Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Type: Sedan
Year: 1931
Mileage: 27,156
VIN: GAE35754
Color: Blue
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: McMinnville, Oregon, United States
Rare Radio

Description for Chevrolet INDEPENDENCE SEDAN 1931

Today we have listed for sale a completely restored 1931 Chevrolet Independence 2 door sedan. This is an always garaged car that is adult owned and nice weather only driven.It belongs to some friends of mine who have decided to narrow down their collection of classic cars - this isn't a 'fire sale' or a ditching of an edgy car, hey just have a couple more old cars than they can use and would enjoy seeing this go to the right new home. I'm here to help them do that. This is also the first time on the market for this car, o it's definitely not something you've seen, nd seen again!.I will do my best to describe it so that you feel you know it. It's hard to show the total story of thiscar in the words I use, ut I have added as many pictures as possible -I tried to use pictures that covered the overall feel and look of the car. These pictures were mostly all taken at Evergreen Air Museum - I usually take them in front of a Douglas C-47 Skytrain that was part of the Normandy invasion in 1944.You will also note the Spruce Goose, Saturn rocket and other planes in the background of some of the pictures. Evergreen is gracious in letting us use their planes and facility as a backdrop for these pictures. If you're ever in the McMinnville are please stop and see them - they have not only the air museum but an aerospace museum and an indoor water park! I use lower resolution so that anyone in the world can download them with relative ease.Please be aware that this car is advertised and for sale locally, ationally and globally, nd we do reserve the right to end this auction at any time if the vehicle sells before auction ends. Thisverycool, ollectible, tylish and solidAmericanclassic caris definitely for sale and definitely on the money price wise. If you are SERIOUS about thecar - please call my cell # 503.580.6225 if I don't answer the first time - try again later - if I am at work I may not be able to answer your call. Please be considerate of the time. This is an amazing ly honest, molested vehicle and overall is simply a greatcar - one you can drive, how off mess around withand show with pride - and know something that most people don't. Someone is going to get an enjoyable, un and great old car here. Buy it today and be the envy of those who hesitated and missed.


