1969 Chevy Pro Street Custom Corvette with T-Tops

1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
SubModel: Stingray
Type: Coupe
Trim: black interior
Year: 1969
Mileage: 3,956
Color: Candy Apple Red, with White and Blue Racing Custom
Fuel: Gasoline 91 octane ONLY!
Transmission: 400 Turbo Automatic
Drive type: Auto 3 speed B&-M shift stick
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Kansas City, Missouri, United States
CD Player

Description for Chevrolet Corvette 1969

<div ><img src="http://ti2. auctiva. com/sw/java. gif" border="0"><br><table ><tr><td><a href="http://emporium. auctiva. com/spacecase62" target="_blank"><img src="http://ti2. auctiva. com/sw/browse2. gif" border="0"></a></td><td height="21px" v ><font face="arial" size="2"><b><a href="http://emporium. auctiva. com/spacecase62" target="_blank">spacecase62</a> Store</b></font></td></tr></table></div> <img src="http://ti2. auctiva. com/web/aswCredit. gif" border="0"><br><a href="http://www. auctiva. com/?how=scLnk0" target="_blank"><img src="http://ti2. auctiva. com/images/sc1line0. gif" border="0"></a>This listing is for a 1969 Chevrolet CUSTOM CORVETTE. this car is not original Corvette Stingray that it once was in any way! OBVIOUSLY THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL MOTOR. TRANSMISSION. OR REAR END. I keep getting emails about this and this should be obvious to see that this is a totally unique Custom Pro street hot rod Vette. I have put way more money into this 69 Custom Vette. than the starting price --way way more! This car does have a VIN #. and a clear Title in my name only. This Custom Vette has always since I have owned it. been stored in a temperature controlled garage in winters or summers. The headlights have been changed and are fixed headlights. with very tough Lexan brand plexiglass covers. and there are no visible taillights. instead they are Motion Design hidden custom LED brake lights. This car is 100% street legal all 3 Custom LED brake lights work great. as well as all parking lights and both turn signals work proper front and rear. and this Custom Vette does have working windshield wipers under the three outside gauges. One outside gauge the first one is for the fuel pressure for the 2nd high speed fuel pump. the other two outside gauges are for the 200 shot Nitrous Oxide system. I have estimated by driving this Custom Vette for a couple years now that at the most. the mileage per gallon using 91 OCTANE FUEL ONLY is. between 5-6 miles per gallon. and this Custom Vette has a 16 gallon capacity regular gas tank. AGAIN 91 OCTANE IS THE MINIMUM OCTANE FUEL YOU CAN USE IN THIS CUSTOM VETTE'S MOTOR! The crooked looking seat belt lamp indicator in the very last pic. has been straightened out some since that pic and does look much better than this now. I also have many more pics at least 75 or so. I can send to an interested serious buyer if requested. Ebay Motors only allowed me the basic 24 pics for the listing. I never have driven the car in any serious rainstorm ever. and I would not recommend anyone to do this ever. as this Custom 69 Vette has way too much power. for slick rainy streets. The T-Tops will leak a little if this Custom 69 Vette is left outside in a heavy rain. not too bad but they will leak some. I have been told all Corvette or GM cars with T-Tops from this era will leak some eventually if left parked outside in a heavy rain. The paint is a $15K candy apple pearl red paint job with metallic sparkle to it. and blue/white racing paint/stripes. I also have the original fiberglass hood scoop with the same paint scheme on it as the rest of the Vette. in storage in my garage. I decided the Vette looked more like a racing "Funny Car". with the Summit Racing chrome hood scoop. with the three red butterflies that do actually open and close with the throttle on the carbs. that are on the Vette currently. The engine/motor is a brand new 383 blower punched out to a 427 cubic inch Small Block Chevy. full Stroker Roller with 600 lift full roller blower cam with Aluminum Heads. and I believe 11/2 size headers on it exhausting into side pipes on each side. which you have to be very careful not to burn your legs on when getting out of this Vette after driving for a while! The speedometer goes up to 160 MPH. but I have never driven the car that fast. I am sure this Vette will go much faster than the 160 MPH on the speedo. The engine has a DYERS Supercharger/Blower 8% overdriven with two Holley 650 Blower Carbs on top. The transmission is a Motion Tribute 400 Turbo. with a 2800-3000 rpm stall converter. This engine produces 800+ HP. and there is also a 200 shot Nitrous Oxide System. which can bump the HP up to a 1000 supposedly. This has never been used as I have never tested the Nitrous or raced this vehicle yet. The car and it's Custom motor is kept cool by a Harrison Aluminum Radiator. and twin electric Spal racing coolant fans on a sensor switch to turn on or off. The rear screws are 373 posi-traction which keeps the car somewhat still "street friendly" instead of a rear end with like 411 rear screws. which would be more for the drag strip and not so street friendly. Also this Custom Vette has independent 4 wheel suspension. as all 1968-82 Shark Vettes did. and this Custom Vette in particular has 4 wheel disc brakes with huge rotors. and heavy duty custom calipers for stopping this Vette quickly. Also this Custom Vette has super huge custom Carbon Fiber half shafts. and a graphite composite rear suspension bar connecting to the Brute Force Brand differential rear end. The rear end is a Custom Brute Force rear end. specifically paired with the Vettes motor and