Condition: Used
Make: Cadillac
Model: DeVille
Type: Coupe
Doors: 2
Year: 1971
Mileage: 14329
VIN: 683471E369215
Color: Black
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: BLACK
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Plano, Texas, United States

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Private seller

Description of 1971 Cadillac DeVille

Vehicle Overview If you were to walk into a Cadillac dealership in 1972 to inquire about purchasing a "select pre-owned Cadillac," this is the caliber of car you would have been shown. With an average "one year's" mileage, original paint, interior, spare tire, tailpipe, resonator, shocks, belts and hoses, this is a car of that provenance. I have been a collector of pre-owned American cars for many years and this car is the finest collector grade car I have ever seen.
1971 was the last of the truly powerful Cadillacs. Not burdened with pollution control and EPA requirements that shipwrecked the big block cars of the mid to late 70's, this 375 horsepower 472CID power plant could torch the tires from a dead stop and blast to 80 mph in record time. In fact, this car's would rival later model Corvettes, despite its behemoth weight and size.
This car is remarkable in many ways. Starting with the pristine and brilliant black finish. The paint is unrivaled and is virtually without a mark. Some of the high resolution photos show dust and other particles, but from front to back, the typical chips of a car of this era are virtually non-existent. I cannot overemphasize the unrivaled quality of the entirely original paint, which has been metered from nose to tail. Adding to the breathtaking luster of the paint is that the car was presciently ordered with the ultra-rare vinyl top delete.
One of the distinctive features of a Cadillac was a leather interior. Despite the fact that cloth was still, in some instances, an upgrade (Fleetwood Brougham), the rage was for leather. And while that may have been the preferred option then, as most collectors will agree, a beautiful brocade fabric is infinitely more desirable. Cadillac's distinctive sheen and rich luxurious fabrics stand apart for durability, and age better than Jane Fonda. Just look at the interior of this car. First, it's black - a huge plus! But moreover, it is perfect. Not a wrinkle, not a stretch, no thread bare areas, no worn or missing buttons, no edging along the seams. It is absolutely splendorous. Take a close look at the dash. Note how the silver etching is perfect and undisturbed throughout. The speedometer cover has absolutely no hazing, is not scratched or the least bit cloudy. The knobs are crisp and pristine and the armrests (subject to cracking) are as new as they were on day one.
Let's discuss undercarriage and engine compartment: When it comes to judging a car on its merits for originality, there are some things you simply cannot fudge. This car passes those tests with straight A's. Starting with the engine, please note the original belts, Frigidaire stamps on the A/C, hoses, alternator harness, air-cleaner cover, fuel distribution center, hinges and battery housing. You could easily spend $100,000 or more on a restoration and not achieve this level of originality (and it still wouldn't be original). The tender love, care and attention to storage is nowhere exemplified more than a close look at the cavity housing the beautiful and monstrous power plant. Nothing "modified," "detailed" or "improved" in any way. No smoke and mirrors, no black spray paint, nothing ... just original GM at its finest, when Cadillac was truly "The Standard of the World."
The undercarriage on any collector car is the essential "credit report" of a car's provenance. Again, please note the pristine nature of the beautiful underside. Mercifully, this car was not lathered up with the horrible Ziebart or undercarriage gunk that did nothing but ruin the underside and invite moisture to harbor in its crevices. This undercarriage is crisp, clean and exposes the immense love and care accorded to this once-in-a-lifetime find. Look closely at the unturned bolts (still in GM blue), the unmolested exhaust system, drivetrain and suspension. It is a wonder that a car like this could have escaped the ravages of nature, untrained mechanics and amateur enthusiasts who would have sought to "upgrade" or modify this car in any way.
The car is pictured in two ways. First you will note the car is photographed with its original tires (yes, I said original) wheels, and caps. Note the dual whitewalls that were factory original on the car. These are not Diamondback replicas (a perfectly fine way to go), but these are the real McCoy. The car is priced with the original tires, wheels and hubcaps, which are spectacular and without a dent. But because the car was not roadworthy with 49 year old tires, I placed a set of wire wheels and wide whitewall tires to drive and enjoy the car. These do not come with the car, but may be available at a premium.
Mechanically the car has absolutely no issues. The windows all work flawlessly, the power seats maneuver (in all directions) without hesitation, the power locks work, the unmistakable melody of the tri-horn works brilliantly, the headlamp eye-dimming system works as on day one, the air-conditioning is ice cold and blows properly (through the dash vents). The AM-FM stereo radio works beautifully and the original speakers (remarkably) are not dried or cracked. All the interior lights work as they should, including the door bezels, rear taillights, reverse lights, etc.
From the crisp point of the front of this amazing step-back-in-time automobile, to the iconic Cadillac taillights, this is truly one of the finest original Cadillacs of this era you will ever find (in fact, if you find a nicer one, please bring it to my attention so I can buy it...) The glass is crystal clear, the marker lights are crystal clear originals, the chrome has not a single pit and the bumpers have no dimples, creases or signs of wear of any kind.
But as nice as this car is, you will be presented with a dilemma: Of course you will want to cover and protect and preserve it, but the lure of driving this car is hard to resist. It drives so well, you will find it hard to put into park. It sails down the road straight and true and glides over bumps and road imperfections with cloudlike deference. The powerful engine will have you cruising down the highway at illegal limits before you know it.
As a collector, this is one that is hard to say goodbye to. Of the hundreds of cars I have owned, this one simply cannot be duplicated. It is the standard by which every original 70's era car should be judged. It will stop the show at any event and you can cut to the front of the line and collect your first place award before the judges even start. From quality to color, authenticity to style, it is the best you will ever find. "Best of all - it's a Cadillac!"
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