1965 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible "Time Capsule Survivor, 27,734 Actual Miles!

1965 Cadillac DeVille

Condition: Used
Make: Cadillac
Model: DeVille
Type: Convertible
Trim: Series 62
Year: 1965
Mileage: 27,734
VIN: F5191875
Color: Sandalwood
Engine: 429cid
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline (26 gallon tank)
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Tilt steering wheel, Telescopic Steering wheel, Remote power trunk release, Eldorado Trumpet horns (3), Auto headlamp dimming control (Guide-Matic), Push button AM signal-seeking Delco Radio, Power vent windows, Limited slip differential (posi-traction), Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Haartz Cloth Covertible top with glass rear window, VOGUE Custom Wide-Trac steel belted WSW radials,, Convertible, Leather Seats

Description for Cadillac DeVille 1965

Every option except Cruise, All working, New Vogue Tires, drives like a 'Showroom New' Car!
Exterior: Sandalwood (Factory Original Color Per Data Tag) (VERY Expensive,Concourse Quality)
Interior: Tan (original Leather and Vinyl)
Convertible Top: BAND NEW Black Haartz canvas with glass rear window.
Convertible Boot: Tan (original)
Carpeting: Tan (Factory original)
Floor Mats: 4 Brand new original Type Cadillac logo mats
Dash: Padded matching tan dash (Original)
Trunk: Factory tan vinyl covering (new)
Mileage:27,734 (Actual Mileage Florida Title) The weather has been gorgeous of recentin South Florida so this car will have a few more miles on it...call & I'll give you theexact correct odometer read out.
This car has been relisted due to a non-paying winning bidder.
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We fly in to inspect the car, most of the times it's acollectionwhich can be 5 or 6 cars....or more. Many times it's a lot more, 25, 50 or as high as 100+ cars.
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A very long time friend recently asked us "Why do you try and make every thing work in all of your cars?"
I replied in an instant by saying "Because that is way we would love to buy all of our vehicles"
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We never try to just "Make a sale" because a sale is usually a one time event. Instead, we do our best to "Make a customer" because a customer is forever and that's a VERY good thing in business.
This car has been driven an average of just over 500 miles a year!
IMPORTANT...OVER 100 photos and 3 Videos....give them time to load in your computer.
Scroll all the way down until the copy ends...that is where you can see the photos.
Serial Number:F5191875
This is the most heavily factory optioned 1965 Series 62 Deville Convertible I have ever seen.It has every possible factory option. (No Cruise Control)
Documented History:
This car was sold by Larry Dimmitt, Inc. Cadillac on South Ft. Harrison Avenue in Clearwater, Fla (Dealer Code 361-611 on the 22nd of March, 1965.
It was a specially ordered car and was sold to the Hallden Machine Company, 816 Franklin Street, Clearwater,Fla. They also had a plant in Anniston, Alabama. We found in the glove box the ORIGINAL Key Tag which says FLYING SHEARS on one side and Hallden Machine Company, Anniston, Alabama on the other side.
See photo in auction of Key Tag & Flying Shears Machinery in Aniston, AL.
We can document all of this because included is the ORIGINAL Blue 1965 Cadillac owner Protection Plan Book with the ORIGINAL factory Protect-O-Plate metal plate. No. 191875
Also included is the ORIGINAL 1965 Cadillac Owner's Manual, the 1965 ORIGINAL Cadillac operation and care of the power operated folding convertible top and the ORIGINAL 1965 Cadillac accessory booklet.
See photos of all included manuals and booklets in the auction.
This Magnificent Cadillac comes with it's ORIGINAL 1965 Factory Cadillac Ignition key which be used to lock & unlock both doors and the ORIGINAL Trunk & Glove Box key. Both keys still have the Cadillac Factory 4 digit key codes on the"knock-out" tab.
See photos in auction of BOTH ORIGINAL FACTORY KEYS.
Original unmolested Data Trim Plate and ORIGINAL in door Serial Number Tag
See photos in auction
How is this car equipped?
Original 429 cid V-8 rated at 340HP: Starts up every time, the 1st time, whisper quiet, smooth running and it runs like this car just rolled out of the Cadillac New Car showroom.
Watch the Videos of the car starting and driving at 45mph....you can not hear the engine running!
The transmission shifts so smooth, you can not feel it shift gears!
I took off one of the valve covers and the valve train looks like a car with 1000 miles, no sludge, dirt or gunk....it looks incredible.(See photo of valve cover off engine)
