1969 RS Resto-Mod Camaro

1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Type: Coupe
Year: 1969
Mileage: 1,000
Engine: 496
Fuel: Gasoline
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Blythewood, South Carolina, United States

Description for Chevrolet Camaro 1969

1969 Resto-Mod RS Camaro

$57,500 OBO

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(I have 60+ more pictures available upon request. Don't hesitate to contact me, it's not a problem to send them! Thank you!)

This 1969 Camaro is truly one of a kind. I’m not only referring to the paint, the entire car is unique from top to bottom. This Camaro will give you your classic car fix as it will take away your breath with its beautiful triple colored paint and then wake you right the hell up with its roar as the Big Block 496 ci comes alive. We first purchased this car as a complete frame off pro-touring/resto mod restoration. This car was amazing as it was but we felt that we could add the small details that would transform it from a great Camaro to a phenomenal Camaro. In result, we took this never before wrecked Camaro and re-dressed in brand new upgrades. Below you can find all these upgrades highlighted in red within all the details of this sweet ‘69.

Power Train

· Motor

454/496 4 Bolt Main 60 Over 4.25 Stroke

Edelbrock Aluminum Intake

Eagle Crank

JE 10.5 to 1 Flat Top Pistons

Hastings Rings

Clevite Bearings

Eagle Long H Beam Rods

242-246-629 Cam

Manley Valves

Manley Push Rods

Roller Rocker Arms

Crane Hydraulic Lifters

V Spring Vasco Jet

MSD Pro-Billet Distributer

Thunder Volt 8.2 Distributer Wires

MSD Ignition

MSD Blaster Coil

406 Jet Hot Metallic Hooker Shorty Ceramic Headers

Cross Over 3” SS exhaust with Flow Master Mufflers

Merlin World Steel Heads 320ci

750 Quick Fuel Double Pumper

Carb Jets 79/82 750 Quick Fuel Electronic choke

Spark Plugs NGK 8 (70k) 35 degree gap

New Low-Profile Racing Oil Pan with New Pump

This truly is a High-Quality motor. It runs and performs very strong as it never fails to do its job. In all honesty, we have legitimately never had any trouble with the motor. As you can see this is one part of the car we basically left alone because it always starts, it runs beautifully, it never overheats, it idles perfectly, etc. In the end, the motor with all its chrome will stun you as the Custom Hood is opened, blow you away as you crank it up, and then put you on your ass with its solid power.

· Transmission

1991 700R4 4L60 Bulldog 650 HP

Tranny Cooler

30 Spline Input 27 Spline Output

Gears 3.06/1.63/1.0/0.70 Over Drive

New Low-Profile Racing Transmission Pan

Electric Lock up Stall Convertor 2300

· Cooling System

BECOOL Radiator with duel electric fans

Ø This Over Sized radiator has never given us any problems as it has consistently kept the motor cool even in South Carolina with our 100 degree heat. The electric fans will quietly cut on and off when necessary to keep the motor cool.

Long Water Pump

· Control Arms

Brand New Tubular Control Arms

Ø The Upper Control Arms the RS had at the time were starting to get old and worn out so we decided to get them replaced and went with the upgrade! So, we went with 2 Brand New Tubular Control Arms.

(installed by professionals of course!)

· Drive Train/Drive Shaft

Power Steering

Ø The Power Steering on this car is flawless! It does NOT squeak, squeal, or make any noise as it turns. The power steering used to not be like this but upon many hours of professional work it was finally done the right way.

Tilt Steering

Ø The Tilt Steering option is a small detail that cars often lack but this small detail provides options to the driver so that they may sit the wheel to where they want for maximal comfort. This is why we made sure our 69’ has Tilt Steering.

· Brakes

New CPP Hydro-Boost Power Brakes

Ø We made the decision to get Hydro-Boost Power Brakes rather than regular Power Brakes and this turned out to be an excellent decision. The Hydro-Boost provides an enormous amount of power alone but as it is paired with the Over-Sized Disc Brakes this RS has not only plenty of power to go but plenty of power to stop anywhere at any time.

