1978 Corvette Real Indy pace Car. Serial#143, One of the 12 original Indy Pace

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Type: Coupe
Trim: #143 1978 Indy Pace Car ,32K Mi,camero,trans am,
Year: 1978
Mileage: 32,001
VIN: 1Z87L8S900143
Color: Pace Car Silver and Black
Engine: L48 High torque at low RPM origonal engine
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 3 speed turbo Hydromatic
Drive type: High Torque V8 L48 with Auto tranny, Limited Slip
Interior color: PAce car Silver leather with Silver pace carpets
Drive side: Right-hand drive
Safety: Origonal two sided Indy garage and festival passes, Virtually every pass u will see is a copy of front, Body off Chassis Restoration 4,000 miles ago
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Freshly SS sleeved , rebuilt calipers, rotors/pads, AC System to new freon and completely redone, Fresh alternator battery and fluids, NEw springs, shocks, bushings, front end, 4,000 miles tires/fresh ballance, Power antenna,every light in and out perfect, Cruise control,delay wipers perfect, NO glass delamination,windshield as new, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
All weather seals as new, perfect leather and carpets, Cassette Player, Leather Seats, Sunroof

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Description of 1978 Chevrolet Corvette #143 1978 Indy Pace Car ,32K Mi,camero,trans am,

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Up for your review is a very original1978 matching number Indy PaceCar, that was one the 12 at the actual race and used in the 1st ever INDY 500 Parade laps before the final lap and start. 90% originalpaint in very good condition albeit with any 40 year old lacquer paint 10 miles or otherwise has some light checkering in a few spots. No stress cracks or peeling. Interior is that of a 500 mile car which reflectsthe 20 plus yearsthis was part of the Bob McDormann Corvette museum. The car was acquiredby a retired Naval Special forces operative. (the story is it was given to him as a weddingpresent .He had the car for 13 years or so and I purchased it directly from him locally. Car saw very light duty by his wife and he did a body off chassis restoration(Even if never driven as some claim, All rubber componentsare rotted out on a car of this age, and must be done regardless)New springs, fresh stainless steel sleeved brake calipers rotors and pads,Body chassis bushings, tie rod, a frame bushing U joints, brake lines, etc. etc. Regardlessif a car has a " real" 10,000 miles or not, unless stored in a nitrogen bubble :ALL rubber, seals,bushings, shock, etc ARE SHOT, and will all have to be redone., Also be aware odo fraud is rampant. Have you ever noticed at Barrett JAckson,or Mecum the extraordinary number if not all that have 10,000 miles. I suppose in 196, not a single corvetteswas ever driven! The reason for this is it is NOT illegal to put whatevermileage you"believe " to be correct on the car. So they become 12,000 mile survives,have been routinelyspun -50,000-70,000 miles.or just happen to be on their 310,000 mile mark which will read10,000 miles as these odos have no 100,000 mile indicator. I bought 3 of these in the early 80's and the lowest mileage one back than was 28,000 miles.the highest85,000 milesabout 5,000 miles ago. New springs, A frame bushings, drag links,brake lines Tie rods,Coil springs,Frame bushings,etc.etc. and all shocks,(Complete on a totally rust free undercarriage) New Stainless Steel caliper piston inserts rotors and pads. UpgradedAC to newest Freon, 4 wheelalignment. Etc, etc, Newish alternator, compressor,etc. Tops almost devoid of ant tiny scratches, OriginalT Top padded cases, !Original working 20 watt 8 track, FM stereo(included)! was swapped out for a vintagelook 200 watt system cassette FM stereo with a hidden Sirrius /XM radio and mini RCA iphone adapter. All 4 speakers changed out to stock looking spec speakers(The awful originalsare included) New carpets and floor mats. EVERYTHINGworks as new. All gauges, tach, speedo, oil pressure, ammeter,fuel gauge as well as all dash, all gauge lights and all 3 interior lights with operabledelay interior timer. Of course the originalmechanical clock has stopped, but turns freely, and may just be corroded leads in the clock(very Common). Perfect Power antenna, Vacuumheadlights locks tilt and telescoping wheel, vacuumcruise control all as new. Not a single burned out bulb on the car. No oil consumption, whisper quiet engine. No mystery sounds at all. Stock mufflers, not annoying just a nice sinister burble.The 30HP robbin, junk single cat exhaust was junked and a true dual setup recently installed with stock soundingnew mufflers. Sparetire appearsnever to have been usedwith originaljack.Even the delay wipers work perfectly. All glass has none of the common delamination and appearsto be all original(GM Safety Ray tinted)Power door locks are lightningfast and power windows open and shut in 2 seconds.No electricalor mechanical issues at all . Wheel arches and fiberglass as well as undercarriagepoint to no previous accident damage at all. Tire are 97% new with perfect even tread wear.Note L82 badges on hood can be removedwith no damage if you like. As this is the automatic preferred High torque L48, with L82 valve covers. This L48 Factory "non" smog equipped except for CA and high altitudecars like CO which received the power robbing smog pump.. L48's make 35 Lb/feet more top torque at 1200 less RPM than the L82 which was designed with the 4 speed in mind. Factory NO smog pump Lower RPM/High torque L48 engines are better suited for the low geared autos. However the L82 Factory smog pump gives up 14 of the ponies.Remove/Disconnectit and the loss is closer to 20HPThe only L82 worth its salt is the 4 speed close ratio as the low 1st gear gets the car into its torque/HP range much faster.The three L82 4 speeds at INDY (Serial #1-3).Serial number 3 was also part of this collection.At Indy,they were all wide ratio as they were back up Pace Cars to the prototypethat actually paced the race. The original"true" prototypepace car was sold at auction on a Salvag, non street legal title and has vanished from sight.The remaining8 Parade/Festival cars were all L48/autos.The remainder of the Festival cars were Cameros and a few Monte Carlos. But none lapped the track, festival cars only.This car has a clear,unblemished LA title.