We just had the engine oil & filter changed and all the fluids checked.
We commend changing the Engine oil, engine filter every 1500 miles. At the same time, have the chassis lubricated.
Transmission: Original 3/Speed Turbo-Hydramatic and it shifts PERFECT-Silky Smooth.
Differential: Optional cost Controlled Differential (We called it Posi-Traction in a Chevy) It uses Limited slip differential fluid. (see photo)
Power Windows (work perfect)
Power Vent Windows (work perfect)
Power Door locks (work perfect)
Power Seat (work perfect)
Power Steering (one or two finger driving)
Power Brakes (Excellent)
Power Convertible Top (works perfect)
Brand New Haartz Canvas Top with Glass rear window
AM push button signal seeking radio (works perfect)
Power Antenna (works perfect)
Power Trunk Release (inside glove box & works perfect))
Comfort Control Factory Air-conditioning (Ice Cold)
Please note the thermostat is contained inside the small plastic grille in the dash in front of the Driver. It is perfect with no cracks. Very unusual as most crack and deteriorate, especially when 51 years old.
Heater/Defroster (works perfect)
Guide-Matic Power Headlight Control (works perfect...I drove the car at night to make sure)
Telescopic Steering wheel (Just turn to unlock and easily slides up & down)
Tilt Steering Wheel (Works just as it should)
Trumpet Horn: Triple Cadillac horns...OMG, you could open a Drawbridge from a 1/4 of a mile away!
Padded Dash: Perfect condition, not faded or cracked
Front & Rear Cadillac Logo Floor Mats
Seat Belts (front seat/two with auto retractors) The tiny plastic covers have tiny cracks)
Electric Clock (runs but keeps inaccurate time)
Three of the four front headlights are the original T-3's that came with the car. (one has been replaced)
Both the rear tail light lenses are the original GUIDE lenses.
4 New VOGUE 235/70R/15 Custom Built Radial Wide Track Touring Tyres. (that's how Vogue spells tires) They have the attractive narrow width white walls and Gold band stripe. (very expensive)
Spare Tire: U.S. Royal
The spare is probably the original one. It's a U.S. Royal and doesn't appear to have been used very much. but because of it's age, I wouldn't actually mount it on the car.
In the trunk is the original Jack & Tire Iron and it appears to have never been used.
Front Lighter (works) The rear dual lighters are disconnected.(safety for kids sitting in the back seat)
The ashtrays look like they have never been used. Chrome is perfect on all of them (see photos)
Most Recent Service?
The Engine Oil and Oil Filter were changed on 4/20/2016. The oil was clean as it was done 1,000 miles ago, but we wanted it done as that is something we like to do on all of our exceptional vintage cars. It took 5 Quarts of Pennzoil, 10W/30 high detergent. All the fluids were checked and the chassis was lubricated.
Included with this car are the parts for it's next tune-up which we suggest doing every 10,000 miles. The cost for everything was $31.22. A new set of AC correct spark plugs for this Cadillac 429 cid V-8, a set of ignition points, a condenser & a rotor.
We pulled both valve covers to take a photo of the valve train. Absolutely no sludge or grime or dirt! This engine looks like it has less than 2000 miles on it according to the visual look of the valve train. It is so quiet when running, they asked me to start the car up at the Oil Service Station so they could check the automatic transmission fluid...I had to tell the mechanic that"The engine is running...I started it a couple minutes ago" As my late Pal Jerry J Moore use to say when he wanted to describe a quiet running engine.... "It's as quiet as a mouse urinating on a bed of cotton in a wood barn"
A few highlights of this car are 4 interior courtesy lights, 2 in front and 2 in rear, a factory gas tank with a 26 gallon capacity, Oil pressure and generator indicator lights, an easy to read large temperature and fuel tank gauge, Glove box light, cornering lights, tinted glass, Glare proof inside rear-view mirro, a remote control outsidemirror and a window lock switch.
How is the paint and the body on this car?
The body is the straightest I have ever seen on a Cadillac manufactured in the 1960's It is LASER straight, no waves, no ripples, no bondo and simple magnificent. The doors close with one finger and sound like a vault when closing. The fit on both doors, hood and trunk are as good as it gets.
This car was painted in 2014 and was the subject of a very, very EXPENSIVE Single Stage paint with many coats of clear. I looked this car over very carefully and I can not find any evidence of any body work ever being done on this amazing Cadillac. The painter I have used for the past 30 years in South Florida looked at this Caddy said he could do a paint job to this standardand would have to charge $12,000-$13,000.
