1959 Chevrolet Big Window Apache 3100 Stepside Pickup Truck

1959 Chevrolet Other Pickups Stepside

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Other Pickups
SubModel: Stepside
Type: Cab & Chassis
Trim: Apache Trim
Year: 1959
Mileage: 1
VIN: 3A59K103285
Color: Black
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Los Angeles, California, United States
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Description for Chevrolet Other Pickups 1959

Stop. This isthe truck you have been waiting for. I should know, t took me 3 years to find it, nd it has been amazing, ut its time to get a new ride, o the ol' girl goes up on the block. If you don't want to get attention, uy a different truck! You are looking at one of the most iconic trucks in myopinion with one of the best looking truck grills ever made and it is as American as it comes. I bought this acouple years ago, ade some added safety changes, nd have enjoyed it thoroughly. There isseriously no better feeling than coming home after a long day of busting ass and seeing a life size Hot Wheels when you pull up. Andthats exactly what it is.
First, histruck is a hot rod and its adriver. Its not a trailer queen or perfection found, r a museum piece, ts a worker, hauler a looker, nd a growler. The engine is a super nice running and sounding Chevy 350 V8 that runs clean, ith no smoke, o critters, o knocks, o gremlins, tc. Its topped with an Edelbrock carband manifold along with somedress-up chrome, nd Hedman headers gettingthe gas out. It has electric fans on thermostats that kick on at 160 and keep it from 180 to 200depending on the weather, chrome water pump, nd cute air filter.
You start itand oil pressure is around 40-50 psi, nd once it warms up it sits at 25 psi at idol. It sounds super throaty coming out of mufflerswhich I would guess areflow masters but don't quote me, ut its got that deep bob-bob-bob-bob-bob idle that isthe hotrodders theme song. Behindthe the engine is a Turbo TH-400 automatic trans as per mymechanic and it shifts crisp and works great. And out back we have a Chevy 12-bolt 3rdthat isquietand topped w a chrome cover.
Onsuspension, put Posies 2" lowering & vibration reduction springs all the way around . They were expensive, ut honestly they dropped it enough to get it to a perfectdaily driver height,andthe vibration absorbing technology is amazingand totallychanged how it drives & rides.
The bodyon this classic is pretty good with no hugedents oraccidents that I know of. It drives straightand brakes straight. The paint isamazing from about 15 feet and it waxes up really nice drawing attention fromeveryone. There are a handful of spots where the paint is starting to crack in placesand you'll see inthe photos. I lovethe waythe last guy who did the truck airbrushed in the black inthe grill and faded it out to yellow allaround it....this withthe chrome makes it look really mean...reminding me of another famous grill...Christine! Please know I am very up front and straight forward which is why I added those pics ofthe paint. This way you can be confident to buy the truck unseen if necessary. I don't like surprises when I buy,and I certainly don't like to give surprises when I sell. Be confident when bidding.
The glass on this truck is really pretty nice. I might go so far as to say thatthe guy who redid the truck before me put in all new glass, ut I don't know. The seals are nice as well, hich isawesome when youhave a Big Window model like this one.
The interior is black on black on black. The seat is ablack velour type material that is warm and comfy, he dashand doors are painted the same as the exterior and nice and glossy, nd the carpet is black as well. Theonly thing really missing is the "headliner" which in a truck like this is pretty easy to glue in if you want.
All the lights work on this truck. You've got headlights, ith a foot pedal to click to high beams, ou've got the rightand left blinkers (sorry they don't turn off when you turn....welcome to the 50's hot rodscene lol),you've got running lights, nd the rear brake lights havethe classic hot rod blue dot for a purple look at night. Also, f it rains, ourwindshield wipers work as well. That cost me....I'm noteven going to say. And of course the headlights have chrome half covers togive it that sleepy look.
Allthegauges work in the cluster, ncluding oil pressure,water temp,voltage/charging, asolineand speed. The tachometer strapped to the steering column does not work,and never has, lthough I've never investigated it.
The stereo work great,and is a removable face plate. Its got a tuner and a CD as well. Speakers inthe car are probably 4" or 5" down in the foot wells, ut I'll tell ya, hen you crank some rock in there, r in my casemetal, ts loud enough to have lots of fun and get in trouble.
The tires are ingreat conditionand the rims are chromerallies w rally center caps which add to the hot rod feel of this little lady. They are 95% clean with some rust here and there, ut you'd never notice trotting by on a horse.
I also put on a bit smaller steering wheel so your knees will fit in the truck when you get in and I added a nice chrome Mack Truck air horn that will give heartattacks at will, hrew in 3 seat belt lap belts so you and your friends can "ride gardner" 3 across safely.
Regarding rust...Ican not find anyanywhere. This truck is way clean outside,andinside, ut more importantly underneath there is no rust. And when I say no rust, mean no notable rust or frame rot, r fender rot, r stuff like that, hat Ihave seen. The car came out of Arizona via a dealer in Colorado who is veryreputable, nd who's reputation was put onthe line,and was a stand up guy.
The bed of the truck was redone not long ago as you can tell withthephotos. If I waskeeping it I wouldrefinishthe wood to give it that perfect classic bed look. The stainless trim between the wood planks are in great condition,and all the bolts are there. I never hauled anything with this, ether did the prior seller it would seem, o there's not any heavy hauling wear on this bed, ven though the bed, uspension and 3rd could totally handle it! Also, he gate worksperfectly and has brand new chains & rubber holding it inplace,and itopens down right onto the rear bumper to let your old dog (er, y old dog) slowly walk up into the truck bed.
So...what doesn't work? What does she need? Well, onestly not much. When you fill up the gas tank, ou cansmell gas vapors in the cab. The blinkers don't turn off when you turnthe steering wheel, here are cracks in the paint (but in my opinion thats hotrodding), tcould use a new set of plug wires honestly, nd I'dprobably put in a newdistributor as the current one clicks some times, he passenger doorinterioropening handle needs a new set screw (whats new with these openers), he driver side interior opening handle could use a new return spring (again, hats new), hocking I know but the horn cap keeps coming off when I slam the horn all angry lol, ometimes the side windows need a little massaging to get up like most 50 year old cars, nd there is no climate control system in the truck other thanthe windows!
As you can tell I am a rodder, appreciate the hobby, nd want tosuccessfully sell my ol '59 Apache to the next hobbyist/enthusiast. Its a really cool, are,handsome truck that is almost impossible (trust me) to find in black on black let alone sweet flames all down it. Please feel free to ask any questions you like or request to come check out the truck. Please take a look at my ebay selling history to get to know me and be confident in your bidding.
READ THIS >>>>>>> Your bid isyour contract, o DO NOT BID if you don't have the money, ecause I don't have the time. I have ZERO interest in any trades so please don't ask. This is an AUCTION, o unless you want to pay me $20K cash now, on't ask if I want to end the auction or have a sales price, ecausethats it. Auction winner needs to send $1,000 within 24 hours of the close of the auction or I reserve the right to sellthe car to another buyer. Thanks in advance, ood luck, nd may the force be with you. (end)