1951 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 WOODY STATIONWAGON

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Bel Air/150/210
Type: Wagon
Year: 1951
Color: BEIGE
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: BROWN
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Spokane, Washington, United States

Description for Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 1951

The 1951 chevrolet woody was called the "tin" woody, because it has no structural wood. It has some painted on wood, ome plastic "wood look" interior pieces, nd some actual interior wood. I believe this car was technically called an 8-passenger wagon because the middle seat is smaller to walk by to get to the third seat. I put 9-passenger in the title because most people refer to 3-seat wagons as "9-passenger. This car needs restored but this is a somewhat rare automatic tin woody wagon, ith the three seats. The body has very little exterior rust and is straight for the most part. It does have floorpan rust though that will need repaired. These cars look great when restored and there are a variety of ways to re-do the woodgrain on the metal. Airbrushing it on looks really cool. Below are 24 pictures of this car and I also put a few pics in here of restored tin woody's. I have more pics of my wagon I can send. Here are all the details. If you want to do something on it, eel free to email. Thanks.
This car is an original automatic car with a six cylinder. It now has a small block V8, ith a 350/400 automatic. I don't know if it will run or not. I would assume the motor/transmission are good if they took the trouble to put it in, ut I'm not sure. They could have used it for a mock up. The original transmission/engine are gone. I haven't tried the brakes. It rolls and steers. This has what looks to be the original wheels and hubcaps. Radiator is included.
This car has almost no exterior rust. The exterior is straight also for the most part. The Passenger rear door and passenger rear fender have light filler. You fender is single wall and you can see from the inside that the filler isn't hiding anything of concern. The roof, enders, rame, firewall, ood, ook rust free. Center pillars don't have rust in the bottom although it may look that way in the pics. Dash area is all clean. The floorpan needs mostly replaced. Floor supports are all good except the second ones from the front. They will be easy to replace with the pan out. The rear spare tire tub area is in good shape. No pinholes even. Inner fenders and wheelhouses are fine. Floor rust does not extend to the wheelhouses. There is some factory seam sealer type stuff where the floor meets the wheelhouse. It may make it look like there is rust there in the pics, ut there is not. Rockers and dog legs (rear part of rocker) need replaced. New ones are included. Besides the floors and rockers, he body is pretty good for a project really. All floorpan repair pieces are sold new. The roof is very straight, o rust. Rust on the bottom of the tailgate which is normal. The jam area under that has pitting in the flat low part but is usable. Probably wouldn't be difficult to fix if your doing a nice restoration. It's flat metal. Fender skirts look original, 'm not so sure about the visor but it looks to have been on it for a long time. Hood/front fender has small primer spot with very light filler. Undercarriage/underneath photos are available that I can send. The car has factory undercoating which is chipping off in several areas. If I send the pics, ust letting you know that that isn't rust. The metal under the undercoating is shiny new. Windshield I believe is pretty good. I'll try to double check for chips/cracks. Some flat glass I believe is cracked. Overall, he body needs work obviously but it's mostly the floor. The exterior will be fairly easy for a bodyman to prepare for paint or drive it as-is.
The interior is complete but needs full restoration. Has all three original seats. Most trim, tc. is intact. Some of plywood door panels/side panels need replaced. Some of the "plastic" wood trim may need work but I think it's all ok. Headliner and trim pieces are surprisingly nice. Dash area is in good shape and unmolested. All doors open.
If you know anything about woodys, ou know that the tin woody is not only cheaper to buy but much cheaper to restore than a real woody. A real woody in this condition would cost about three times or more than what I'm selling this for, nd the restoration would be expensive. Below are some pics of other tin woody cars. I also have more pics of this car I can send.