The rear 1/4 panels on this 1965 Cadillacare among the longest ever built by Cadillac. I believe only the 1959 & 1960 Cadillac are slightly longer.
How is the Chrome, trim and pot metal?
Just gorgeous! The chrome on this car looks like fine jewelry. The pot-metal is beautiful (no pitting) and the trim is spectacular. You would have to spend approx. $15,000 to do all the chrome, trim and pot metal on this car...another $5,000-$6,000 to do everything on the inside. Even the ash trays are chrome and they look fantastic.
How is the condition of the trunk?
The trunk is "AS NEW" All the trunk vinyl covering is new. All the rubber seals are new. The remote power trunk release works to perfection.
This trunk is the size that I rememberpacking 4 or 5 kids inside with one of our buddies driving and sneaking us in to the localDrive-in on Route 422...the road from New Castle, PA to the Skyway Drive-in movie theaterin Youngstown, Ohio.
I think it was .75 or $1.00 for a single driver admission so we had plenty of money to buy hot-dogs, popcorn, Coca Cola and other "junk" food.
How does this car drive?
I can answer that in a single word....PERFECT!
I had the pleasure of driving this caron I-95 from Miami to Boca Raton at 70-75mph. It tracks arrow-straight, no noisesor vibrations, and you can steer this car at Interstate speeds with 1 or 2 fingers. It drives and steers effortlessly. When applied hard, the brakes DO NOT pull to either side.
The car has a free and clear Florida title that states "ACTUAL MILEAGE" We have lots of invoices and receipts that further document this as an ACTUAL low mileage car. (see photos in auction)
There are 2 things you can never buy in a vintage car...it either has them or doesn't have them...this Cadillac has both....ORIGINALITY & ACTUAL MILEAGE!
You cando a "Body-Off-The-Frame" restoration for $80,000-$100,000+ but the car will never look or drive as good asa low mileage, never damaged, original car.
You can own this rolling piece of mechanical art for a fraction of what it would cost to restore one and the good news is it is a APPRECIATING FUN INVESTMENT!
And best of all....it's a Cadillac...Standard to the world!
Please give this some thought. Very few, if any, auto manufacturers make a true 6 passenger convertible. This Cadillac seats 6 full size adults in true comfort.
For $175,000 to $400,000 you can buy a beautiful Rolls Royce, Maserati, Bentley or Aston Martin 5 passenger Luxury Convertible
For $50,000-$60,000 you can buy a 4 passenger BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, lovely convertible.
For $35,000-$50,000 you can buy a Mustang, Chrysler, or entry level BMW Volvo, or Audi convertible.
Can you guess what they all have in common?
Drive them off the dealer's lot and you will take a hit of a minimum of 20% or more.
After they are 2-3 years old your probably looking at a depreciation of 50% of the car's original MSRP.
Consider this....if you have a garage to keep this Cadillac inside when not in use and you plan on driving it 2500-3000 miles a year, you will be paying a fraction of the insurance cost your forced to pay on any of the above listed cars....probably around $300-$400 a year for full coverage.
Here is real bonus...instead of losing thousands and thousands of dollars in a guaranteed depreciating asset, your having a ball driving an APPRECIATING asset.
A word of caution...if your the very shy type and get embarrassed at other motorists giving you the "THUMBS UP" waving and honking their horns in approval or being asked by the valet at your favorite restaurant "Can we please park this car up front?" than this is not the car for you.
I drove this car all around South Florida....I am hard pressed to remember when I've received as many honks, waves, thumbs up and people actually stopping &getting out of their cars to take photos of this car.
Check out some videos we took of the car!
Click Here to watch the video#1
Click Here to watch the video#2
Click Here to watch the video#3
I realize most would call this car a "Trailer Queen" I really don't like this name given to any vintage car and to be blunt, we do not want to sell this car to anyone who is just wants to put it inside a trailer and take it to car shows to win a "best of show" or 1st place award. That's fine but this car should be driven so you can appreciate what it was like to drive a 1965 Cadillac Convertible equipped like this in 1965.
This car should be enjoyed and driven. If you want to take it to a car show thats a few hundred miles away...then PLEASE drive it toand from the show.Your smile will be as broad as mine was when I spent a few hours driving it around South Florida on a gorgeous day.