Considered by many to be the most loyal Chevrolet dealer of all time, the late Bob McDorman made a host of personal sacrifices in order to achieve a 50-year tenure with Chevrolet and become one of the few people to ever reach that half-century mark. He was not only loyal in his career path, but also in his collecting. Bob McDorman was, and still very much is, recognized as the world’s greatest Chevrolet collector.

After becoming a Chevrolet franchise owner in Canal Winchester, Ohio, in 1965, Bob McDorman remained dedicated to the dealership for the rest of his life, in the most literal sense. He was also a staple in his community, not only known for his dealership, but for his incredible generosity and the dedication he showed toward his fellow community members. A great friend of Mecum Auctions and a cornerstone in the company’s success over the years, Bob McDorman received many awards for his business and community involvement, including the “TIME Magazine” Quality Dealer Award in 1978 and 2007, and the 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Columbus Auto Dealers Association. In 2010, he was inducted into the Bloomington Gold Great Hall, and in 2012, the National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame, both incredible and deserved honors for a man that played such an important role in the Chevrolet world.

Throughout the years, Bob McDorman forever changed the Corvette show scene, serving as a pioneer among Corvette show promoters. In 1974, Bob McDorman held his first annual “Corvettes on the Canal” show, which would quickly become one of the largest auto shows in the U.S. dedicated to Corvettes. Two years later, he went above and beyond, offering up a brand-new Corvette as the Best-in-Show prize for the first time. While the dealership never profited from the shows, profit was not Bob McDorman’s intent. A labor of love, Bob McDorman donated a generous portion of proceeds from the auto shows to Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, each and every year, donating more than $250,000 by 2012.

In the 1990s, Bob McDorman began "tucking away" brand-new Corvettes with delivery miles, typically Serial No. 1 pilot cars or special editions, and in 2005, he was the first Chevrolet franchisee to build a Corvette-only showroom—an idea unheard of at the time, even among the highest-volume Corvette sales departments. Bob McDorman had amassed one of the most significant and well-known collections of Chevrolets and Corvettes ever assembled.

