1971 monte carlo solid running driving project, rough, THREE DAY AUCTION

1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Monte Carlo
Year: 1971
Mileage: 106,153
VIN: 13857k118139
Color: green
Engine: 350 cu in
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: green
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Pearl, Mississippi, United States

Description for Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1971

i've blocked non paypal account holders, but if you contact me prior bidding, i will possibly make an exception.. so, here's a 1971 monte carlo, i have, and i've found a bigger better project, so this one must go... i know some of the history, i owned it once before. it was a one owner car from 1971-2014, the owner passed away some time in his mid eighties, i bought it off craigslist from his son shortly after, tinkered with it for a short time but i had a 68 firebird at the time, and lost interest, traded it off to a friend, who sold it to another friend of his, and it made it's way back to me.. when i got it in 2014, it a stock 350 240hp 2bbl, th350 transmission, i was told the motor had been gone though at some point recently, i can't verify that, it has a chrome timing cover, indicating that at least some part of it has been opened up at some point, it does run very strong. over all the body and major components of it are all there, having said that, the original owner didn't really take great care of it. just doing it what it took to keep it on the road. the owner after me put a holley 600 carb, and edelbrock performer intake, and hei distributor on it. there's some wiring and hoses under the hood that could stand to be cleaned up, it's an orignal AC car, and all components are in tact, so it's certainly possible to get that working again. lights and signals work, transmission shifts out with well. the car will need a full lock set, the keys were never able to be found by the son whom i bought the car from, rather than just taking the wheel off, and pulling the lock cylinder in, the column was broken. it will need the steering column repaired or replaced, but it's not like column shift a-body steering columns aren't cheap and plentiful. the person who owned it before i got it back the second time, put on base model 18" gen5 camaro wheels, which don't work well with the car. it needed adapters, and the scrape if it's turned to full lock. it has brand new rotors, pads, and calipers up front, new air shocks in the rear, bushings in the front appear to have been replaced at some point, but when, i don't know. unless you are planning a full concourse restoration, i don't feel like the car needs a full floor, at all.. it has some minor rust, under the rear seat bottom, trunk and driver side. and let's be real, these cars don't command enough money to justify a nut/bolt resto. i wold have welded in the proper patch panels, but i made the decision not to keep the car, and everyone has their own preferences as to how repairs are made. there's some rust in the lower 1/4 panel on the driver's side, but not terrible, again, a patch panel would solve it, there's no way i'd consider doing a full 1/4 panel on this car.. the car is solid and cheap enough that it could be an easy project, and make a nice driver for someone, but i have my eyes on different things. the pictures speak for themselves. the car in a place where a transport truck can drive right up to it, and will drive on to the trailer, in fact, i would not be afraid to make a road trip in the car, but a cross country trip in a 45 year old car is always a crap-shoot, so that's your decision.
on the title.. i do have a clear MS title on the car, HOWEVER it is a BONDED TITLE. the original owner's son was unable to locate the original, and at the time it was easier to have it bonded. it's a clear transferable title, and can be tagged, registered and insured in most states. it's not a flood, theft recovery, or salvage title, but every state has different rules regarding bonded titles, so it's your job to do your due diligence to educate your self your state's laws. find out, before you bid. i don't need my time wasted on relisting, and i do require a $500 NON REFUNDABLE deposit. your lack of research is not my problem. i can tell you for sure the state of LOUISIANA DOES NOT accept an MS bonded title. so don't bother if you live in Louisiana. i do know that Alabama is not a problem, Alabama does not even issue titles on cars this old, just registration, so that's easy. same with Georgia. neither are a problem, and California will accept a MS title. as far as the rest of the states, do your research.
any questions i will be happy to answer to the best of my ability. feel free to ask..