Wow! L@@K! 1973 Chevy Cheyenne 3/4 Ton 4x4 Pickup with Tilt hood!!!

1973 Chevrolet Cheyenne

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Cheyenne
Trim: 3/4 Ton
Year: 1973
Mileage: 1,200
VIN: CKY243Z137484
Engine: Gas
Drive type: 4WD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Spokane, Washington, United States

Description for Chevrolet Cheyenne 1973

Hi, i'm listing this truck for a friend. I took a multitude of photos for a better description of it. The description that follows is in his own words: For sale is a 1973 Chevy Cheyenne 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup truck. A classic! This is a custom 4x4 that i picked up in 2010. This one is the rare because most others like them are mostly 2 wheel drives that were turned into low riders during that trend. When i got this truck it was a beat up. It was green with yellow pin striping and purple stripes. The interior was green. It was a basket case. Now, i will do my best to describe the condition of this truck.

Glass: All the glass in the truck is in good shape with no cracks our gouges.

Grille and Passenger fender: I repainted the truck black and silver. I replaced the grille with the newer 1989 grille. The condition of the grille is good with no major damage like missing sections or cracks.The chrome finish could use a polishing. The front bumper is in good condition with no major damage like dents or twist. There's some rust apparent on the head of the mounting bolts. The KC lights attached to the bumper are in good condition with no damage in the housings or lenses. The hood has some major cracking at both driver and passenger edges along with a little bit of paint missing at the tip of the hood's nose (as pictured). It has 1989 fenders on it. The passenger fender is in good shape with no major dents. The aftermarket molding has a small dent in it (see pics). The passenger door has some rust blister showing at the middle of the door, near the door handle and just pass the door handle on the curvature of the cab. The rocker panel below the door has some rusting near the steps. Both mirrors are reproduction. I took a close up pic of the passenger mirror so you could see that the finish is worn in some areas of it.

The passenger side quarter panel has no major damage. In the photos you'll see that there's a couple of areas with a little rust and and creases just above the rear of the fender opening and in front of the tail light. There's also a little rust showing at the bottom of the gas cap door. The passenger side tail light is in good shape with no damage at all. The outer surface of the tail gate is in bad shape. When i got the truck someone welded a plate across the factory concave design to make it flat. The metal that they used doesn't allow bondo or paint to adhere to it and will to be corrected or you can replace the entire tail gate with an original one. I installed the diamond plate and railing on the upper sides of the box. Both sides of railing and diamond plate are in good condition with no major damage. I also installed the rubber mat in the bed and had Rhino Liner sprayed on the inner sides of the box. The roll bar I put in it has a few holes in it near the upper center section (as pictured). The KC lights are in good shape with no damage to the housings or lenses. There's a little bit of paint peeling on the top of the roof near the center (as pictured). Below the rear window of the cab you'll notice some cracking in the body work. The visor is a Lund and in good condition with no damage. The tool box is diamond plate and is in good condition structurally. As you can see the truck has a rear battery set up at the right side of the tool box. All the wiring is in good condition. This is a dual gas tank truck but only one tank is installed on the driver side.

The rear bumper and hitch are in good shape as well with no major damage at all. As you can see in the pics the driver side quarter has no major damage such as dents. My close up pic does show some rust above the chrome molding. There's also a blister at the upper right of the molding and a small rust spot above the gas cap. The driver side door is in good shape overall with no major damage. There's some blistering at the ends of the door handle and below the mirror mounting section. As for the driver fender, there's a small ding near the hood latch (as pictured).

Interior: The interior is pretty rough! The tilt steering is out of a 73 Malibu. The dash pad was cracked horribly so i covered it with some vinyl. The vinyl i installed has some rips in the right corner since installing. The gauge section of the dash was in bad shape as well so i put some diamond plate in it and installed all new Equus guages and they all work. The center console is custom made. The ceiling console is out of a 96 Suburban. I cant recall if the lights are hooked up and working. The shifters are B&M Mega Shifters and are in good shape with no damage structurally or funtionally. The door skins are rough. They also had extra speaker holes in them when i got it. I installed the bucket seats. That piece of plywood attached to the back of the cab was for mounting a stereo amplifier. I included a pic of the condition of the driver side floor under the mat. As you can see there's some rust there. I couldn't get the carpet up on the passenger side for pics but the condition is most likely the same as the driver side. The passenger side lower door jamb has a badly rusted area as you can see in my pic.

Suspension and Undercarriage: The front axle is a 10 bolt Dana 44 that i installed locking Warn hubs on. The rear end of the truck has the corporate 14 bolt 8 lug axle with 4:10's. Both front and rear axles are in good condition with no damage structurally. The differentials are as well with no whining or leaking. The driveline is new and functions just as it should. It has a rebuilt "Bulletproof" NP 205 Transfer Case. I installed the ladder bars for stability. It has all new brakes and rotors and drums.

Wheels and Tires: The wheels are 18x9 Ballisticc Jester 814. They are in good condition with the exception of one of them having a gouge on its outer surface. The tires are brand new (98% Tread) 35 12.50 18 Toyo MT's. They are in excellent condition with even wear having no dry rotting, cracking or any defects whatsoever!

Transmission: The transmission is a rebuilt Turbo 350. It has all new gaskets, filter and fluid. It has no functioning issues like slipping, or shifting. The inspection cover is missing however.

Tilt Hood: When i got this truck someone had began the task of making it into a tilt hood truck but didn't finish the job. It didn't work well. The hinges we're on the outskirts making it difficult to close and latch after opening. I completely changed the hinge set up to correct the issue. I included several close up pics of the hinges for you to look at.

Engine: The engine is a 1978 or 1979 Chevrolet 350. It's strong running! I had it completely rebuilt. It has approx. 1200 miles on it. It has the double roller timing gear and chain. It has headers and Flowmaster 50 series mufflers and breathes through 3-1/2 inch pipes. It has the HEI distributor. Brand new MSD wires and plugs. It has and Edelbrock 4 bbl Intake manifold. The carburetor is a brand new 1406 Edelbrock with the electric choke. I included a pic of the lower front oil pan area which shows some oil on the pan so it can use a new front seal. A friend of mine had a fuel injection set up for this engine that he was trying to sell me. He brought it over and we installed it on this engine. The performance was unbelievable! He was asking a lot for the set up making it un-affordable so i put the carb set up back on it. So, if you can afford the fuel injection set up i highly recommend it!

This truck has a clear title. I'm selling it because I'm sick and I can no longer climb into it. It's a nice truck with a lot of potential! It obviously needs some TLC. I put approx. 15K into this truck years ago. Its battle proven! Its tough! If you take it to the ORV park like i did and you're going to have a blast! I took this truck to the back side of my local ORV park where they said only toyotas can go. I had this truck on two wheels coming out of the flood plains. I was only in 2WD! If it wasn't for my illness I'd still be having fun with this beast! It needs a good home!

This truck is located in Spokane Washington

Buyer pays and arranges shipping

Please email my friend that listed it with any questions and I'll be happy to answer them promptly

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