1980 Chevy C-10

1980 Chevrolet C-10

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C-10
Year: 1980
VIN: CCD14AS128433
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Georgetown, Texas, United States

Description for Chevrolet C-10 1980

-Mileage unknown/exempt
-I've had this truck for almost 3 years. From what I've learned about it, it used to have a straight 6cyl engine and a 3spd on the tree transmission. When I bought it, it came with the 350ci engine and a th350 transmission.
- I recently rebuilt/replaced most of the front suspension with Moog parts. I bought everything Moog Problem Solver available when I did it and the rest are just Moog. I think the only things I didn't replace were the stabilizer bar and the actual control arms, and I ended up not using the Moog springs. I reused the Western Chassis 3" drop springs.
- I installed Belltech Super Street 4"-6" drop shocks.
- I have replaced most of the brake system with Autozone parts. Booster, master, calipers, rotors/hubs, pads, shoes, cylinders, flex lines, and some of the hard lines. The brakes are still soft though.
- I have replaced the distributor and spark plug wires wires with an MSD HEI Street Fire distributor and wires.
- I replaced the Edelbrock Torquer II intake manifold with a Jeg's Champion Intake manifold. The carburetor is an Edelbrock 1406.
- I have completely redone the entire fuel system. Nothing is original. I removed the 16gal passenger gas tank and installed a 25gal center mount gas tank where the spare tire mount was. It has a fuel return setup now. It has a Summit billet aluminum vacuum operated bypass/return fuel pressure regulator, adjustable from 1.5-25lbs. Ever since this addition, the truck has never had a problem starting or had any fuel issues whatsoever. I ran brand new metal supply and return fuel lines from carb to tank. I installed the filler neck behind the driver side tail light. The tail light flips open with a custom hinge I fabbed up. Unfortunately, it got rear ended shortly after I did it, so it doesn't look as cool. It is all still functional though. With this set up it does take a little longer to fill up. I replaced the fuel pump with one from Autozone and installed it with a phenolic plate from Summit to reduce the heat transfer from the block to the pump.
- I installed a 200-4R transmission that I got at a salvage yard that came from a Buick. I still have the th350 and torque converter it came with, which will come with the truck. I chose the 200-4R vs the 700-R4 because of the shift points and the overdrive gear ratio. I like it, but it needs to be rebuilt eventually. The converter doesn't want to lockup anymore and it's starting to slip when it shifts is given pretty moderate acceleration. When the converter did lock up, the rpms would be around 1900 when going 85mph. I got the converter for it from TransStar in Austin. When I installed the 200-4R one of the bolt ears broke: it will need to be welded back on when it gets rebuilt.
- I replaced the starter and installed it with a heat shielding wrap.
- I replaced the battery about 4 months ago with a Duralast gold battery. It has a 3 year replacement warranty.
- I installed a set of LED headlights that I think are awesome. They are very bright.
- It will come with the current wheels and tires and a set of 22" wheels also that it came with
- It has a 120v AC power inverter that is hard wired in. Two outlets and dual USB ports.
- There isn't a lock tumbler on the passenger side door.
- I have another dash/instrument cluster bezel for it that I got from the salvage yard as well.
- The radiator is the original from when it had the inline 6cyl. I was wanting to replace it with a full size one, but haven't gotten around to it. It has been holding the temps down around 210 since I've had the truck. I also recently installed a high volume water pump.
- The exhaust has a couple holes in the pipes before the mufflers.

Vehicle is sold AS IS with NOwarrantyor returns

Please feel free to ask questions as needed. Thanks!