CST 1969 Chevy C10 Short bed Truck 396-454 w/ factory 350 builder Arizona 1/2

1969 Chevrolet C-10 Short Bed

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C-10
SubModel: Short Bed
Type: Short Bed
Trim: CST
Year: 1969
Mileage: 500,000
VIN: CE149S814981
Color: Light Blue
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Auto TH400
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Blue Cloth
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Tucson, Arizona, United States
PDB front

Description for Chevrolet C-10 1969

1969 Chevy C-10 2wd Short BedCUSTOM

WE HOPE YOU LIKE ALOT OF PICTURES because we have over 100 large ones below !Why buy from us ? Our feedback speaks for itself and we have some of the veryBEST REPRESENTED vehicles on ebay !! by that I mean we post over 100 pics ofthe vehicle. Inside, utside, nde, verywhere !! Ive yet to see anyone else onebay put up detailed pics like ours. We dont have alot of fine print blah blah.Just the important stuff buyers are looking for.. like GOOD PICTURES !!!!69s where in my opinion one of the best yr C10s from this generation to buy..still had coil spring rear for a good ride and the nicest grill / front end.FIRST ANDFOREMOSTsome brief history about this truck:The way you see the truck is basically how we got it, xcept for a few thingsnot connected when we got it. The truck was and has been in Az for almost itswhole life, hat said, e found some rust under both door rockers, nd aroundthe cowl area, ut thats the worst of it all. Rest of the truck is very solid.The truck was owned by an older gentleman pretty much since it was newand used around a ranch outside the Tucson area. It didnt get alot of use orwear and tear and for the most part kept up like most folks keep their vehicles.The grandpa passed away and Jr got ahold of it. (the owner prior to us). He wasgiven this truck running, riving ALL ORIGINAL nice driving truck. HE decided tomodify it to his taste, nly problem he was an idiot and didnt know crap aboutworking on cars. He pulled out the original 350 motor and somewhere picked upa big block (IM pretty sure its a 396, ut still trying to confirm) and with some helpfrom a friend who thought he was a mechanic, ad the big block installed.The truck never drove on the streets again, nd this was about a yr ago. We gotthe truck how you see it, ot running and not finished and not even sure I cansay the motor swap was done correctly. He threw alot of money at it with new andused parts, ut it never got finished. Pulley and belts not correct where the firstthing I noticed, iring has been hacked up for starting it and the list goes on.I did see a video of the motor running before we bought it, nd it sounded decentand was running good too. But not driving. For some reason some of the partswhere disconnected or removed (PS hoses, arb was missing, tc.) We put a carb on itand then did a primitive job on the wiring just trying to hear it run for ourselves.I got it to start with pouring gas in the fuel bowl once just to hear it myself and thendecided not to mess with it anymore. You are buying a REALLY STRAIGHT BODY,frame and suspension in great shape, nterior not too bad of a 69 C10 short bed.The truck needs the right person to finish it their way and to do it the right way.You get the truck as is, ith the big block AND it comes with the what Im almost sureis the original 350 small block, t has been taken apart getting ready to get rebuiltand will come with that motor too in the bed of the truck. 1 truck, motors..The transmission linkage is missing a bracket too making it hard to get into parkwhen sitting behind the steering wheel, ust fyi too.FOR MUCH MORE INFO AND PICS, LEASE READ MORE BELOW !IN SHORT, got it running today with no belts etc connectedwith an electric pump inline. Carb still not acting right but Ithink I could drive it around the parking lot if needed. ButWouldnt want to drive it too long w/o the water pump etc turning.S, he motor runs thats in it. It would have to be correctly set backin the mounts because I dont like how they did it at all, nd allthe belts etc would need to be finished and the PS too.The easy way would be to buy a March Racing Pulley set for it alland do it that way, nless you decide to pull this motor and putthe original 350 or crate motor back in it... its up to you.