I started off with the AC on and the windows up.....but the AC blows so cold...and the weather was so glorioustoday... that after twenty minutes, I lowered all the windows, turned off the AC,put the top down and the boot on and enjoyed this great South Florida day.
I could talk about this incredible car for hours....but better than more details...please study every photo and then pick up the phone and call me at(954) 873-6495and I'll give you the lowest acceptable price.
This car is inside myresidential air-conditioned garage....Hire an inspector or even better come in person. Guaranteed to be a "NODISAPPOINTMENT" 51 year old PRISTINE veryrare and extremely collectable 1965 Cadillac DeVille Convertible as exists in the world today!
Located in Boca Raton, we are located between the Palm Beach International Airport (25 miles to the South) and the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport (25 miles to the North)
Coming soon EXCLUSIVELY to Ebaymotors.com
Possibly one of the finest Chrysler 300G Sport Coupes in the world(Mardi Gras Red, Tan Leather interior,heavily optioned, documented by FCI andmeticulouslyrestored.
A Triple Black, 1973 Jaguar XKE Roadster, 4/speed, Factory AC,wire wheels with 22,612 miles.
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We are located halfway between Palm Beach International Airport and the Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale International Airport.
Please e-mail us if you would like to see the car. If you prefer, we can arrange to have a qualified, independent, professional mechanic perform a pre-purchase inspection for you (at your expense).
This1965 Cadillac Deville Convertibleturns heads &causes a sensation whereverit's driven!It is one magnificent original rare and very sweet ride! Shipping: If you need help shipping this car in the U.S. or anywhere else in this world, I will be happy to put you in direct contact with Mary Olson who has been our sole shipping person for not only us, but for several of my friends who own car museums. She is honest, reliable, dependable and gives great personal service. She has arranged shipping for myself and several of my friends of more than 3000 cars over the past 10 years. Twenty First Century Auctions has been selling fine Late model sports cars, vintage and collectible cars on EBAYMOTORS since March of 2000 and we have a 100% feedback rating. Even in this very tough economic times where real estate has tumbled down a very steep hill....vintage cars...the real ones...the pedigreed cars in great restored or near perfect original condition continue to hold value and in most instances appreciate.
Invest your money in something you just don't "Put in the Bank" but something you can "Drive to the bank and anywhere else you might choose to do with your family & friends." Why not have fun with your money? ...enjoy your life and know that when you wake up in the morning your dollars are still safe in your garage or warehouse&haven't evaporated into thin air!
I asked Jerry while staying at his house in September of 1989, "why do you now have over 1000 collectible cars?" He replied with a slight grin and replied "Should I buy more?" We made a 10 car deal involving V-12 Ferrarison a breakfast napkin at the Dobbs House restaurant in the Houston Hobby Airport just before I boarded my flight back to Miami, Florida...and that was Jerry J...having fun and wheelin & dealing 24/7...anywhere and anytime!
Iconsidered my self veryprivileged to be close friends with the late Jerry J. Moore fromHouston,Texas. Jerry was a Real Estate Mogul and one of the largest owners of shopping centers in the world.I really miss my pal and think of him often. Jerry was also an avid car collector and amassed one of the largest and best vintage car collections on the Planet. If Jerry told me once....he probably told me over 100 times......"In case you forgot...remember..."You will never see a Brinks truck at a funeral service or a Hearse with a luggage rack at a cemetery!"He believed that at best, life is uncertain and thatone should enjoy desert 1st. Car collecting is a family thing...everyone around the world admires and loves these great vintage and collectible cars. We have sold cars fromAustraliatoAlaska...FromChinatoSaudi Arabia.....FromManhattanto Moscow....and the hobby keeps growing & expanding all the time. Collector car insurance is dirt cheap...about $250-$300 a year for a quality collectible like this. and you can buy full coverage! They usually require a garage and not more than 2500-3000miles a year put on the car. I recommend you only buy a car like this if you have a garage to keep it in. I always try and look for major flaws