1962 Corvair Monza 900 Convertible with 1964 Turbo Engine

1962 Chevrolet Corvair

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvair
Type: Convertible
Trim: Monza 900 Convertible
Year: 1962
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Van Alstyne, Texas, United States

Description for Chevrolet Corvair 1962

This is a 1962 Corvair 900 Monza Convertible, he first year that a convertible was offered. At some point in time, 1964 Turbo (YR) engine and transmission was installed in the car along with all of the other Spyder pieces resulting in what you see in the pictures. I won't refer to this as a Spyder clone, ut rather a Corvair with an added turbo and trim, s many have been over the years. The revised placement of the Spyder emblem on the side of the car (and lack of a turbo-charged emblem on the deck lid) tells me the converting owner wasn't trying to fool anyone, e just wanted a nice Corvair and started with the best '62 convertible he could find.

And nice it is. Although I would call this a "driver restoration"that was probably done in the ‘90's, can't find any accident damage or rust repair on the car. The fenders are original, he floors are original, nd all of the fenders have beautiful edges around and underneath the wheel wells. I've lived all over the country, nd I'd put this body up against any I've seen. Being that the car was re-done around 20 years ago, s does have some bumps and chips, ut I've shown a collection of these in one of the pictures.

I don't know the history of the engine, or what (if anything) was done to it in building it up, ut unfortunately turbo boost and Texas heat has put a hole in one of the pistons and the result is zero compression on the number 6 cylinder. I mis-diagnosed the resulting smoke as a blown turbo, o the turbo is brand new (zero miles) and after replacing all the push rod seals with viton and adjusting the valves, wasn't too happy when the car started and my efforts were rewarded with more smoke... (I've since learned that in your hectic life you can dream about doing a successful compression check without ever actually having done one while awake...). So, ime to move on for me as I have too many projects (including another Corvair) and I'm trying to cut back.

The interior was addressed (I'm guessing) when the car was re-done, nd the owner at the time had some suede-type material put into the seat faces and door panels. I believe that other than the seat faces, he seat vinyl (sides and backs) is original 1962 to the car as I can't imagine anyone buying a Clark's seat kit only to cut it up and add suede, ut that's my guess. The seat faces in the front are now a bit worn and dis-colored.

The car has relatively new KYB shocks and brake work. Unfortunately during the storage under my ownership the brake system has lost pressure, o the system should be checked for safety since there is a hydraulic leak somewhere.

The car rides on 13 inch slotted mags, nd the tires are Michelin XZX's, ut I believe they're almost 20 years old.

The top is presentable, nd it's manually operated. There is an after-market steering wheel and shift knob. I don't have either factory piece.

All-in all this is a Corvair that won't need any rust repair, nd is a better start than most for a nice winter project. The engine will need a rebuild, o please understand the cost and effort of taking this on.

As a side note — if the car sells and the buyer wishes, do have a '65 140 engine that is complete with carbs and came out of a running car. I don't know the history on this engine either, ut the car was running and driving and may be a basis for a full or partial engine transplant. I'm sure we could work something out, ut the sale of that engine is separate from this auction.

Please ask any questions you may have, welcome and encourage inspections if you're able.