Over-Sized Disc Brakes Front and Back with Chrome Plates

New Brake Lines

Ø The New Brake Lines were professionally run to stay away from heat sources like the Flow Master’s and to stay sleek with the undercarriage of the car.

· Rear End

12-Bolt 3.73 Gear ratio with Posi Traction

· Detroit Mini-Tub

Ø The Detroit Mini-Tub kit in this car is installed correctly upon inspection and it allows for the sickly wide 335 ZR’s in the rear. Which is honestly my favorite part of this RS. It’s stance with the 335’s looks amazing.


· Shocks

Front: QA1 450 Coil Overs

Ø The top of the line QA1’s offer a phenomenal ride along with the ability to adjust the ride height.

Rear: Nitrogen Gas

Ø The Rear Nitrogen Gas shocks offer the ability to change the amount of gas in the shocks which will slightly change the ride height along with the softness of the ride.

· Leaf Springs

New Rear Leaf Springs

Ø Brand New Rear Leaf Springs installed for a cleaner look and a smoother ride.

· Fuel System

Mechanical Fuel Pump

New Custom Specially Fitted Gas Tank

Ø The New Custom Gas Tank was professionally built and installed to fit within the huge tires and Mini-Tub parts.

New Fuel Lines

Ø Just like the New Brake Lines these New Fuel Lines were professionally run to stay away from heat sources like the Flow Master’s and to stay sleek with the undercarriage of the car.

Interior and Trunk

· Flooring

New Carpet

Ø Brand New high quality Carpet was bought and professionally installed for a beautiful clean look.

New Dynamat

Ø All new Dynamat installed not only in the cabin but also in the trunk. The Dynamat in the cabin is doubled up for a quieter ride and the trunk is fully covered.

Access Plates

Ø When we first purchased this RS the Access Plates were there but they were not secured properly. In result, when we took out the old carpet we found them laying around so we took them and then secured them properly before the New Carpet was put in.

· Seating

New Modern Seats

Ø This ’69 RS comes with two pairs of excellent front seats. We purchased a set of New modern style seats that look and feel amazing!

Custom Brackets for Modern Seats

Ø Upon the purchase of these New Modern seats, Custom Brackets had to be made so the seats could properly fit in the cabin. These Custom Brackets are very easy to take out and put in incase you want to switch back and forth between the Original and New seats.

Original Seats in Perfect Condition

Ø You may think we purchased the New seats because the Originals are in bad condition but this is not the case at all! The Original seats are in top notch condition as you can see in the pictures.

· Windows


Ø We had the alignment on the windows expertly done. You can take this RS to any expert and they will not change the alignment because it is already placed perfectly!

Internal Parts

Ø All the bad internal parts were replaced on these windows. Some of the parts that were replaced is the regulator and tracking system. In result, all of the windows roll up and down effortlessly. That’s right, all of them! This includes the rear windows that generally always have problems but not on my RS the windows work just fine!

· Vintage Air

New Vintage Air

Ø When we first purchased this ’69 it had no AC or Heat. In result, of being in South Carolina we knew we had to have AC. Plus, we wanted the car to really be done right and in our opinion a really nice ’69 will have AC and Heat. So, we purchased the Vintage Air package and had it installed and it runs through the air ducts beautifully!

Ø The new Vintage Air included the Drier, V Belt, Evaporation Kit, etc all in Chrome.

New March Performance Pulley System

Ø Because of the New Vintage Air System, we also needed a New Pulley System. Like everything else with the Camaro, we got the best we could and got a Billet Aluminum March Performance System.

· Sound System

The sound system is a 4-speaker surround sound all connected to an aftermarket radio. It’s a good system that is guaranteed to play your favorite tunes as loud as you want. But even so, it’s no match to the beautiful roar of the BIG BLOCK 496 with its pedals at your feet.

· Fully Custom trunk

As you can see in the pictures this ’69 has a fully customized trunk. It has specially fitted inserts all the way around so the trunk could be carpeted. The insert on the trunk lid even has the Chevy logo into it!