A small portion of one of his collections sold.. Note the two McDorman 78 Pace Cars sold for $57,500 and $110,000. He owned no Pace Vette that had not been display or Lap Parade cars. He also provided the majority of the cars to Indy which was just an hour away.Note the Vette was MUCH faster(Kia) than the (Prius) performance of the 1978 Trans Am. This was the late 70's and to break 10 seconds was very good to 60 MPH. The smog pump L82 high revving low torque automatic was 8.2 seconds with the 3 speed auto vs the High torqu, earlier HP NO Smog pump L48 which ran a 8.0 to 8.1 seconds(auto) by a hair marginally faster(both still slower than a modern Kia) The L82 4 speed(close ratio only)(1/2 were wide ratio including the3 display cars Serail number 1-3. Wide ratio was much top end but no faster than the auto L48. The close ratio 4 speed L82's were definitely quicker at a 7.8 second(about corolla fast)time. if the L82 has a disconnected or missing smog pump which had a specific carb set up, they lost close to 20 HP. The non smogequipped L48 auto was the better driver by far in town. With the horrid mini 70's tech cat and single exhaust removed and the true duels run on the chassis(which started in 1968) The HP and torque gains are significant with all brackets an cut outs already in place,.If you want the stock truly crappy single exhaust put back on they sel them for about $800/ Rest of the car is all stock as the day it was built, with----------------in theIndianapolis 500 FestivalParade ... The1978event represented the first timeIndy 500promoters chose ....12ChevroletCorvette Indy 500PaceCar 12/14. Black paint with silver...
1977–present wilipidea
1978Chevrolet Corvette 25th Anniversary Editionpace car

In 1977, the format was changed to three warm up laps - two "paradelaps" and one "pace lap". During the parade lap(s), often several replica festival pace cars join the field, usually carrying celebrities and/or special guest drivers. The 1978 race was the first to feature multiple pace cars (12) on the track during the parade lap. All VIN of 200 or less.Since 2010, the IndyCar "two-seater" (a retired Indy race car modified with a special passenger seat) has also been at the front of the field, carrying a celebrity or special guest. The 12 non-participating vehicles pull off the track after one or two circuits, and the lone official pace car leads the field on the pace lap. In 2012, it was further expanded to four warm up laps (three "parade" laps and one "pace" lap), coinciding with the introduction of a new engine and chassis formula. The original festival Pace / Parade cars can be identified by their Indy 78 Festival and Indy 78 Garage passes.Most are photocopies,of the front so always examine the back for origonal Indy disclosures are netter yet the check list performed before the car went on the track.

Starting in about 1994, the field was observed to be quite straggled about during the parade lap(s), and often circulated the track single-file. Drivers were known to weave back and forth, sometimes vigorously, in an effort to build up tire temperature. On the final pace lap, the field would finally form up into the eleven rows of three on the backstretch, but oftentimes it was still loose and not in pristine order. This practice was often the subject of harsh criticism from fans and media, especially when the start was strung out single file, breaking tradition. In 2010, officials announced they were going to police the parade and pace laps closer, requiring the drivers to stay in the rows of three during the extent of the warm up period.

In later years, the Speedway began experimenting with usingpop culturecelebrities driving the pace cars, a change that has met with mixed responses from fans. Racers have taken the position in more recent years.A. J. Foytdrove in 2011,Dario Franchittidrove in 2014, andJeff Gordon, a five-timeBrickyard 400winner, drove in 2015.

FE7 Gymkhana Suspension package, which included the a heavy duty front anti-sway bar, springs, shocks, and a rear anti-sway bar. FE7 was available on 1974 to 1982 Corvettes.

Indianapolis 500pacecars- Wikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indianapolis_500_pace_carsThe pacecar(a ChevroletCorvette) leads the field past an accident site at the 2007Indianapolis 500. TheIndianapolis 500auto race has used a pacecarevery year since 1911. The pacecaris .... The1978race was the first to feature multiple pacecarson the track during the ..... Archived from theoriginalon 28 May 2010.

---------------History of the 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Pace CarThe Chevrolet Corvette celebrated its 25th year anniversary in 1978 and was chosen to pace the Indy 500. Chevrolet’s car sales rose to 2,341,035, and 46,776 of these were Corvettes. The base price had risen to $9,351.89, but Chevrolet also offered an Indy 500 Pace Car replica for a whopping $13,653.21.

These ’78 Corvette Pace Cars had two-tone silver and black paint, their own number sequence and white-letter tires. The original plan was to build 300 units, but an “instant collectible” buzz led to dealers clamoring for more. The target figure of 6,000 cars (one per dealer) was over-produced to total 6,502 units, though some reports place the number even higher. The stickers that made the model collectible were packaged inside the car, in case the buyer didn’t like them. The two-tone black and silver paint scheme also evolved into the two-tone Silver Anniversary model, of which 15,283 were built.