power output-- the dyno test was at over 800+ HP. at 5800 RPM and designed to handle the power of this very powerful 427 Chevy Small Block motor. This very powerful bad ass Pro-Street Custom Vette has big balls literally on it! There are twin RJS Racing Equipment Pro 5 point racing harnesses. safety seat belts one for each seat. and a steel about 3. probably more like 4 inches thick tubular roll bar has been welded to the frame. of this vehicle for roll over protection. This Custom Corvette was probably about a 90% frame off restoration when I bought it. and I have put a lot of money into this Vette since then. I added new Italian made Spal electric coolant fans they are considered by many the best racing electric fans available. Also I added an electronic air horn. this Custom Vette is pretty loud with the side pipes. I also had the seats refoamed as they needed this. and I added new door seals to both doors all around and had the entire carpet replaced as well. including all the way up the back wall behind the seats. I also had both door panels replaced. with new ones from Corvette America. as well as work done to the mirrors and both door windows. so they roll up perfect and easy. I also had both door locks fixed proper and there is only 1 key to this Custom Vette. the same key unlocks the doors and goes into the ignition. but I have 3-4 backup copies of the key. I had a completely new gas tank installed as well from Corvette America summer 2014. and there are two fuel pumps on this Vette. the second fuel pump you turn on with the red switch on the console. the blue switch is for the NOS system. I had a custom made skid plate added-welded to the bottom of the extra deep oil pan also. for extra skid protection at this low point under the motor. I had the best high output lamps. I could find put in the 4 headlights. as well as a new Red Top OPTIMA Battery in Feb 2013. I had my local hot rod shop. Tallants automotive and Hot Rods in KCMO. do all this work for me. I even had them install a 12 volt power accessory socket. so you can recharge your cell phones. There is a new Kenwood 2013 modern CD player stereo Pandora capable. and will work with ipods. or iphones. and new JB Audio 6x9 speakers installed again summer 2014. installed in 6x9 speaker boxes in the rear. I also have the matching 6x9 Kenwood speakers which will be included with the sale. but the JB Audio speakers currently in this Custom Vette are better sounding and a a upgrade for sure over the Kenwoods . I also had a minor leak problem fixed proper with. two new drainage tubes on the two rear window grills in back of the window glass. The back window glass is completely tinted red. The glass is removable as on most normal 69 Vettes. but you really can't get it out because of the steel roll bar is in the way somewhat in this Custom 69 Vette. I have two separate sets of American Racing brand wheels and tires for this Vette. the first set it came with with. was super trick looking 4 inch wheels up front. which I never liked. Everyone keep telling me the car would be much harder to steer as there is no power steering in this street machine. if I put too much bigger tires up front. In summer 2014. I changed the front wheels with a different set of American Racing wheels to 6 inch. and with B F Goodrich tires. and P275 rear B F Goodrich back wheels also. with a matching set of American Racing wheels. with the three prong trident looking accessory. Well everyone was wrong about the Vette being harder to steer with bigger front wheels-- WAY WRONG! The car steers WAY easier. even without power steering with the 6 inch wheels now in the front. compared to the too skinny for me former 4 inch wheels in front. The car drives smooth and easy and handles tight and is a easy everyday driver. if someone chose to drive it daily and it runs cool on 91 octane pump gas ONLY! Even in summer 95+ degree heat with the Spal fans. the car will not overheat even in rush hour traffic. Although. I would not recommend to drive it much in any rush hour gridlock. even though you can if you had to. but I have always avoided this. as much as possible when driving this Custom 69 Vette. yet still I have driven the car. in some rush hour traffic a few times not many though. In two years of driving the Vette I have never had it break down on me --at least not yet! However. this is a lean mean ground pounding street machine and this Custom Vette has no AC. or power anything for that matter. I have invested too much money to even mention. and the car has been more a labor of love for me. and my personal boyhood Hot Wheels type toy Corvette come to life for real. I am asking $40K BIN price. but I am open to all reasonable offers. The title is in my name and 100% clear. There will be a certain reasonable Reserve price for this listing on Ebay Motors. My phone # . where I can be reached for more info on this vehicle is (816) 564-1002. There are many reputable car transport companies out there. that can ship this vehicle just about anywhere in the country to the winning buyer. I had it shipped to me from Florida a couple years back. in an enclosed car carrier. The car has AntiFreeze adequate for the midwest in it now down to like -20 degrees below. even though it is stored in a heated garage currently. The cost for shipping the vehicle to me in MO was about $1300. 00 at the time. The shipping is going to have to be 100% arranged by buyer for this vehicle. I can assist with the meeting and delivery of the car carrier truck. but the logistics and of course the cost of shipping this vehicle is the buyers ultimate responsibility! Many thanks for looking at my listing.