1971 Chevrolet Blazer K5 4x4 cst 72 71

1971 Chevrolet K5 Blazer CST

Make: Chevrolet
Model: K5 Blazer
Type: SUV
Trim: CST
Year: 1971
Mileage: 73,330
VIN: KE1815622213
Color: Brown
Engine: 350
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: White
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Laurel, Montana, United States
Air Conditioning
4-Wheel Drive, Convertible

Description for Chevrolet K5 Blazer 1971

I've decided to part with this 1971 Chevy Blazer. It has been recently resurrected after a long term storage. I have only replaced parts and pieces that were absolutely necessary. First off, this truck is in amazing "survivor" condition. It has clearly had a very easy life compared to so many others i've owned over the years. I knew the man that owned this truck before me. He had it for close to 30 years. He never did drive it to my knowledge while owning it. He was a collector and owned a local speed shop. He passed away a few years ago at which time some of his collection came up for sale. I remember seeing this Blazer in his warehouse back around 2001. According to the DMV it hadn't been registered since 1988. Judging by some of the artifacts I found inside, I would say that sounds about rite.After removing the original carpet, I found the floors to be almost in the same condition they were in back in 1971. Darn near immaculate. There is no rust on them anywhere, nor on the kick panels. I have probably 20 pictures of all areas of the floors throughout I'm happy to share.The only rust on the truck to speak of were both rocker panels had a little due to dirt collecting inside. There was no damage to the inner rocker areas or rocker boxes. Again I have plenty of pictures showing these areas. Everything else is rock solid. There was also just a little bit up again the drivers side rocker panel in front of the rear wheel. It was fixed and everything was repainted from the center of the lower moldings down. So all rock chips are gone and it looks wonderful! The inside of the tailgate doesn't have a ding in it. It's pretty darn amazing. If you've spent much time around these old Blazer's you know how far and few between these are in this shape.I disassembled a good portion of this Blazer, cleaning and servicing anything I thought it needed. I made sure to re use as much as possible, including all hardeware, screws, anything I could. I had the seats all redone at a local upholstery shop, new dash pad, ACC carpet, original style floor mats, new comfort grip steering wheel assembly, yes the horns work. I saved and reused both rear leveling mats and 2 of the 3 front insulator mats under the carpet. The original AM radio and speaker are in place and work perfect. The AC system is all there and the compressor cycles on and off. There is still pressure in the system. Heck it might blow cold, I've not messed with it much. I replaced the front grille with a new high end Goodmark steel chrome grille, I reused the original center grille as it is damage free. I added an NOS grille emblem. Also all four hubcaps are New old stock brand new. high dollar!!The truck has a new windshield and seal, all other glass and seals are original. Now one very important thing I want to mention, this Blazer doesn't really have a rattle in it to speak of. It's amazingly quiet to ride in. When I removed the interior side panels I could see no evidence they had ever been removed, or the top either. All of the interior door panels, arm rests, side panels are all original to the truck with very minimal wear.The engine runs very well and is quiet. From the looks of the exhaust and the hangers, I would say it's still the original. It's in perfectly usable shape. The only rust I see on it is in the very back where mud most likely hit it from the rear wheel. Nothing bad but its there. I went through the engine, replacing the original distributor with a modern big cap HEI, I do still have the original points setup if anyone wants it, new plugs, wires, belts, batter, fluids, carb rebuild, etc etc.I'm sure I replaced every single light bulb in the truck, all lower wood grain trim is new, both bumpers are new Goodmark GM approved. The top and hatch are near mint, no real damage, neither have been repainted. Everything's there and works as it should. I also replaced the rear tailgate banner. All taillights and trim is original, tires are brand new on original wheels, the front brake rotors, calipers, pads, wheel bearings and seals are all new. Both skid plates are still in place, Basically everything is still there. All vin numbers match throughout the truck, title is clean and clear ready to go. This thing runs and drives great. it's been sitting for a long long time, but seems to run and drive great. I've put about 20 miles on it since completion but plan to put a few more on it here this week just to make sure everything good.PLEASE ONLY BID ON THIS TRUCK IF YOU ABSOLUTELY INTEND TO OWN IT!! No games!! I'm easy to work with, if you want to make an offer go rite on ahead. I have no problem ending it early. There is a reserve but it's very reasonable. I'm listing this to sell, I'm not trying to set price records or any of that bs.If you have questions, want more photos, videos, feel free to ask. There is an International Airport 20 miles from me. If you want to fly in and take a look, I'm happy to shuttle you around. Buyer is responsible for any and all shipping costs if thats the route you go. I'm happy to work with your shipper, i've done it many times both ways.Im sure I am forgetting to mention many other things i've done to it, I have a lot of time and money invested in this ole girl. If you've been looking for a darn nice unmolested Blazer, here you go! This is about as good as it gets. Now this truck is not for everyone. There are flaws here and there, it's not perfect. No the underside isn't as pretty. But there's very little "China" on this truck which in my opinion is way more important than shiny new parts. The odometer shows 73,330. I have no way of knowing for sure if it has that or 173,330. My educated guess is 73,330. You decide.Thanks and happy bidding!

On Nov-16-17 at 18:24:43 PST, seller added the following information:

The starter has been acting up on the Blazer the last few times it's been started so I pulled it out today and it failed it's test. So it has $200 worth of new starter in it now. Also I forgot to mention that the front driveshaft has been rebuilt, the console is original to the truck and is crack and damage free. The sunvisors are basically as new, the headlight switch is new also.When I had the windshield replaced, I took note that the windshield frame pinch weld where they rust at, was completely rust free. Also the firewall is rust free where they sometimes rust from leaves accumulating in the pockets. The fuel tank is original and is clean. The windshield wiper blades have been replaced using the original Trico arms. Thats all I can think of for now.

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Another little update:So today I decided to got out in search of a Thanksgiving turkey in the next town over. I rolled the dice and took the Blazer. I took the back road in and the interstate back. It performed fantastic. The speedometer needle was kind of fluctuating before but has now smoothed out. The oil pressure at idle once the engine is completely warmed up sits at 25% and is 50% on the gauge while going down the road at driving speeds. Very respectable. At 70 mph on the interstate, you can take your hands off of the wheel and it goes straight down the road. Stotting it stops straight as well with no hands on the wheel. I racked up about 45 miles. So i'm thinking she's good to go. One thing I did notice is the fuel gauge seems to quit working sometimes. It didn't do it today but i've noticed it will show empty then shoot up to the proper level. As I wrote earlier, the Blazer is very quiet to ride in. It's almost completely rattle free, very solid.