The 1978 model was modified significantly, with a fastback rear window like the C2 Corvette of the mid ‘60s. It did not open, but there was more room behind the seats and a retracting cover for shade. The instruments were redone in a square style and a glove box added. New door panels introduced bolt-on armrests instead of the molded ones. Wiper and washer controls moved back to the dash and removable glass panels were offered for the roof, though only 972 buyers spent the $349 for them.

The base engine remained a 185 bhp 350-cubic inch Chevy small-block V-8, paired with either a wide-ratio M20 4-speed or the no-charge Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic. The L82 package offered a 220 bhp engine for $525 and 12,739 buyers opted for that, while 3,385 customers chose the close-ratio M21 4-speed gearbox. Wider 60 series tires were available as an option, but fenders had to be trimmed at the plant so they would fit.

Again, buyer choices indicated that Corvette had moved into a more leisure-suited market. Principal options included power windows (36,931), air-conditioning (37,638), tilt-telescopic steering column (37,858), cruise control (31,590), rear window de-fogger (30,912), aluminum wheels (28,008) and sport mirrors (38,405). Meanwhile, 37,222 buyers spent $84 for the ZX2 convenience group, which included a dome light delay, headlight warning buzzer, low-fuel warning light, courtesy lights, floor mats and intermittent wipers.

The 1978 Corvette Silver Anniversary model was by far the most popular color (15,283) followed by the Pace Car Replica (6,502), Black (4,573) Classic White (4,150), Silver (3,232), Corvette Mahogany (2,121), Corvette Dark Blue (2,084), Corvette Red (2,074), Corvette Dark Brown (1,991), Corvette Light Blue (1,960), Corvette Light Beige (1,686) and Corvette Yellow (1,243).

" >

The Chevrolet Corvette celebrated its 25th year anniversary in 1978 and was chosen to pace the Indy 500. Chevrolet’s car sales rose to 2,341,035, and 46,776 of these were Corvettes. The base price had risen to $9,351.89, but Chevrolet also offered an Indy 500 Pace Car replica for a whopping $13,653.21.

These ’78 Corvette Pace Cars had two-tone silver and black paint, their own number sequence and white-letter tires. The original plan was to build 300 units, but an “instant collectible” buzz led to dealers clamoring for more. The target figure of 6,000 cars (one per dealer) was over-produced to total 6,502 units, though some reports place the number even higher. The stickers that made the model collectible were packaged inside the car, in case the buyer didn’t like them. The two-tone black and silver paint scheme also evolved into the two-tone Silver Anniversary model, of which 15,283 were built.

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  • #2 Excellent$42,900
  • #3 Good$29,600
  • #4 Fair$17,200
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+$500 for close ratio 4-spd ($3,500 on Pace Car). +$200 for pwr wndws. +$1,000 for a/c. +$400 for polished alum whls. +$500 for glass T-tops . +$500 for gymkhana suspension. +$750 for tilt/tele strng whl.+$5,000 sub 200 serial number,No value available for one of the 9 Parade cars at the race.

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---------------copy of the ad when I bought it locally from ebay1978 Chevrolet Corvette silver Additional Info:If your looking for a project car to restore-THIS IS NOT YOUR CAR. This car is ready for a road trip to the keys or entry to the show-Super low mileage. It recently took the Most Original C3 class at a south Louisiana car show. This car was part of the "Bob McDorman Corvette of Winchester,OH"(it sat on display for 20 years" collection that will be a Mecums this year. It was a hanger queen until a few yeas ago. I was also one of 12 on display, and one of the 9 in the parade laps at the 1978 race, with window sticker to validate. Last year I had to get it back up to speed for some shows and this is a list if improvements Made inn 2015-16: New Interior carpet w/frames, Stereo and speaker upgrade with new antenna and hidden Sirius player, and new stripes and Indy Pace vinyl. Due to setting up so long, it had a complete frame-off suspension overhaul in 2005 and rides and drives BETTER then it did new. I have receipts for most of the work.It has all the options including cold A/C, power everything, tilt/tele steering wheel, mirror T-tops w/covers. Here at the extras: Orig 8track stereo and speakers, owners manual, factory service manual's, orig 1978 sales brochure, window sticker, 1978 pit pass stickers for Indianapolis 500, car cover, org shift knob, a few 8 tracks and cassettes,