· High Performance Battery

Brand New High Performance Battery

Ø Optima Red Top AGM Spill Proof Battery

Custom Battery Holder

Ø The Battery was originally located behind the rear seats which was not easily accessible. So, we had a professional relocate the battery in the trunk on the passenger side with a custom Billet Aluminum Holder.


· Painless Wiring System

New Painless Wiring System

Ø After purchasing the car, we had it entirely re wired because the previous owner did not keep their wiring very organize. So, we purchased a New Complete Painless Wiring System and had it professionally installed.

· Cut off switch

New Perko Cut-Off switch

· Alarm System

With so much time, money, and energy we put into getting this RS the way we wanted it we decided to put an alarm system in it. As always, we got a High-Quality system and went with a Brand-New Viper System. The Viper System has two remote keys that will lock and unlock which activates and deactivates the alarm. The alarm will go off if the car is shaken or struck and it will also go off upon a close sudden loud noise.

· Cluster package

New Faria Electronic Programmable Speedometer

Ø We purchased a New Speedometer with a display able to show the odometer, trip odometer, hour-meter, service interval in miles or km, service interval in hours, over-speed indicator, two speed axle, pulses per mile or km, and high speed record.

New Water Temperature Gauge

Ø We also had a Water Temperature Gauge installed because being in South Carolina it can get hot and we wanted to always be able to keep an eye out for the water temp. I always watch this gauge when driving and I never saw the water temp reach 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

All gauges light up as the headlights are switched on.

· Headlights

Rally Sport Headlight Door Package

Ø This RS is equipped with the Detroit Speed RS Electric Headlight Door Kit. The Camaro originally had the vacuum system but it was known for problems so we had this upgraded.

New High and Low Beam Headlights

Fog Lights

· Interior Lights

Dash Lights

Ø The entire Dashboard lights up as the headlights are switched on.

Dome Light

Ø The Dome Light originally did not work well when we first bought the car so we had the light replaced and had an automatic switch installed so whenever you open the door the light will cut on for you.

· Horn

When we first purchased this Camaro, it did not have a horn. A detail that really doesn’t matter that much but it was bothersome simply knowing the car missing a detail. In result, we bought a horn and had it professionally installed.


· 2014 Paint

Chrysler Deep Water Blue

Top: Honda 2012 Vasque Red

Bottom: GM Crystal Red-New Cadillac

Ø The paint on the RS is in great condition. I would not say it is in show car condition, there are a few chips and scratches but only a FEW.

· Custom Hood

As you can see this is not your typical 3 or 4-inch cowl induction hood. It is a custom-made hood that really adds to the car and you have to see it in person to do it justice just like the rest of the car!

· Billet Aluminum


Door Handles

Tail Lights

Window Cranks

Door Sills

· Chrome Molding

This RS is fully outfitted with Chrome Molding. We had all of the molding realigned and some of the clips were replaced by our professional restorer because as you know we want our Camaro done right!

Furthermore, we decided we wanted it to have the side louvers aka rocker panel molding so we purchased these in Chrome of course and had them installed.

· Front and Rear Spoilers

· Camaro Tags

Newly purchased and fitted Camaro Tags

· Windshield wipers

Unlike most ’69 Camaros, the windshield wipers work. We wanted everything to run smoothly on the car otherwise we knew it would eventually bug us so we had the windshield wipers properly installed even though we never drive it in the rain.

· Alignment

We had the alignment of all the doors and windows and the trunk and hood expertly done. It all lines up perfectly and looks great!

Wheels and Tires

· Wide Wheels

· Wide Tires

Front: 245/45/18 ZR’s

Rear: 335/35/18 ZR’s

· Studs and Lugnuts

This truly is an extremely solid car!! I am only selling it because I just opened a business and I need the liquid asset, there are absolutely no liens on the car. I 100% own the car with title in hand. We are not making any money on the car with the list price we have more into it than that. Also, some small details, but as you can see in the pictures the front spoiler is not on right now but I do have it and there is nothing wrong with and you can see in one of the pictures some of the receipts and manuals of all new parts and systems that are listed in red above. All in all, the price of $57,500 is a great deal for this car! If you feel uneasy about the price just give me a call and we can talk about it.

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