VERY RARE ANDDESIRABLE Short Bed Chevy C10 CST Arizona TruckArizona Truck minimal rust / still probably less rust on this truck thenanything on ebay not restored. BUY 1 of our AZ vehicles and spend less timerepairing rust for weeks on end, nd keep more of the original sheetmetalmaking your project worth more in the end and spending less money in the end.OUR 100% feedback speaks for itself - PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR FEEDBACK !!and many of our feedback are from about 15 cars we sold just this pastyear here on EBay. We put more time and effort into our ads making it mucheasier for the potential buyers to bid with confidence.NOT MANY OF THESE trucks left with original sheetmetal still like this one.UN RESTORED SURVIVOR. Our auctions clearly show the most detail of what to expectOver any other auctions Ive seen online. Buy with confidence !!

This trucks has been in AZ as far back as we can track.ITS NOT A RESTORED TRUCK BY ANY MEANS !!!!EXTERIOR: For a 40+ yr old truck, ts still in pretty nice shape. ITS NOT RESTOREDbut still a survivor somewhat thats use to be really nice and has thepotential to be very nice once again.Paint is NOT original, ont think it is anyways, ut its the original Light Bluewhich to me is one of GMs best colors. I know at least the white cab was painted at one time to match rest of the truck. The chrome bumper are in really nice shape and could be original too. All the glass seems to also be innice shape and usable just as is. As mentioned early, he lower rocker have somerust and one of the lower corners in the RF fender I think has had some minorrepair at one time. Rest of the body looks very rust and bondo free to me.Check out the pics and see for yourself. I cant say 100% for sure, ut I dontsee anything on the body that throws any red flags.

Original andBut for the most part this would beconsidered a very rust free or Low rust AZ vehicle.DAMAGE REPORT: most noticeably

DRIVETRAIN: .sometime in the last 5 yrs the original motor possibly died which then the last owner decided to installthe big block. Again I think itsa 396, nd Im trying to confirm. There are pics of the motor below and any#s I could find on the block. If you need more pics of it anywhere, mail me andtell me where to find them and Ill do my best to ad those pics to the auction.To the best of my knowledge the trans is a TH400 and its suppose to be in goodshape too. Same with the factory rearend. At this time, can crank the motorwith the key because of some very temp primitive wiring we did, ut itonly starts when we pour gas down the carb and runs okay. No knocking, osmoke at least. ALthought it runs okay when we start it like that, t doesidle rough. I hear evidence of a mild cam, nd its a choppy rough idle too.Looks like they did install a new aluminum large radiator too.

ID like to work on it more this week and try to get it running somewhereclose to normal, ut cant promise Ill have the time to do that.If I make any headway during the auction, ll post it up here in the auction.I always to to make our vehicles at least driveable onto a car haulerbut cant promise I can do it on this one.INTERIOR: old, riginal showing its age, ts because its an Az truckyrs here in the Az desert, he front bench seat is in decent shape.Its an old interior that needs work here too, ut this stuff to me is mucheasier then repairing paint and rust issues for weeks. Front seat ispretty nice shape, ut I noticed that its not bolted in fulley.Great potential to build it YOUR WAY and do it right the way you want.Obviously pretty much every part you need for these trucks is availablein the aftermarket sector, o that helps alot in restoring these, hether youdecide to go all original, esto mod or full custom.The rubber and weatherstripping is all but gone and needs to be replaced soon.Speedo not hooked up anymore and the gas gauge does not work.Smells like an old truck

SUSPENSION: looks and feels pretty much all stock and original.Does have factory PDB up front and the brakes seem to work fine whenwe are moving it around our yard. These are so simple to lower if thatsin your plans and seeing as its so rust free, his one will be mucheasier to take apart and put back together without worrying aboutbolts breaking over and over while removing parts.The factory ralley style 15x8 6 lug steel wheels where painted the currentgrey color by the last owner, ka JR ding dong.I dont see anything to really worry about here.