Wheelbase98 inches (2.489 m)
Overall length185.2 inches (4.704 m)
Overall width69.0 inches (1.753 m)
Overall height48 inches (1.219 m)
Ground Clearance4.5 inches (11.4 cm)
Front tread58.7 inches (1.491 m)
Rear tread59.5 inches (1.511 m)
TiresP277/70R-15 steel-belted radial
SteeringRecirculating ball
Front suspensionIndependent, unequal-length control arms with ball joints, coil springs, and stabilizer bar
Rear suspensionIndependent, trailing link, transverse semi-elliptic leaf springs
BrakesHydraulic, vented four wheel discs; 11.75-inch diameter, single calipers
IgnitionHEI electronic
Body constructionSeparate fiberglass body and box-type ladder frame with cross-members
Fuel tank24 US Gal (20 Imp Gal) (91 liters)

Engine Specifications

FeatureBase Engine RPO L48RPO L48RPO L82
TypeV-8, 90-degree Overhead valve
BlockCast Iron
Displacement350 cid (5.7 liters)350 c (5.7 liters)350 cid (5.7 liters)
Bore & Stroke4.00 x 3.48"3.48"4.00 x 3.48"
Compression ratio8.2:18.2:18.9:1
Brake horsepower185 @ 4000175 @ 4000220 @ 5200
Torque285 lb-ft @ 2400270 lb-ft @ 2400255 lb-ft @ 3600
Main bearingFive
Valve liftersHydraulic
Fuel supplyRochester M4MCRochester M4MC California emissions and high-altitude emissionsRochester M4MC

You will note the L48 makes 30 more pound feet of torque than the L:82. And it makes maximum torque @ 2400 RPM The L82 need "3600" RPM to generate far less.Torque is what give you acceleration. HP is a figure relative to the maximum revs and potential top speed. L48 autos were faster than L82 autos to 60MPH by .1-.2 seconds. The L82 was faster in the 1/4 mile by .2 seconds. The point is any decent 4 cyl camry or Kia is faster than either. The only Vet that could run with say a Kia 6 cyl would have been the L82 "close ratio" 4 speed. Point i, you don'y buy these for speed. The value is in the rarity and originality of very low serial numbers.This wast he late 70's after all with 130HP mustang Cobras
The original plan was for a MAXIMUM of 250 Pace cars, to represent the 25 model years since1953. This under pressure from dealers was revised to 3000 which 2700 were fake copies of the original Pace cars. After GM was sued to build more(another 3201, the least desirable VIN) it was just a slapped on paint and stripe job which were replica Fake Replica pace cars, These last 3201 built have the 3rd lowest potential retail up side. The 2700 before that are not much better. The original 300 VINS have the most up side but are very rare. All of the true Indy 500 Parade/lap cars were sub 160 production numbers.

And of course the FE7 Gymkhana suspension was mandatory for all 12 parade cars including serial number 1-31. Special front springs and shocks
2. Special rear (7 leaf) spring and matching shocks
3. Special front stabilizer bar (1 3/32") with H/D rubber mounting hardware.
4. Special rear stabillizer bar (7/16') with H/D rubber mounting hardware.
Caveats: Mostly original single stage lacquer(rear bumper and gas cap have been painted as well as some of the silver behind the huge tires for rock chips,Minor checkering on spots here and there, but as you can see in the pictures still a stunner, no peeling at all, never damaged, all matching serial numbers,Car drives as tight as it did almost when new, unlike the "garage"finds of dubious miles that need $10,000 in suspensio, undercarriage, bushings, etc replaced just from age.his car spent over 20 years in air conditioned and heated museum and garaged thereafter. Note Drivers T Top has small crack I just stupidly did on very front edge. visible from outside, invisible on inside as hidden by T Top frame. I will adjust the price for an excellent used ones,(Tops were #1 condition) or if you wish pay for a replacement set of mirrored glass C3 tops, and keep these as spares. Visible from outside, perfect /flawless blue tint inside, no leaks or wind...

Small scratch

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