1969 Chevy Rare No Window Van

1969 Chevrolet G20 Van

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: G20 Van
Trim: 6 doors
Year: 1969
Mileage: 98,796
VIN: GS159P750995
Engine: 350
Drive type: standard
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Sarver, Pennsylvania, United States
Cassette Player, Sunroof

Description for Chevrolet G20 Van 1969

Okay, Not sure what I am doing here, it is very complicated to sell a car on here. First of all, I am selling my late husband's 1969 Chevrolet Van. Someone was kind enough to write and tell me it is a G10 not a G20. I found emblems that say 108 and I am pretty sure they came off the van. The person that wrote also said 108 is the wheelbase. I had this on ebay last year and it was not running at the time I put it on and it did not sell. Since then, I have had a mechanic work on the van, he put on a new water pump, rebuilt the Holly carburetor, put new gas lines in, a transmission seal, changed the transmission fluid and other things to get it running. It sounds good. I have a video of it running but can't put that on ebay so if you are interested in hearing it, I can try to email it to you. The mechanic also told me the undercarriage had no rust or holes in the floor boards that he could see. The last time it was painted, was 1999 for the Van Nationals in Butler, PA. My husband painted the van but for some reason he did not do the roof, it is still white but not as nice as the rest of the van. The battery is one the mechanic brought but it is not new. It needs to be charged for the van to start. I did not want to spend money on a new battery in case the can did not sell. I am pretty sure my husband put a kill switch on it and it is under the passenger front of the van.My husband and I were married in March 1970 and shortly after we bought the van new. It was a leftover from 1969 at Nick Chevrolet in Tarentum,PA. For some reason the title says 1970, but it is a leftover 6, not sure why they did that, as you can see, the engine is in between the seats. 70 started with the engine in the front. We are the original owners of the van but the title was changed 2 times, the first time it was in my father in laws name because he had to sign for my husband because he was not yet 21. Then my husband had it changed into his name, then when he passed away in 2003, I had it changed to my name in 2005. I have the original sales paper and it states on there the vehicle was new when we bought it. This van is and has been a part of our family for all those years, we brought my oldest daughter home from the hospital in it, and my youngest daughter 5 years later. We used it as a family car, a camper, and in later years we took it to vanning events. It is loved by all the relatives and that is a problem, everyone wants it, so I can't sell it to any of them.This van started out green, it has been many colors through the years but is now white with blue trim. It has had many different motors too, but the one that is in it now was special built by a friend of my husbands who was a master engine builder. I called him to get all the details. It is a 355 engine .030+ balanced and blue printed with a 530 hydraulic cam and gets between 330-340 horsepower. He also said that it had 3.73 gear ratio in the rear end that he put in for him. My husband put in a bigger fan and an electric fan. It has a standard transmission . It is not on the floor, it has 3 speeds and reverse. I am not sure of what kind of transmission but I am sure it was some kind of heavy duty one.My husband was a fiberglass boat builder and repairman. He built and put on the flares and the wing. The van was last inspected in 2005, my husband died in 2003. I didn't have the heart to stop running it and since it is a stick, I won't drive it so I had my nephew come out and take it to have inspected for those two years. I eventually couldn't afford the registration and inspections so it has been sitting in my attached garage since then. I took my blazer to be inspected and my mechanic told me it is totally rusted underneath because I have been letting it sit out all those years during the bad winters and wet springs. So, I decided, I need to sell the van, get a newer vehicle, and have a place to park it in the winter.We only ran it in the summer in later years mostly on weekends, so there were not many miles on the new engine. The tires are up but they will need changed. From the pictures you will see he had some insulation under the hood, that looks like it will need changed as will the rubber around the hood.The interior still looks good. There is a little ice box with a cupboard above for storage and storage box on the side. The bedroom fits two easily and there is lots of storage underneath. I know there has been body work done on it through the years and I think some was metal but not positive and some was putty. The mattress in the bedroom is a piece of foam. and the floor is foam padded and carpet.Like I said, this is very hard for me but I have to be realistic about it. Neither me nor my daughters drive a stick, only one daughter is married and her husband is not interested at all and my grandson is 12 and I am sure he will not be either.I welcome anyone who wants to come and take a look at it before they bid to do so. I am located 30 miles North of Pittsburgh in Butler County, and yes for you 2% ers, it was at the very first Van Fair East and the Nationals in Butler in 1999 and probably into 2001. It is a beauty, it is not real frilly like some vans. It is plain and simple but still beautiful.. It gave us many faithful years and many stories to tell. We did not belong to any clubs, we mostly just went to the Butler, PA events and a few Nationals that were close by. I will only accept Pay Pal and cash. You must make the arrangements if you want it hauled somewhere.You must pick it up within 7 days of the sale. Thanks for looking and reading all this but I feel like there is so much to say after all, it will be 50 years old in 5 years!
He saved all the emblems that came on it and two say 108, not sure what that means and CHEVROLET but I think it is broken in the middle, it might just be that way. and a few more. and some other parts I found that were for the van. There is a blue canvas awning that was special made for the van that we put on while we were camping.If you bid, make sure you want it, there are no returns. I have been as truthful as possible about this van. I am selling as is. Thanks for looking and please tell your vanning friends that may be interested. If you want to talk to me on the phone with questions you can write me with your number and I will call you. He built a console where the sun visors were, there are two compartments for storage. I still have the original sun visors that went with it. They were originally green, he painted them black. Also in the middle of the van on the left of the fridge and cabinet there is a little storage area. He made a snap on naugahyde piece for there. And to the right of the fridge is a little storage bin that holds quite a bit of stuff, it has the fur lined lid. Under the bed is a secret compartment to hide valuables while traveling or camping. He spent many years getting this van to where it is now. He cared nothing about original, I guess you can see that. There is also an Alpine radio with cassette player with two speakers in the back of the van. It has the remote and the book that came with it. Thanks for looking, sorry if I was too wordy, write me with any questions. This is a big deal for me selling our van, it was such a big part of our life.