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1951 Chevrolet Other Pickups

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Other Pickups
Year: 1951
Mileage: 36,000
VIN: 5jpg24169
Cylinders: 6
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States

Description for Chevrolet Other Pickups 1951

Listing this amazing unique Patina 51' halfton with clear title! These are truly getting hard to find in this condition, esp halfton with a title. I got this truck with intentions of building (see last pics of some of the builds I do). However, I am slammed with projects and I don't want to leave this outside. If you know these trucks and pricing this is a fair deal that you won't have to wait around for, just buy it now! Very complete, only missing a few things 1. Running boards can be had for 1-250 typically, I don't have spares or I'd put them on. 2. the splash apron above front bumper, I have one but you would have to pay my asking price for me to give that up. 3. the cowl vent up on the hood area, not too hard to get one new or used. Some guys weld that shut but I love using them bc they blow awesome air. 4. delete plate on dash and few interior pieces. other than that there are a few random pieces for interior that go with the truck. The inner door plates will come with it, which are nice to have, molding around inside windshield. The seat as seen in pic is all I have, which is better than nothing. or just use a bench seat out of late model chevy (as seen in my build pics). Trust me, I deal with alot of these trucks and you'd be amazed on the stuff that doesn't come with some of them and or the pitting and rot you have to deal with. This truck needs some patches which are very typical, but it is solid IMO. if you took the fenders off, I can bet there would be no metal work needed where the mated to the body, bottom of doors are good also.

Body- ok, so DS front fender is not original to truck, it is very solid with zero rot, a decent crinkle
up toward headlight. The fauxtina I did was quick, you can easily get this to match to almost perfect. The Pass door was crazy, I have pics of the patches I made for it. Never seen a door like it. But I got is all fixed up and again the fauxtina I did to blend it back in could be better. There is one rotted area in middle of door that can easily be fixed you can see in pic, its a small area. Next up is the DS inner and outter cowl kick panel area (where fender bolts on) these almost always need replaced even on dry state trucks. No big deal, I made the inner cowl panel, just needs an outter cowl and inner kick panel. Very easy to replace. need minor floor patches, a little bit of cab corner and pass side inner kick panel. The trans cover is crusty but odds are you won't even use it. Hood is in very great shape, you def won't be fighting this one fitting, I will look and see if I have good hood springs for it however, there is one there and missing one. Grill is great shape, tailgate is very good shape IMO. has front bumper and brackets! Rear bumper is COOL as heck, custom made. Bedsides are good, rear fenders really nice. There is some metal ontop of bedwood? so I'm assuming bedwood is rotted, but not 100%. Truck rolls and steers. has part of engine in it and trans OBVIOUSLY not running. Inner fenders are solid as can be bonus! Firewall is nice, has a few extra drilled holes however. but no rot. No heater.

Glass- I'd assume to replace all glass and rubber, very rarely do any of these have acceptable glass and rubber. Rear glass is about 60 bucks, windshield about 80-100 and side glass is 30 a side. Vent glass is a bit tricker, but atleast the vents are there. To replace the full units are expensive, I would run these vent windows if it were me.

I feel I listed everything I could think of, FRAME seems solid btw. This truck is beggin for and LS swap and bagged if you ask me. Or just toss an engine it, lower the stance and make it a driver. I consistently see these selling for $5500 and up around my area, not running. So if you are afraid of some patches and don't want to do any of that work, best go spend around 6k for a solid body that you can see in person. truck came from Kansas, so it wasn't on the east coast at all which is a big deal. Truck is located in PA.

Payments. Please don't waste my time if you aren't serious. My time is very valuable. $500 due within 24 hrs. Full payment in cash or M.O (that must clear bank) bf pickup. No refunds. Title is
signed off and notarized with BOS. I have not transferred it to my name as it will cost about $100 to do that. You should have no problems with title. VIN PLATE matches TITLE. So often do they not match up. I will help load and truck can stay on my property for about 30 days after payment if you desire.

I can also build this truck for you and work out a deal on the truck if you are interested in that. However, the time frame for my complete builds the way I do them are about 5-800 hrs. You can
def cut that time down or add time, just all depends on your desires. My turnaround is 1-2 years minimum at this point. I am building several trucks and I work alone for the the most part. I don't build hack jobs or quick backyard use what you can parts. I do frame off builds. A completed truck
typically start at 25k and up. Bagged trucks with fully rebuilt engines def get you into the 30's. You can buy trucks from reputable builders all over the country with some guys starting at 60k for a build.

feel free to contact with any questions. sometimes responses go to my junk mail so I'll keep and eye out. thanks for your time. god bless.