHEEL DRIVE TRANSMISSION IS WORTH AN ADDITIONAL $1000. AND THE SOLID BODY PANELS OF THIS CAR (HOOD TRUNK FENDERS DOORS ETC. WILL EASILY BRINGS $2000 OR MORE. AND THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL $2000 IN ANCILARY PARTS VALUE (TAILLIOGHTS SIGNAL LIGHT TRIM ETC. THERFORE THERE IS AT LEAST 7300 IN VALUE PRESENT IN THIS CAR IF PARTED OUT. HAVINIG SAID ALL THIS THE $4000 ASKING PRICE FOR THIS COMPLETE VEHICLE REPRESENTS AN EXCELLENT VALUE. SHE IS AN EXCELLENT CANDIDATE FOR SERIOUS RESTORATION BY A TRUE ELDORADO ENTHUSIAST. I used a new red-top battery that I temporarily borrowed from one of my other cars. since this car will need a new battery when purchased by the new buyer Below is a Video taken 11-28-2014 showing the engine running very nicelyhttp://youtu. be/_Pq2z461WrISINGLE FAMILY CAR SINCE 1974 - DOCUMENTED ! SAME FAMILY VEHICLE FOR 40 YEARS ! purchased from CASHMAN CADILLAC IN LAS VEGAS BLUE WITH BLUE INTERIOR $4000 or BEST OFFER!This is a very impressive head turning styling that deserves a proper restoration. The car is an all original survivor. nbsp;worthy of a 10 point restoration Car was a LasVegas Nevada vehicle and Arizona car before arriving to Florida. Arizona License plate is included. Viewing and INSPECTION IS ENCOURAGED BEFORE MAKING PURCHASE OR OFFER. Engine has the largest and most powerful standard production engine ever offered. 500 cubic engine 8. liter 400 HP 560 ft lbs torqueTrim Tag Cowling = Interior Trim 420 Medium Blue Duplex Cloth and Vinyl Standard Interior- Body Paint 24 Corinthian Blue Metallic (2164)See below for original specifications and options published from 1970. 1970 CADILLAC ELDORADO The Eldorado (actually Fleetwood Eldorado) for 1970 carried over the 1968 and 1969 body design with an improvement in the engine displacement. The 472 cubic inch engine was bored out to a colossal 500 cubic inches. This was (and still is) the largest passenger-car engine ever built for production. It had 400 horsepower and 550 lbs/ft of torque. The grille included a plaque labeled "8. 2 LITRE" to indicate the size of the engine. It was located on the left side of the redesigned grill . The grille itself had a cross-hatched insert. but horizontal blades were set upon it. emphasizing the V-shape of the front. Thinner vertical tail-lamps were used. giving a more rakish look. The winged-V emblems used at the front of the fenders on other Cadillacs were added to the Eldorado front parking lamp lenses. Bright rocker panel trim. with front and rear extensions was used. There was also Eldorado block lettering at the lower front fender behind the wheel housing. A new electric sliding sunroof option was also available. Also the Trackmaster skid control system was made available later in the model year. Model number : 70-693 Body/Style number : 69347H Body type : 2-dr hardtop Coupe Seating : 6 pass. Factory price : $6903 Shipping weight : 4630 lb Production : 23. 42 ELDORADO ENGINE Engine type : V-8 Overhead valves. Cast iron block Displacement : 501 cubic inches Bore & stroke : 4. 300 x 4. 304 inches Compression ratio : 10. 0:1 Brake horsepower (SAE gross) : 400 @ 4400 rpm Torque : 550 @ 3000 rpm Oil pressure : 34-40 psi Main bearings : five Valve lifters : Hydraulic Carburetor : Rochester four-barrel Quadrajet model 4MV (Eldorado type) CHASSIS DIMENSIONS Wheelbase : 120 inches Overall length : 221 inches Tires : L-78 x 15 AVAILABLE OPTIONS Automatic Climate Control :$516 Bucket seats with console (with leather upholstery required) :$184 Bucket seats with cloth upholstery as a special request option:$292 Special carpets with matching instrument carpet panels as a special request option:$37 Firemist paint as a special request option:$205 Special paint (except Firemist) as a special request option:$179 Cruise control:$95 Rear window defogger:$26-37 Door-edge guards:$6-10 Soft Ray glass:$53 Guide-Matic headlamp control:$51 Leather upholstery:$156-184 License frame(s):$6-13 Floor & trunk mats:$11-20 Signal seeking radio AM/FM with rear control:289 Signal seeking radio AM/FM without rear control:$222 Signal seeking radio with stereo:$322 AM/FM radio:$258 Power seats with lefthand Four-Way bucket:$53 Power seats with Six-Way front:$90-116 Power seats with Six-Way lefthand front with Dual-Comfort:$90- 116 Shoulder belts:$32 Tilt & telescope steering wheel:$95 Electric powered sun roof with required vinyl top and Six-Way seat:$626 Trumpet horn:$15 Remote control trunk lock:$53 Twilight Sentinel:$37 Vinyl roof:$158 White sidewall tires:$40 NOTE: This particular body style was produced in 1967 1968 1969 1970. Starting in 1970 Cadillac offered the upgraded 8. Liter 500 Cubic Inch Engine as standard equipment that remained through 1976 BUT ONLY THE 1970 HAD THE 10:1 RATIO . Starting in 1971 and continuing through 1972 the body style changed with skirted rear wheels that were maintained in 1973 and 1974 models. The most notable last of the big era Eldorados ended in 1978 NOTE: NO WARRANTY IS OFFERED EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED INSPECTION IS ENCOURAGED BEFORE PURCHASE OR OFFFER SUBMISSION. WINNING THIS LISTING IS A COMITTMENT TO BUY AND NOT AN OPTION TO INSPECT - THERFORE PLEASE INSPECT BEFORE BIDDING. SELLER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CANCEL THIS LISTING IF CAR IS SOLD IN ANOTHER FORUM OR IF SOLD OFF IN PARTS. Call 7273647523 with questionsBuyer is responsible for transporting vehicle and travel arrangements. Seller is willing to provide assistance to arrange and/or coordinate the transportation for an oversight fee however. buyer is responsible for all costs and payments pertaining to transportation costs. NO REFUNDS - ALL SALES ARE FINAL - VEHICLE IS SOLD "AS-IS" - TRANSPORT OF THE VEHICLE AND ANY DAMAGES INCURRED IN TRANSPORT WHETHER MECHANICAL OR BODY. IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER. INSPECTIONS ARE ENCOURAGED BEFORE PURCHASE OF OFFER SUBMISSION !Seller reserves the right to sell the vehicle to another party using an other forum other than eBay since the CAR IS BEING ADVERTISED LOCALLY AS WELL. therefore this sale is not exclusive to Ebay only. PLEASE NOTE THE CAR WILL REQUIRE A BATTERY AS THE VEHICLE CURRENTLY HAS NO BATTERY AND THE BRAKES NEED WORK DONE.