64 Chevy Greenbrier, Corvair FC

1964 Chevrolet Corvair

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvair
Type: Minivan
Year: 1964
VIN: 4r126 s 108389
Color: Dark Green
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Fawn
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: East Berlin, Pennsylvania, United States
Cassette Player, CD Player

Description for Chevrolet Corvair 1964

Up for auction is a 64 Greenbrier, rofessionally restored this year. The body was last inspected in 1979 and was stored inside for at least 20 years since then. The body was taken down to bare metal. What few rust holes it had, ad new metal welded in place. It received an epoxy coat, filler primer coat, sealer coat, he dark green base coat and a clear coat. The dark green exterior and the three colors of the interior are all the original colors. 99% of all the rubber seals on the vehicle are brand new. The carpets are new. The side mirrors are original, ainted charcoal like the floor and all their hardware has been replaced with stainless steel. The entire front end from the steering box to the hub bearings was fully rebuilt. The entire brake system was gone over and for the most part replaced with all new. I got tired of rotting out exhausts, o I installed Walker quiet flow, tainless steel, ual exhaust. And finally, he rear wheel bearings have been replaced and the differential was fully rebuilt.The main custom work is the side doors, hey are from a drivers side eight door van, eaning they are reversed. The benefit to this is that you only need to open one door instead of two to enter (given the seat set up is facing each other). The further custom work is that all has been done to the engine and motor mount to add air conditioning. For an additional $3500 the Corvair Ranch (right down the road from me) will complete the job. If you are not interested in A/C, want to keep the front cab A/C controls. And I will be keeping my vanity plate and front bumper decoration. The last custom work is the seat set up, s pictured. The top of the rear seat can be removed by taking out four finger bolts. This makes carrying long items much easier. A slight modification to the middle seat's placement allowed the top of the back seat to fit between the two, aking a bed of sorts.All other items were transferred over from my other van. The engine is a 95 HP rebuilt around 2005. The seats were upholstered by the previous owner around 2000 and are holding up well. I have shown the only patch on them in one of my pictures. The radio is modern. It has am/fm, assette with aux input. I have three of the four possible speakers installed and it has a CD changer under the seat that holds 6 CDs. The interior is impressive compared to most I've seen, n that it is so complete. The rubber mats under the carpets are perfect, he correct spare tire hardware is complete, nd so on and so on. That reminds me, he wheels are special (deeper) to this van and the wheel covers were sold by Chevy in the 60's and came off another Greenbrier. I was told they were quick change for racing.I have been driving this van all summer (approximately 10,000 mile), etting the bugs out. If you flew to Pennsylvania from California I am confident you could drive it home. This one is special. Good luck bidding.