Check out ALL the pics below ----->If other auctions are not showing areas under their trucks,who really knows what sort of shape its in. Dont find outthe hard and $$ way. At least our auctions show as muchas possible to potential buyers and bidders.

it may take a full minute for them all to load ifyou have aslow connection, o be patient AND looks for the extra scrollbar on the right side.Az gets maybe 12" a yr of rain and Az very dry climate.more infoAFTER the pics etc. There are 100 large pics.

Heres a great chance to buy a 60s GM Short bed truck that youhave been wanting from An auction with as much info and as many pics possibleEasily the best way to buy a vehicle long distance !A vehicle marketed for ALL ebay bidders and buyers.UN RESTORED and affordable to everyone checking it out .Being sold by a seller with excellent feedback and historyWith ebay and buyers. What more could you ask for ? :)There you have it, robably The BEST represented C10s on Ebay.Shows you all the good as well as any bad, ope you appreciate them.We put a lot of time and effort in marketing our cars and it shows.Generally all of our vehicles sell the first time around, ut there areoccasions we have to relist. I cant tell you how many times peopleemail us trying to buy a vehicle that just sold on ebay because theygot outbid in the end, ust to find out the car is definitely soldand no longer available. I suggest to avoid this happening to you,put up a higher proxy bid before it ends so you can win the vehicle !!We rarely have to relist of put out 2nd chance offers.Our prices are usually much lower then most dreamers out theretoo trying to sell cars online.IF you choose to buy someone elses car we wish you the best, utif you dont see nice clear pics like ours, ho really knows what youare getting unless you can check it out in person first.Also, f you buy a car thats been "restored", ho knows what sortof surprises are hidden under new paint or thick undercoating.People are flipping cars all the time when most of the jobs arefast, or a quick buck and quality suffers.Our auctions have NOTHING to hide .Restore a car like this yourself or locally and you knowexactly what you have in the end.

Email us with ANY questions before you bid please If you treat yourself to buying one of our vehiclesyoull never buy a total buckets again from anyone !!Our Impeccable FEEDBACK speaks for itself.Doing restoration on this type of project is less laborintensive which means overall cost is less too !With less horrid surprises later on.Dont let auctions withlittle to no pics try to fool you.With other auctions, nbsp;you really dont know what to expect until you take the car apart. While we go over our cars ALL OVERwith great pics to help making your decision easier.Along with ANY other questions you may have.Email me for a quote for shipping from AZ as we are also a brokerand we have several companys to get the best quote for thefastest service.This truck will easily load onto a haulerAZ TITLE - IN HAND

I wont end the auction early !!CAR MUST BE PICKED UP WITHIN 14 daysof auctionsEND ! we can no longer store cars for anyone !!Unless other arrangements have been made before auction ends.Can help with shipping outside the USA too if you need help.This car, oucan seeclearly whatto expect with no surprisesand our Feedback speaks for itself !EMAIL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE !!Car will not drive on its own at the moment onto a car haulerIt does roll and steer fine at the moment.We may try to work on it more this week to get it running betterbut only if we have the time... no promises.We can still help get this truckshipped all over the USA for a fair price quickly.Chances are people overseas will be bidding on this car, o wecan easily get the car to the docks in LA Calif or Houston for a fair price andpromptly if you need the help.

IF you need a shipping quote, ust email us with your city/stateand Ill find out our best quote for you !! No problem helping it to the docks if you are shipping overseas .Alot of these cars go overseas and we can help for those buyers.We have had alot of experience in shipping cars worldwide .If there is a winner, lease email me when the auction endsand say Hi and we can take it from there.Bank Wires need to be prompt if you are out of the countrybecause they always seem to take longer then expected.I bank with B of A which makes things easy for many out ofstate for payment. direct depositor Cashier checksIf you wire the funds we must ADD $50 for the fee that our bank charges us.must clear before car can move. Its a sign of the times, orry.IF RESERVES NOT MET, mail us anyway maybe we can workout a deal after it ends.