The early 30's Chevrolets are some of the most elegant and gorgeous Chevys ever produced. I've seen very few of them, nd I think the main reason there are so few is the wood in the body structure. Most I have seen are four doors, nd this is one of the few 2 doors I have ever seen, et alone in this condition. Chevrolet beat Ford at the sales race - partly because of it's powerful 6 and elegant styling, nd the 1931 year is different from both 1930 and 1932 Chev's, ith very few parts interchanging. This car was restored in 1978-79 to the condition you see it in here, nd it has been meticulously maintained, erviced and indoor stored since then. A man named Frank Springer in the Portland Oregonarea did all the body work and basic restoration - and he did a beautiful job. Lets go through the car. The engine is the or at the very least an original engine, nd you will see the engine # represented in a photograph here. This engine was rebuilt by A.C. Nutter in 1994 and it runs very strong The number stamped on the engine block pad is 2625020 (there may be a 3 after on this pad but am not sure). Other nmbers/letters are: GONV-4 / E 4 1 then 26XX below that - I assume the E 4 1 is a casting date such as 5th week, th month 1931 or maybe 5th month 4th day etc....I believe the cubic inch displacement on these was 194 cubic inch. The inline (I and many others call them Stovebolt) six is an awesome engine and the forerunner of the 216 and 235 that powered Chevy cars just about forever. This was the third year of the engine that had come out in 1929, nd had been vastly improved. It appears to be all stock in equipment down to manifolds, arb, xhaust etc. In fact, ll the running gear is as OEM, s restored and functions just like a 1931should. The car stops, teers, rives great and is a definitedriver. The car drove 25 miles or so for this picture with no issues at all, nd is driven regularly by the owners. They arein their late 70's,so no needto worry about the car being hot rodded too much! Hop in, urn the key and go driving. The odometer on the car reads 27156 - obviously with the car being 84 years oldwedon't know if that is over, riginal or exactly what. Tires are 5.50x19, nd they most likely were installed at the time of restoration. They have some cracks from age, ut other than that are nice tires - this is pretty typical for an older restoration. The title is clean and clear and in the name of the people who have owned it for many years - no brands and nothing funny. The VIN Is on the data plate by the passenger front seat, nd we have also had a VIN Tag made with a bit clearer VIN if your DMV or overseas shipper needs it - this comes with the car and is included in the sale. The interior of the the car is all Hampton Coach, nd wasdone in the 70's. Everything works as it should from the cool roll up windshield to the dome light! The car has a Philco Transitone radio that was restored in 'the day' by Tony Cerasin. We don't know for certain if it works, s the owner has never messed with it at all, ut it looks like new. These radios in their time often cost more money that the actual car itself! It'sin amazing condition for having been done nearly 40 years ago. No funny smells or anything funky, nd absolutely everythingappears to me to beas it should be.Allglass is in great shape with no cracks or breakss, ll windows operate as they should as well.There are a few accessories such as stone guard, il can underhood, ear window shade, ear mounted spare, owl lights, he forementioned radio and possibly the dual blade bumpers, hough not sure about thatThe body is simply amazing, nd all steel. The wood structure, hich isa huge part of these cars is solid and as nice as I have ever seen in one of this era Chevrolet or any car for that matter. (I owned an award winning 1932 Confederate Sedan for years) The nailheads all appear as they should be and the panels all are beautiful, ven underneath such as looking up at the rear 1/4's from the running boards up. The fenders appear to have next to no repairs or splits in them, nd again, re as nice as I have seen - though there is a small 'gink' in the left rear one, ot terrible but there - these fenders are really sweet for a vintage car. They have been nicely finished top and bottom. This car is as honest as you will find, nywhere at any time on the planet. The paint is nicely applied and could very well be laquer, efinitely not base/clear - it's possible it is enamel, ut this car was pretty painstakingly restored for the era, o my guess is laquer, hough that's a guess. There aren't any signs of any rust or rot in the car, o bubbles, imples or bondo cracks - they must have started with a really really nice car for the resto to have fared this well over the years. Look closely at the gap and fit of the doors - flush mounted as opposed to a Model A of that era which overlapped. These doors fit super nice, hich doesn't happen when shoddy work is done, r poor wood is present. Check out the undercarriage - this was a top notch restoration for the late 70's let alone today. This car has not been detailed, luffed or buffed in any way - no touch ups, othing hidden, othing covered, n fact just as the car's been kept by its current caretakers. We didn't even scrub or armorall the tires.Just a sweet, lean, onest and solid old car.Please keep in mindit IS an 84 year old car -and as such isn't perfect, nd it wasn't perfect new - but it represents itself well and what you see pictured is what the car really is, nd could, n many ways, e better than new. With a fluff and buff this car will stand with the very best of them - buy it and take it to Barrett Jackson and I bet there's a chunk of money to be made. Old cars are a much different animal than a new or late model 'belly button' car, ut if you are reading this you most likely already know this. It's sold as is, nd the title is clean, lear and in the owners hands ready to sign off to you. This car couldn't be restored, et alone bought and restored for anywherenear the money that we areasking, nd it represents a great value - better than money in the bank. You'll have fun driving and showing this car - be prepared to get tons of smiles and thumbs up - and be the hit of any car show you take it to, ith most likely a trophy or 3 to take home for the trouble, will try and answer any questions I can as quickly as I can, nd as honestly as I can. We are hoping that someone who digs what the car IS will be able to purchase and continue to love on and appreciate it. It will be the source of many smiles, aves, nvious stares and enjoyment that we know for sure. Buy it drive it and enjoy it - it's better than money in the bank and one heck of a lot more fun!

Now for the nitty gritty: PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PAY! If you have zero or negative feedback - please contact us first. We reserve the right to cancel bids to those who don't adhere to this request. If you need to get permission of any sort to buy - PLEASE GET IT FIRST. Excuses such as - I had the money now I dont, y spouse doesn't like the color, ee I got sick as soon as I won the bid in the last 30 seconds of the auction, ops I hit buy it now by mistake, y kid bid not me, y attorney says etc etc will not be tolerated or excused. PLEASE think before you bid! A500.00partial paymentis required within48 hours of auction close, he balance in full due within7 days of auction close. Paypal will not be accepted on any part of the auction unless agreed upon in advance. Payment is by bankwire, ashiers check or cash. No overpayment situations please. If paid by any form of check - check will clear bank before vehicle leaves it's present location. Winning this auction does not qualify you to fly in and inspect the vehicle then decide IF you want it, r to renegotiate. The vehicle is available for inspection by appointment, o if you aren't sure - please come see it first! Shipping is at the expense of the winning bidder. Vehicle must be picked up near McMinnvile, regon. Vehicle is a used car that is84plus years oldand therefore sold as is and without warranty of any kind. Vehicle is being purchased from the current owner, ot Houseofhotrod, nd the bill of sale will be from that owner. We do guarantee the availability and posessionof a title with no leins or encumberances at time of sale, nd that title is a clean and clear oregon title with no brands. We will help you arrange shipping any way we can, nd will help facilitate a truck picking it up etc., ut winning bidder pays for all shipping charges. Sorry if we sound snotty here - we just want to communicate that we take our eBay seriously - all we really ask is that you do the same!! This makes it much easier for those of YOU who are also serious about bidding and buying. I have bought many vehicles here and understand your concerns - we've been there! PLEASE ask questions if you have them - I will do my best to answer honestly and quickly. Thank you for looking and bidding!