1968 Chevrolet Corvette

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Type: Convertible
Year: 1968
Mileage: 113,550
VIN: 194678S404051
Color: Red
Engine: 427 CI--390 HP--L36
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual 4 Speed--M21
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Spring Branch, Texas, United States
Power Steering
With Hardtop & Soft Top, Convertible

Description for Chevrolet Corvette 1968

FOR SALE 1968 Corvette Convertible

Options Car came with:

Soft Ray Tinted Glass

Auxiliary Hardtop

Positraction Rear Axle

Transistor Ignition System

Optional L36 390 HP. 427 CI Engine

M21 4-Speed Close Ratio Transmission

Telescopic Steering Column

Power Steering

Red Stripe Nylon Tires F70x15

AM-FM Radio

My wife & I have owned this car for 43 years. We bought this car in May of 1974. It had about50,000 miles on it.

The original paint is not very pretty any more and could use a new paint job. Interior is in verygood condition but passenger seat has aworn spot, carpets show some ware,the paint and interior are 49 years old.The carnow has 113,550 original miles. This car hasbeen garaged all of the years that Iowned it. It has never been wrecked or in any accident. The car is pretty muchall original,see the rest of the listing for the work that has been done and parts replaced and many NOS GM & other new parts that go with the car.

It is a number matching, all original car with both tops. The only things that have been changed are that it now has a Holley carburetor, headers, Hurst shifter, AM FM radio w/ipod port, 8 x 15 rear wheels and the motor was completely rebuilt about 18,000 miles ago. I still have the original Carb, Air Cleaner, Shifter, Exhaust Manifolds, Radio and 7 x 15 wheels for the rear. So it can be put back to 100% original. Car came with 7 x 15 wheels. The car still has the original Red Line spare tire that has never been used.

I am listing all the work that has been done on the car & parts that have been replaced. There is also a list of NOS GM parts, other New parts and some used parts that come with the car.

I bought the NOS GM parts many years ago when you could still order the from theChevy Dealer.

Engine & Trans. completely rebuilt about 18,000 miles ago. work done and parts:

Block, Crank, Rods & Heads Hot Tank Degreased

Bored: .030 TRW Forged pistons & Moly Rings

Crank Grind: .010 Rods .010 Mains

Rods Resize & new Rod Bolts

Balanced Assembly: Crank, Rods, Pistons, Flywheel, Clutch Discs & Pressure Plate.

High Volume Oil Pump

Comp Cam-grind CB 280H-10 & Lifters & TRW Cam Bearings

Cloyes Double Roll Timing Gears & Chain

16 Push Rods, 8 Guides Plates & 16 Rocker Arm Assemblies

Heads Rebuilt: 16 Valve Guides, 8 Intake Valves, 8 Exhaust Valves, 16 TRW Valve Seals, 16 Valve Springs Outer w/Dampener & 16 Valve Springs Inner. 16 Valve Seats Reface, Heads CC-ed and Match Ported.

Intake Manifold Match Ported.

New water Pump & Brass Soft Plugs

New Radiator Hoses, Fan Belts

New Clutch Fan

New GM Dual Disc Clutch Assembly: 1 Pressure Plate, 1 Center Plate, 2 Clutch Discs, Flywheel & Throw out Bearing.

Headers & all New Exhaust Pipes & Mufflers from headers back.

Total cost of parts & machine work: $3500.00

New Parts replaced in the last 400 miles:

GM AC Delco Radiator

Header Core & Heater Hoses

New Power Steering Hoses All, Pump, Power Steering Cylinder & Power Steering Control Valve.

Windshield Wiper Door Actuator

Windshield Wiper Actuator Dust Cover

Windshield Wiper Over-Ride Knob

Outside Mirror & Inside Mirror

Top Rear Bow Latch Chrome Cover

Ash Tray Cover & Guides

AM/FM Factory Look Stereo W/iPod port by Custom by Design

Kenwood Speakers

Spark Plug Wires

Wiper Blades

Spectre Air Filter

Corvette Floor Mats

NEW Convertible Top Kit: Black Top, Pads, tension cables, window pillow, all weather strips and window seals for top frame.


