1970 El Camino, 355, 4 speed, 3.73 12 bolt, 4 whl disc Check out this listing.!!

1970 Chevrolet El Camino

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: El Camino
Type: El Camino
Trim: SS
Year: 1970
Mileage: 100
Color: Red/Black
Fuel: gasoline
Transmission: Borg Warner 4 speed
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Freeport, New York, United States

Description for Chevrolet El Camino 1970

My friend had owned this car since 1986. He purchased it as a roller w/ins. money obtained because his previous "El" had been broadsided at an intersection.The car has a rebuilt 355/early 4 bolt block, /forged flat top pistons, X" rods, ither a steel or nodular crank, ice CAST IRON cylinder heads (not sure of the casting # at this point), omputer programmable fuel injection (complete setup) which works fabulously, compatible (to fuel injection/compression) camshaft, oroso or Milodon 5 qt. pan, qt. system, sticker missing), lectronic ignition compatible w/the fuel injection, arge harmonic balancer, reat oil press at all temps, ual electric fans operated by the F.I. system, e-cored radiator, org Warner (2.42 1st gear, lose ratio) 4 speed, resh rebuilt 1970 12 bolt w/3.73 gears, otchkiss rear suspension, whl disc (rear same as late Impala SS), 5 x 7 Rallye wheels in front, he tires are almost brand new. Fiberglass cowl hood which replaced the original steel cowl hood (slightly damaged which I STILL have in my own back yard, till red w/black stripes), nbsp;all front end parts and rubber/polyurethane bushings replaced. Body had NEW rubber bushings installed about 15 years ago, s my pal said that poly body bushings were too extreme for an "El" body. The car has what is believed to be original paint, ouched up in spots, hich is starting to disappear from the car due to age. Under body, he car only had a small strip of metal repaired in the "footwell" behind the driver's seat, therwise has the entire original floor pan. It has the original carpet and interior. It does NOT have an SS dash, ut the original protect-o-plate in its original sleeve is still in the glove box (w/original owners name from Pa.; car was purchased in Maryland) w/an original 70 Chevelle owners manual; go figure. The F.I. has a programmable pad on the dash which can be set to many different modes. My Bud was elated when he stated "I'm getting 18.2 miles to the gallon in highway mode". The pad gives all the info and stores programmed modes in it. I do not know how it works, e did, nd I'm sure you can find out from Edelbrock/internet if his widow does not come up w/that paperwork, hich I am certain is still SOMEWHERE!The car is not far from where I live, can access it to get some info. I forgot to write the mileage and protect-o-plate info, ut that isaccessible. I no longer have a lift to use, ut may be able to jack up car to get more (lame) underside photos. The car has been garaged since he purchased it, ever driven in the winter/snow, nd had the undercarriage regularly pressure washed when he drove the car frequently, hich was much less in recent times. He managed a municipal shop, o he had access to that kind of equipment (cleaning/pressure washing) readily.He has/had a 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS5 M22 stick car (since 1977; his 1st car!) which I must sell as well, ut I do not know what happened to some of the important items, ike the trans, tc.The non original "Motion" 454 he sold for good money, ut that car is another story to be on e-Bay in the near future, nd certainly NOT a part of this auction.Check out the photos; the car needs 2 qtr panels and outer wheel houses in the rear which I believed he had, ut I can only find the Chevelle sheet metal as of right now, o I'm not including those items in the auction, ut you can have them if I find them along the way. The door skins each need minor patches, nd I would fix/not replace the skins, s the doors open and close like new and line up perfectly since all the sheet metal is factory original as of now. The inside of the bed has some small rot holes which had been in them as they are for years; they appeared not long after he 1stacquiredthe car in 1986. The car has the original bumpers, ad support, ail gate etc. There is a custom driveshaft (.085 wall thickness) the sticker of which can be seen in one of the many photos. The car was just about completely restored mechanically in prep for the sheet metal/body work/paint which would have commenced this winter had he not passed away. There is an original GM steel cowl hood in one of the garages which I believe was actually for the Chevelle, ut if it became a topic, 'm certain could be made a negotiable item upon pick up of car by winning bidder if necessary. It is as of this time NOT a part of this auction. The car is being auctioned as you see it. It is STILL registered/insured, rives beautifully and I would welcome interested bidders in contacting me and going for a ride. I'd have to make the arrangements and the alarmed garage would have to be opened and I'd take the car and interested party for a ride.Ask sensible questions and they will be answered. I work about a mile away from where he lived, nd can stop by to obtain info as necessary by appointment.A $500.00 deposit is required within 24 hrs. of auctions end. The reserve price issignificantlyless than the B-I-N price. If you CAN arrange to see the car, 'd highly recommend it! Bid as you feel comfortable, ut I can tell you this: If I was in a position to take ownership of this car at this time, would, ut have no place to keep it!If you are a "zero feedback bidder", lease contact me 1st, r I will be forced to cancel your bid w/e-Bay!Reserve is set at lowest since 1st listing.Thanks for your interest and God Bless!