Optional PAYPAL with a $500 deposit only - rest direct bank deposit or wireOR just do it all at once if you want via Direct Deposit or Cert Check.

Or just ALL bank deposit, hich we prefer to save on cost and time for everyone.

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For a 40+ yr old truck, ts still in pretty nice shape. ITS NOT RESTORED, ut allOriginal and pretty cool just that way. Check out all the pics, lease !!Original color was Wimbledon White and it was repainted about 10 yrsago close to the same color. Its not too bad but nothing close to show quality.Glass seems to be all good for its ag, o cracks or damage there.Bed and tailgate showing the most wear and tear inside. There are a few bulletholes in the tailgate haha. Back window pretty large too.CHECK out inside the bed, he last owner made his own tool box area andused I think an old Caddy hood for the coverTHIS WAS FROM A PREVIOUS FORD TRUCK WE JUST SOLD A FEW WEEKS AGOAND THAT PART OF THE AD GOT LEFT IN SOME HOW IN THE NEW AD.THIS TRUCK IM PRETTY SURE ORIGINALLY WAS BLUE ON BLUEILL POST MORE PICS OF IT LATER TONITE INCLUDING A PIC OF THE DOOR TAGTOO.THANKS !!!On Sep-02-15 at 23:32:57 PDT, eller added the following information:

For all the paranoid people out there, ust let me say the yr was a TYPO human error and

the truck is a 1964 model. The VIN TAG on the DR door matches the ARIZONA TITLE.The truck was taken off the road back in 2007, rior to that it was a daily registered driver.Keep in mind, f you have any reservation on bidding on one of our vehicles, heck outour FEEDBACK, nd keep in mind we have been selling vehicles on EBAY for over 10yrs without a problem. THANKS FOR YOUR INTERESTOn Sep-04-15 at 01:58:48 PDT, eller added the following information:

WOW, FEEL LIKE A KNUCKLEHEAD AND I CONSIDER MYSELF A FORD GUYBUT WAS TOLD THIS WAS A BIG BLOCK MOTOR and didnt pay much attention at allto it. AS ONE Ebay viewer pointed out, he DECAL on the Valve Cover I posted up

CLEARLY SAYS its from the 351C / 400 CID FAMILY D6 of of course would be 1976 YR.SO THE MOTOR IS CLEARLY NOT A 429/460 (although in my defense the motors dolook similar haha) I DID KNOW IT WASNT FROM THE FE family because of how the headsand Intake match up. BUT ANYWAYS, HE MOTOR IN THIS TRUCK IS A MODERN 351/400NOT SURE IF ITS A 351M or 400, ut we know its NOT a 429/460 motor.JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE THE CORRECT INFO IS OUT THERE BEFORE THE RESERVEMAY GET HIT.In MANY WAYS, he current motor is much better then a big block..STILL PLENTY OF POWER, LENTY OF WAYS TO MOD IT IF YOU WANT FOR MORE HPAND POSSIBLY A LITTLE BETTER ON GAS MILEAGE.On Sep-05-15 at 15:08:12 PDT, eller added the following information:



On Sep-24-15 at 02:12:22 PDT, eller added the following information:

I think I put above that this truck has PDB up frontTHEY ARE NOT POWER, ut they are FRONT DISC at least.JUST wanted to amend the ad with the correction.thanks

On Sep-24-15 at 02:48:04 PDT, eller added the following information:

1 more correction, meant to say the front brakes are NOT DISC OR POWERTHEY ARE NON POWER DRUMS both FRONT and of course REAR TOO.THEY STOP WELL, ut not disc or power. thanks !

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People have been asking me if it will drive enough as is to get onto a car hauler.Its safe to say NO because at the very least it will need a fuel pump to drive for afew minutes like loading it. Not to mention with the carb the way and linkage forthe shifter not connected correctly, t would be safer to winch or push it up.Some of the other stuff added to the description you can ignore, t was from aprevious truck we sold on ebay and forgot to remove when we relisted it.,..sorry.