Replaced and or Rebuild in the Last 18,000 Miles:

Master Cylinder Rebuild & Calipers Rebuilt &New Brake Pads

Wheel Bearing repacked & New Seals & 4 New Shocks

New 2 Driveline U joints & New 4 Axel Driveline U joints

New Windshield Wiper Motor

Total cost of parts: $3083.00

1968 Corvette: Additional parts included with sale (NOS GM and NEW Parts)

1 New Moog K6100 idler arm

4 new Moog ES323 tie-rod ends, left & right, inner & outer

2 new Moog K5255 sway bar link kit

2 new TRW 10231 lower ball joints

2 new TRW 10203 upper ball joints

1 new Moog K8204 bushing kit for front sway bar

4 new TRW 12162 upper A-arm bushings

4 new TRW 12163 lower A-arm bushings

1 NOS GM 3919715 rear license plate bezel

1 NOS GM 3995641 water pump pulley

1 NOS GM 3878245 power steering pump pulley

2 NOS GM 3922495 rear exhaust pipe bezels

1 NOS GM 3946002 lower power steering pump bracket

1 NOS GM 3946000 alternator & power steering pump brace

2 NOS GM 3937267 & 3937268 R & L outer window felt seal

2 NOS GM 3954525 & 3954526 R & L outer trim molding for upper edge of door

1 NOS GM 3957809 gas cover cross-flag emblem

1 NOS GM 3912706 front end cross-flag emblem

1 NOS GM Box full of different size rear spindle bearing shims

2 NOS GM 3922069 & 3922070 rear bumpers, R & L

2 NOS GM 3932833 & 3932834 outer door handle housing, R & L

2 NOS GM 3900326 427 hood emblems, number 2

2 NOS GM 3900325 427 hood emblems, number 4

2 NOS GM 3900327 427 hood emblems, number 7

NOS GM 3966553, 3966554, 3966555 grill, 3 piece, R, L & C

2 NOS GM 3820224 rear axle spindle bearing spacer

44 NOS GM spindle bearing shims

1 NOS GM rear caliper brake bracket

2 NOS GM 3966791 & 3966792 Stainless Steel Corner Caps for Hard Top R & L

1 NOS GM 3918589 shifter pattern plate for console

2 NOS GM 5686382 & 5687997 seal kits for power steering control valve cylinder

1 NOS GM 3966577 windshield wiper door actuator boot (new one on car already)

2 NOS GM 496346 tail pipe tips (already installed on car)

6 NOS GM 3977779 windshield header pin bushings for hard top & conv top

21 NOS GM 3922010 windshield wiper door actuator bushings

1 new Delco 49060408 windshield wiper motor cam

1 new Trico washer pump repair kit

1 AC GF432 gas filter

1 new clutch fork boot

1 new Wagner F59070 master cylinder rebuild kit

Total value of the NOS & New parts: $3167.00

USED parts, manuals & original parts that have been replaced come with the car sale:

1968 GM Original Owner’s Manual

Original rear view mirror, right side (new one on car)

Original windshield wiper door actuator (new one on car)

Original interior rear view mirror (new one on car)

Used power steering pump cover w/new O-ring

Used inner door latch

Original radio & speakers (new Custom by Design in car)

Used Holley metering body

Original used ash tray cover (new one on car)

6 wheel lug nuts, used

Spare used alternator, original – may be bad (has been replaced on car)

Original wiper motor (bad), one on car has been replaced

2 spare used brake calipers

Original Shifter

Original Carburetor

Original Air Cleaner

Original Exhaust Manifolds

Extra used parts & GM Manuals:

1 Hardtop Hoist—for lifting top off

1 spare center hub cap-----1 spare trim ring

1 spare 7 x 15 rally wheel & 2 original 7x 15 rally wheels

Used a short period of time, original plug wire set Delco 8912284

Spindle bearing greasing tool

1968 GM Factory Chassis Overhaul Manual

1968 GM Factory Chassis Service Manual

Total value of Extra used parts & GM Manuals: $680.00

If you have any questions you can call Dale at: 830-438-3445 I reserve right to end auction at anytime.