Incredible survivor 1966 Chevrolet Nova Super Sport want a top tier original?

1966 Chevrolet Nova

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Nova
Type: Coupe
Year: 1966
Mileage: 41000
Color: White
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Meridian, Mississippi, United States

Description for Chevrolet Nova 1966

Note: this little gem is being offered with a low reserve just in time for Christmas. This one is as good as it gets!! good luck.


Here is a very rare chance to pick up a very cherry, completely original 41,000 mile and stunning 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS. I have collected original 60's muscle for 30 years and whilst I have a large collection of original muscle I have never seen a survivor in this, virtually near new condition. I have roughly 125 pictures because it is important for you to see every detail about this car and I hope you will take the time to look at them all. To view them please copy and paste this following link if the link does not seem to work properly :

It is hard to find where to start on this Nova Suoer Sport. This car was originally purchased on August 2, 1966 by Mr Roy Nall, from Johnson Chevrolet in Reno Nevada. Mr Nall, owned this car until he died 33 years later. He loved his car so much that he meticulously cared for and babied it. He did not drive it except on pretty days and rarely even then. If you can see all the pictures please take your time to enjoy them. Regardless if you collect high end classics or know nothing about them this one is a real time capsule. Mr Nall even went so far as to keep a leatherette notepad and made notations documenting mileage at every oil change, shock change, battery change with the date AND even noted " beautiful day today”, "warm day" .. of all the documentation that comes with the car that notepad is the most amazing. Not only does it document the mileage which is crazy rare but it shows the love and detail to keeping the car perfect for over 32 years! 32 years he kept this notepad and wrote in it for 32 YEARS. This Nova is the most original one I have ever seen personally. Traveling nationally to large shows I have never seen one compare to this. I have heard of a few in as good and one supposedly better but I have never seen those. To look at it and realize it is 52 years old and runs, drives and looks nearly new is amazing. The car is equipped with its original numbers matching 283 and its matching 2 speed "power glide" transmission. It has avery rare original factory air conditioningthat blows as cold as it did when it was new. EVERYTHING is original to this car with the exception of the battery, hoses, plugs and wires, belt.. that's about it. Showing right at 41,000 original miles it still has the original alternator, starter, coil, solenoid, carburetor, brackets, distributor, radiator even the original exhaust. The original GM stickers are still on the exhaust pipe. Wiring, original headlights, original everything as it left the factory. The interior is minty to nearly as new, every factory notation and stickers are in their original places. Everything is original that I can find with the exceptions of the above usual mentions. The only thing it looks like that was ever added is a late 60's type temp gauge. The car cranks as soon as you turn the key and it runs as smooth as a sewing machine. Ps, pb and Ac work as new and the car drives nearly much like any new car today. It is tight as it was when it left the dealership and again, it drives like a dream. All the bulbs front to back look to be the originals and the factory spare tire and tools have never been taken out. It even has the original GM trunk mat and the original GM hood insulation. Condition: every single thing on the car works as it did 52 years ago with the exception of the factory in dash clock and radio. The clock is usually the first to go on the older cars. (The radio comes on and lights up but no audio. I have never taken the time to ohm out the speaker to see if it is the radio output or the speaker.). The original paint still shines up fine and there is fine surface rust on the lower sections of the vents on the panel in front of the windshield and behind the hood. There is a small dent in the right side of the rear bumper. Looks like he may have backed into something or someone backed into him. He seemed to be meticulous on maintaining the cars body. There are several small scratches that he had touched up over the years. The car had side trim that ran along the sides of the car had been removed at some point. The side trim did not come on the "SS" models but the dealer pushed the trim to be installed at the dealership, it prevented door dings. Obviously he opted for it to be installed but the trim was bad about the mounting studs breaking and causing the trim to hang loose and break. Maybe this was his issue but nonetheless he had both sides removed and the holes for the mounting studs were filled and touched over with white paint. ( Note: the mounting holes were very small, only large enough for a 1/4" stud to go thru.) I often considered just putting some new trim back on but did not want to change its overall original appeal. Overall the body is a 9 out of a 10 with the exception of the touch ups. There are no waves, ripples, panel repairs, bondo or any other issues with the body There is zero rust in any panel aside from a few small areas of surface rust like in the vents behind the hood. The undercarriage is as clean as the outside of the car with the factory undercoating and paint still at least 80% in tact. Floor panels are even 100%, (see undercarriage pictures). The trunk is factory original and looks like it was never used. The factory GM Mat is still in place and as the pictures show there is NO rust even under the mat. Interior: the interior as mentioned before is in near minty condition with the exception of a crack in the dash from the hot Nevada sun. Other than that I can see no real issues at all. The original dome light cover is a aged yellowing where it was pure white when new. The seats, seatbelts, headliner, door panels pedal pads, instrument cluster look virtually new. A little dust behind the instrument cover but otherwise like new. Even the emergency brake works perfectly along with the original cigarette lighter looks and works as new.Check out the original Frigidaire AC compressor
Tires: the car came with white wall tires and although these are not the originals obviously, they are older tires. I haven't had the time to date code the D.O.T stamps but I can see they are starting to dry rot from age even tho they look new tread wise. I had thought to order some red line tires for it but never did. When you have too many cars and not enough time.. well, many of you will understand that. Engine compartment: when the car was sold upon his estate, it went to a son whom sold it to a collector. Years later I purchased it from that collector. He touched up the top side of the engine compartment where needed but it was very little. If you look thru the pictures you can see the factory paint, stickers, tags and notations as they were when they left the factory. It is very interesting to see the little nuances that the car had when it was factory original. When we restore these cars we really don't know that something is missing or not in its correct factory location because no one has seen a factory original one to compare to. This car you can drive anywhere anytime. I know this has been a drawn out description but I want you as the buyer to know and see everything about this car and hopefully I've answered most of your questions. Feel free to email any questions or call/ text 60152,74466 As a collector and lover of my childhood gone I love these old cars. This is a gem. Please do ask questions and you are welcome to send someone by for an inspection with an appointment. I work out of town a fair amount of time.
Why buy a Restored one when you can have one of the few remaining completely originals that can be found that is REAL. I mean really, restored ones are a dime a dozen and a fortune. You still don't know if it is really what they say.
I can help with shipping if needed. 1000 Deposit due within 48 hours, cash or cashiers check but car stays in my garage until funds clear.