UNRESERVED private sale AMAAZING 1973 Cadillac Deville

1973 Cadillac DeVille

Make: Cadillac
Model: DeVille
Year: 1973
Mileage: 51,759
VIN: 6d49r3qz91002
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Great Falls, Montana, United States

Description for Cadillac DeVille 1973

1973 Cadillac Deville
Car located in Calgary Alberta Canada. Considered "antique" status and normally free of restriction for travel. eBay does not haveaccommodation for people with multiple residence.
Stunning and remarkable with brilliant chrome. This unbelievable car is ORIGINAL and UNRESTORED. Never tampered with. Only 51,759 miles. We've collected Cadillacs for years and this is, BY FAR, the best of the best of the best that we've ever encountered. We've even had a '74 with an astonishing 11,900 miles original, and... This one outranks it in every way imaginable. If the odometer said 1/4 of what it reads, I would not question it. The car runs, drives, and appears almost as brand new in every way.
selling UNRESERVED. Or to 1st best offer.
Make payment (within 48 hours), take delivery, sit behind the wheel, turn the key.... AND ENJOY. No tinkering, no down-time. No frustrations. This car is, quite literally, without a mark.
Look at our feedback... I tend to reeeaaally downplay condition. I am, for most intent and purposes, normally the anti-salesman.

We've sold to Belgium, Germany, Britain, France, and United Arab Emirates. We'll help you too!
This is the LAST car I am selling. ONLY selling because we are moving and our new abode has room for exactly 12 in our sparkly newman-cave/garage. Then last week, I won a sealed bid auction for a firetruck (yes, real firetruck... super frivolous purchase) that takes up 2 spots. The rest are heirloom and family cars with sentiment. That's how I made my decision. Although I LOVE this car, spent literally years(!!!) trying to source something like this, and KNOW the rarity of it'scondition..... my 6 year old son doesn't appreciate it the same way I do. It also won't win me Daddy of the year like picking him and his buddies up from kindergarten in a firetruck. LOL
During our time on eBay, we've figured out a few things. We learned that 2 very important things are communication and procedure. Our little procedure actually focuses on communication. It goes as follows:
  • After auction, we ask for your buyer's information.
    • You supply.
  • We fill in transfer papers and scan/send to you.
    • You confirm spelling and information correct.
  • You go to your bank, and make transfer.
    • We validate receipt.
  • We begin on shipping,
    • ...keeping you informed every step..
  • You receive your cool vintage Cadillac.
We will not deviate from this procedure. If you cannot adhere to this but intend to bid, you willhave to contact for permission FIRST.
If you don't want to lose out on this car and HAVE AN OFFER, please contact me. Most of our auctions end with me accepting an offer. I always appreciate the early-bird approach.
Shipping to most states and destinations is in the $1500+ range. Please keep that in mind, and budget for at least this amount. Texas and Florida, and other really far states, are obviously a bit more at minimum $2250. Any required inspections, certifications, paperwork, or anything else are the buyer's responsibility. I don't know the rules in each particular state so, am selling as per Alberta rules. My wife has become pretty good at setting up shipping and, is happy to assist. Rest is up to you. Payment is by bank transfer, US account to US account. As stated, I don't ask for Paypal. Once payment is received, everything else is ready to proceed from there.
If you'd like to speak over the phone, I'm happy to hear from you. Please write and we'll make arrangements.
Hope you have fun bidding. It's an exciting process. Getting a good deal sweetens the joy. I believe owning classic cars should start fun and stay that way!
Anyways, I've had my fun. Time to pass the torch. I'm doing thisunreservedso once I press the button, this auction starts unreserved and I am obligated. Like pulling off a bandage quick. So, with that said, here goes.....

On Jun-11-18 at 08:12:18 PDT, seller added the following information:

A little more information about this car for everyone interested. Some people don't care about a vehicle's history but, if you're like I am, it's always intriguing and makes a difference. The experience of meeting the people makes it memorable for me. I believe the back-story should always be passed along with the car.
The lady we bought the car from, although deep into her 90's(!!!) was very young and sprite in attitude. It definitely made this memorable for us. What an absolute darling woman. She had a very youthful attitude and sense of humour. She laughed intently, and her eyes sparkled. She gave us all the papers for provenance, and included a nice box of 8-track tapes (Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Waylon Jennings, etc... AWESOME stuff) for us to enjoy. She lives quite a distance from us but, we had 2 great visits with her. It may not mean anything to everyone but, I can definitely speak for my wife and I when I say, buying a vehicle from a magnificent person like this makes it SO MUCH BETTER for me than some crotchety old grump. It makes the experience, as a whole, really worthwhile. Cars hold "vibes". At least I believe so. This car was cherished. It looks cherished, and it really FEELS cherished. There's a value in that, that can never be restored into a vehicle.
Back to the background, so to speak..... Many many years ago, this car rolled into a highway service station. The station was in Banff / Canmore Alberta, in the near foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the year was approximately 1979. The gas/service/mechanic stations owner (a Cadillac man), was blown away by the car's condition and colour. He had to buy the car. A deal was rejected by the car's owner, and not made. The car drove off. The man couldn't get the car out of his mind. The car came back from it's trip through Banff National Park, stopping for gas. It was 6 years old at that time and had never seen anything other than summer highway driving. A deal wasn't made this time either, but with some effort (and a whole lotta '70's money).... was shortly after. He presented it to his wife, the amazingly lady I spoke about above. It was a sweetheart gift from a very adoring husband. Cadillac was the brand of the ages, and was really a symbol of significance in that era. What a gift.
More astonishing than this car apparently was in 1979, is the fact that it's in the exact same condition today!!!!
Sadly, the lady's beloved husband passed unexpectedly shortly after, widowing her a 2nd time. She had 2 other Cadillacs she drove, and could not bring herself to taking this one and putting unnecessary usage on it. She never remarried. The car sat covered in her garage at home, only coming out for occasional and routine servicing (receipts and invoices in file).
I'm told the only seat ever sat in was the front, and it shows as true on both the seat and factory floor mats. The trunk appears to have never housed anything at all. Everything, and I mean it... everything-everything functions as new. I've travelled and seen my share of these cars. I've been disappointed mostly (you know how it goes... looks great in pictures, sounds fabulous over the phone, hit the slide-trombone.... fwaaah fwah fwaaaaah) but, I've also seen what was supposed to be the best. I've bought what I thought was the best. Then we found this. Suddenly, everything else was nothing in comparison. I started out describing this car stunning, remarkable, and brilliant. That, it most certainly is.
Now, I understand and realize that, these aren't particularly valuable cars. Inherently, their value is based on the eye, desire, and knowledge of the buyer. Don't waste your time and money on a car that is marginally less in condition, or marginally closer, or perhaps just marginally nice and convenient. It makes no sense when they're not particularly valuable to begin with and the difference is barely negligable. Get the best, own the best... be proud knowing you've got the best.