***** NO RESERVE ***** Private sale. 1960 Chevy Impala 2 door hardtop

1960 Chevrolet Impala

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Impala
Year: 1960
Mileage: 66,746
Color: White
Engine: 283 V-8
Interior color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Great Falls, Montana, United States

Description for Chevrolet Impala 1960


***7 day auction ***


This Chevy Impala is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

(3 hours directly north of Montana)

Will sell anywhere in the USA, or worldwide.

Vehicle is exempt of any travel restrictions (domestic USA build, & antique status), and...


*** Determined seller -UNRESERVED ***
Oh, should mention... My wife has become pretty great at arranging delivery. She has established excellent shipping contacts, andwill behappy to help arrange delivery.Whatever your shipping quote is, she canusually get a much betterdealfrom a Canadian company!!!

1960Chevrolet Impala

2-door hardtop


Private and fully UNRESERVED sale of 1960 Chevrolet Impala 2-door hardtop.

This car has loads of collectability, investment value, and enough good looks to get steady compliments, waves, and thumbs-up!!! It's a classic Impala in just the right color combination. This is a downright stunning car. Don't expect to blend in to the crowd. It's brilliant and stunning. It runs great, looks fabulous, and is a joy to have owned.

My family and I really enjoyed owning this car but, haven't hardly used it. I had my fleet of usual driver-collectiblesthat I've utterly enjoyed to bits. This is a great car that attracts a lot of attention and compliments. It should be owned by someone that will give it the attention it deserves. Right now, it could use a good detailing to bring it back to show standards. In the last 5+ years or more, it has satfar more than it's been driven. I understand the investment standpoint in hanging onto this carbut, would like some garage space returned too. There is dust on the car everywhere; fingerprints, and more dust. There are very few miles onthe restoration andwaytoo many detailsto list. The exhaust hasn't even tarnished, and the nibs have hardly worn off the tires. The car looks quite good, and you'd hardly guess how much dust was on the car in the pictures.

We are letting the car go with NO RESERVE. That's a big decision. Only thing I ask is that you, as the buyer, please be considerate of my request for a simple transaction. See my feedback. It'll tell you lots!

I will be upfront and straightforward in stating that I know very little, to nothing about this car's history or accuracy in regards to original mileage. I am very big on knowing where a car has been, what it's true mileage is, and who has owned it. I cannot share information on this car because I did not get any. The mileage reads 66,XXX, but..... itcould be 166,XXX, 266,XXX, or even366,XXX; I simply do notknow. Provenance was not important to the fellow we bought it from and, as such, there was a break in the chain of knowledge.To me, it's a bit of a shame. To others, maybe not so important. People buy cars based on condition alone, without knowing the historical particulars, all the time. Looking at tell-tale factors, I would reason to estimate that there's likely 266,XXX for mileage.

Please note:

I have all 4 hubcaps, and a new trunklid moulding in a box. They go along with the car.


I'd say that, in our experience, most (maybe 75%) American destinations fall between the 15-hundred to 2-thousand dollar range. To play safe, please budget for at least that amount. We are running an unreserved auction so,the savings should help offset any shipping/delivery costs. Please note: My wife has become pretty adept at making all the arrangements and she'll be happy to help out by taking care of things for you after the sale to make sure you get your car quickly as can be.

Titling and/or registrationEverything is perfectly transferrable and will be signed over and taken care of for you immediately following the sale.This car is domestically built (US) and considered antique status. It is free to travel without restriction. The only extra cost is a $120-150 customs brokerage fee.My wifehas everything ready to go for the car, and will only need your information filled in, once the sale is completed, to finalize the ownership transfer.
I'm happy to answer any inquiries so please feel free to write. I welcome and encourage anyone's questions.We welcome 3rd party inspections, and encourage them. As well, we invite anyone wishing to see in person and will happily accommodate. Also, ifyou'd like to speak over the phone, please let me know and we'll arrange a call.Good communication is pivotal to a happy transaction. If you prefer to email medirectly, please write to bravohomes@rocketmail.com.
Procedure is very important and we have a perfect little system that has proven very simple and effective in making everyone happy. It goes as follows: Immediately following the sale, I will ask for your buyer's information. My wife willfill in all the paperwork and title transfer. That will be scanned, and sent to you. Once received, you validate the information as correct and confirm. Then, my wife sends the banking transfer information. After payment is received, shearranges transportation/delivery. Simple as that.
Check our feedback. Each and every one is for a 30-60 year old car or truck. You'll see that nobody is just "happy". Everyone is OVERJOYED. Check it out!After these last couple, we're hopefully done thinning out the fleet. You could be the next happy car owner!!!