1955 Cadillac

1955 Cadillac Other sedan

Make: Cadillac
Model: Other
SubModel: sedan
Type: Sedan
Trim: good
Year: 1955
Mileage: 100,000
Color: White
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: rwd
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Johnson City, Tennessee, United States
Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Seats

Description for Cadillac Other 1955

1955 Cadillac project parts car. I’m not desperate. I’m merely downsizing before I relocate out of the Country for while. Its perfectly fine sitting & left where it so its no big deal if it sells or not. Just seems a shame for it to go to crusher for scrap if I get in one of my destructive moods. I bought it from TX several years ago. but got hurt shortly afterwards and never got around to it; my health isnt good so my focus & priorities changed. and as such. lost passion for projects and hobbies. I paid to store it inside for a year and losing so much on car I simply took it I tout & leave it outside. My reserve price doesn’t even cover my lost & wasted storage costs. The ebayer who sold it to me scammed me & swiped a few parts off it for himself. as you can see…but claims to have redone fuel & brake lines. But guy also claimed this car [as-is] ‘runs and drives good’. When it arrived in pieces as you see it here…you obviously cant put stock behind anything that cat claimed. I never even got around to turning wrench on it; I allowed another feller to look at while I was not present being too trusting as I am and he. too. seems to have commandeered several parts that he only wanted off it & disappeared. I truly rather destroy the car than keep dealing with people. But I’m obligated to be a good steward of things. So what you see is what you get. Bottoms of doors and truck are virtually solid and rust free. Its been vandalized and windshield broken. but it was fogged in corners and thus pretty much worthless anyways. So no big deal. A new windshield goes for $400. Needs door glass { $200} but rear windshield is still good. Don’t much else about it so cant really answer many questions except I’m losing 3 grand on it at my reserve. Bring a trailer {obviously} and some help bc with my health I cant help or will be gone. having my authorized business partner give you access & authorization to take it. All 4 tires dry rotted and blew out so she’s sitting on rims now; I left it that bc its harder to steal bc crooks are also generally lazy these days & don’t wanna work hard either. like rest of typical Americans. preferring easier. quick coin. I also couldn’t justify wasting $600 for new tires on a vehicle I’m already taking a loss on or not knowing what style wheels I would be planning to use should I do decide to serious rod this car out as I envisioned. I’m selling it as-is. as a parts car but you can do what you like with it or run it; someone stole start- not sure which guy did. Front bumper CORE alone at chrome shops are valued at $2500 each. I sold my trailer & truck so buyer is responsible for transporting. I can get more than my reserve price alone for front bumper as a wall decoration and custom piece from folks in CA; but its too much hassle & aggravation; I prefer to let it younger folks with too much time on their hands deal with parting stuff out & internet people. TIME is more valuable than money; thud the simpler the better. even if I could recoup a better percentage of my money back. I’m at a loss regardless. Bit hope someone sees the cool potential as I did/do. If you want a ubiquitous. typical hot rod buy a Camaro. Wanna do something awesome . sport about in this beast. I’ll put ya in touch with guy who sold it to m & maybe you can negotiate to maybe even get some of the parts back the scoundrel snatched from it; maybe he’s even reading this 7 sees I haven’t yet forgotten about him & have yet to pay him a visit. He can better tell you what all he’s done to/on/with it. I’m not ‘flipping’…in fact & realty I’m losing huge. Period. I had a title to it. but its lost someone in the NC dmv. I had a receipt for title application with the title# somewhere…but its hiding in my packed storage shed; No guarantee i can even find it. THX FOR LOOKING & hope someone gives her a home and I can see it finished when ur done. BUYER of this car has first dibs on the late-model full leather bucket seats and interior I had planned for; they are getting sold separately. naturally. My house is sold. and I’m tired of paying the storages so its all gotta go. one way other. I’m a medical professional hobbyist doing this stuff for 40 years and I don’t cheat folks on cars to make a living. Thu. I don’t have any need to be disingenuous about anything. or about the car- I simply don’t have much more data to share with you. The interior is shot as some kittens & critters took up residence in it but all there. as far as I know. less the stuff/parts I mentioned or identified by photos. Thx again for looking