and mention them and try to point them out when I see something. If you call me I will go over the car with you in great detail... inside and out.Ialways try and find some flaws in every car and mention anything that doesn't work. On this Cadillac I couldn't find anything not working other than the clock not keeping accurate time. If we do, it will be addressed before we ship this car to the lucky new owner. Your welcome to come in person to inspect this car for yourself...hire anyone you like to come on your behalf....bring your Experts and magnifying glasses........see if you can find anything really negative worth mentioning...we tried and couldn't find anything ...maybe you can? We have tried diligently to find any MAJOR flaws in the paint, body, interior, mechanical or electrical systems and have not been able to locate anything that we could list as a MAJOR problem in the description.
I truly believe there is NO such thing as a "PERFECT" old car or even a late model car that has been driven, WE ARE NOT making such a claim.....but this car comes close to perfection...ESPECIALLY when you consider it is 51 Years Old !
We are urging you toPLEASEcome and inspect the car in person, drive it or to hire an expert inspector to do this for you. AGAIN....Please do not ask us to recommend anyone....we want you to select & hire your own inspector.
If you wish to schedule an appointment to see this car, please call me at954-873-6495....We would appreciate at least a 1-2 day notice. It is currently being stored inBoca Raton, FL. It is started anddriven a few miles on occasionif it's a beautiful SUNNY day and allowed to warm up,possiblyonce a week.
This car is owned free and clear. After you speak with us on the phone, it is possible to have a scanned copy sent directly to you.
We know this is a Platinum investment collectable car..this is a car that you can still drive & enjoy and will increase in value...not decrease in value.....and if you chose to...you could drive it every day. We feel very strongly that a car like this will not only hold its value but in years to come will continue to appreciate.
Please don't buy a Museum quality car like this unless you have a garage to store it inside. We do notbelieve this carhas ever been left outside.
You can look at this car in bright outdoor sunlight or indoors under halogen or florescent light...it still looks spectacular....but don't take our word...PLEASE...come and check it out yourself. I don't like surprises. Our goal not's to give you any....this is a NO DISAPPOINTMENT collectibleclassic!
We don't "play games" We love when a car is inspected prior to meeting the reserve. We have no secrets and are proud of our 100% feedback rating...we have been selling great cars like this formore than16 years onEbaymotors.com. Please...do not e-mail us and ask "What is your reserve" Just call us and we can discuss money...the car...a trade...or whatever is on your mind. This car is also being advertised and marketed in other forms of media and if sold prior to having met it's reserve price and a deposit received, we reserve the right to cancel and end the auction early. Should the reserve price be met BEFORE receiving a deposit, we WILL NOT end the auction early and the highest ending bidder will own this incredible piece of automotive art andautomotive history.
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We really do love the cars...a lot more than the $.
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As with all of our fine cars...we invite you and urge your personal inspection. If you see it....and drive it...you will buy it! SHIPPING: Many of my friends and fellow collectors have shipped literally 1000's of cars over the past many years...all with a great gal named Mary Olson who owns Crossroads Transport...I will be happy to give you her e-mail & telephone & connect you up on a DIRECT basis with Mary and she can handle any shipping needs...this car should be shipped ENCLOSED!
OUT-OF-THE-USA SHIPPING: Over the past 50 yearswe have shipped cars to more than 40 countries...I can put you in contact with the right people who will give you great service at a fair price.
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Parking Light

Turn Signal Mounted on Top Front Fender Light

Rear Tail Light

Side Marker Cornering Lamp

On Apr-23-16 at 19:12:45 PDT, seller added the following information:On Apr-28-16 at 07:12:17 PDT, seller added the following information:

HALLDENhas been known throughout the world as a chief producer of synchronized flying shears used in cutting flat metals.

The owner of this company was the original purchaser of this incredible Cadillac Convertible from Dimmitt Cadillac

back in 1965.