1954 Chevrolet Corvette

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Type: Other
Doors: 2
Year: 1954
Mileage: 9,341
VIN: E54S001584
Color: Red
Engine: 283 V8
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only

Description for Chevrolet Corvette 1954

The 1954 Chevrolet Corvette is often the ideal collector car for most early enthusiasts. With a nearly identical appearance to the original '53s, but offering more choices and today has a much more obtainable price. This rare example has the right flair, color, and upgraded V8 power to be the perfect way to catch the early Corvette passion.
If you're a Corvette fan then you already know this is a very rare year with only 3,640 examples built. And plenty didn't survive the last 60+ years. But this roadster endured because it was someone's true reward. The consignor purchased it in 1967 after returning from Vietnam, and it has been under his care ever since. He had the car resprayed during his half-century of ownership. This matched the Sportsman Red that was on the car when he bought it, and we do not see evidence of any other color on this car. So it's absolutely not yet proven that this is one of only 100 cars that came from the factory in Sportsman Red, but it certainly gets our minds racing. Regardless, this is a shining example of what 1954 represented perfectly the birth of the Corvette and long list of choices that the car offers, considering '53s only came in white. But more than just the cool red paint, you love this one because the doors shut with authority, the toothy grille has a bright shine, and the trim is complete so the wraps around the whole body. You'll love how even the details are correct on this one, from the mesh headlight covers to the dual exhaust poking out of the rear panel. And while the wire wheels add some great extra flair, lovers of originality will be happy to know the original wheels and covers come with the sale, too.
The Corvette was the American interpretation of the best that came from Europe, and the interior is a great reminder of this heritage. The red buckets seats look like they could almost have come from a Jaguar XK. But the body-colored waterfall in-between that gives it a seamless interior/exterior appearance is pure American style. This also did a fantastic job of hiding the manual convertible top. The car also has side curtains to keep the weather out. The dual cowl dash is a Corvette hallmark, and you see the infancy of it here. Auxiliary gauges were arrayed in the center, adding to the pleasing symmetry of the design. And we love how this is complete, right down to the AM radio that's still on display. The extra space of the interior was a great reminder of how the Corvette held an advantage over its European counterparts. Plus, with a real trunk, this rare classic is actually practical for grand touring weekends.
Under the hood is the kind of upgrade everyone wanted in 1954. Chevrolet almost killed the Corvette because people wanted more power than the Blue Flame six-cylinder that was offered this year. But this one was upgraded to the first year of the legendary small block era with a 283 V8 from '57. It looks great with the Corvette fined valve covers and the correct and Delco-Remy 12-volt generator. When you go for drive, the upgrade means you get real V8 power and a terrific exhaust note in the original-style 'Vette. Plus, with the control of the three-speed manual transmission, you're going to love taking this low-slung, well-maintained droptop out on the road.
You can tell just from the stellar condition of the undercarriage that this has been cared for correctly. Title docs and an un-restored hardtop is also included to complete the car! This '54 is waiting for a true connoisseur, but it won't wait for long. Call today!!!