SS RS Turbocharged 350 4-speed AWARD WINNING SHOW CAR Professionally Restored

1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Type: Coupe
Trim: SS RS
Year: 1967
Mileage: 61,359
VIN: 124377L162740
Color: Red
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4-speed
Interior color: Burgundy
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Oreana, Illinois, United States
Air Conditioning

Description for Chevrolet Camaro 1967

I’m selling this car on consignment. If you have any questions please message me and I will have the owner contact you. This 67 Camaro is one of the nicest cars for sale on eBay. The owner needs cash for medical expenses so his show car is up for sale. This is NOT an old rust-bucket that’s been patched-up after sitting in a field for 30 years. The seller has owned this car since 1977. He purchased it from a friend who had been using this Camaro as a weekend cruiser. His friend purchased it from his aunt who was the original owner. After a while the friend pulled the 350 out and installed a big block. A few years later the friend bought a big block Vette and decided to sell this Camaro. The current owner had been working in body shops since the early 1970s and had just opened a custom paint and street rod shop. He decided to build a car to showcase his skills. Even though this Camaro was in very nice condition he decided to perform a nut-and-bolt restoration and he built the first rotisserie in town. He spent over 2 years on the restoration and custom paintwork and then trailered this Camaro to his first big car show. His Camaro won every show it attended for 3 years. At that point this Camaro was retired and driven only on cruise nights a few times a year. The owner then built a Nova with a turbocharged 350 to take to car shows for the next 5 years. The big block was pulled out of the Camaro in 1989 and installed in the Nova. The 350 engine from the Nova was installed in the Camaro with a crossram intake manifold and Holley carbs. The turbocharger from the 350 was installed a display engine in the restoration shop’s showroom. The 350 engine in this car has less than 500 miles on it. As a result of the limited use this Camaro has only 61. 59 miles and has never been in the rain or snow for the past 38 years. As I said before. this is NOT an old rust-bucket that’s been patched-up after sitting in a field for 30 years. This car is a rare find and nicer than most. The owner has recently started the second restoration of this Camaro. Not that it really needed much but after over 20 years in the showroom of his restoration shop it was time for a freshening-up. What you get is a rotisserie restored body with all of the original sheet metal in place except the hood. You won’t find any CHINESE made sheet metal on this ALL AMERICAN muscle car. The SS hood was sold years ago after the owner built a one-of-a-kind custom hood. He combined a stock Camaro hood and a cowl induction hood from a 70 Chevelle and built a one-off functional cowl hood for this Camaro. He skinned the sheet metal off of both hoods. He then trimmed the cowl induction hood to fit the Camaro framework. He heavily modified the front and rear of the hood to close up the mismatched areas. Once the outside was completed he cut the cowl induction airbox from the Chevelle hood framework and welded it into the Camaro framework. He probably spent over 200 hours to make it look like a factory hood. With this Camaro you get a one-of-a-kind functional cowl induction hood. the only one in the country. This hood was the talk of every car show he attended. A few builders have tried to copy his design but they never got it quite right. The owner has just finished painting this Camaro. He used 3 shades of red top coated with House of Colors Rosetta Red Pearl. The base reds he used are light. medium. and dark maple metallic. These colors work very well together. This is the same color combination he used in winning all of the awards. You are purchasing the same car freshened-up that won all of the shows. The under-hood areas are refinished in this same color combination. The underbody areas have been sandblasted and the undercoating has been removed. The front subframe. rear frame rails and the frame connectors have been painted light maple. The floorpan. firewall. radiator support. and suspension components are painted dark maple. To restore this car properly all of the sheet metal was unbolted and all of the glass was removed. The inside of the doors and fenders were refinished to protect the sheet metal from corrosion. The sale of this Camaro includes the under-dash factory air conditioning components. which are still in place. and most of the under-hood A/C components. The big block compressor brackets were used on another project so no brackets are included. The A/C box and other underhood components were recently removed when the turbocharger was installed but are included with this sale. This sale includes a new $80 interior firewall pad to be installed by the buyer when he rebuilds or installs the under-dash air conditioning components of his choice. You can install a Vintage Air system for under $1. 00 and enjoy a modern and environmentally safe A/C system that will save space and clear the turbocharger. All additional items performed in a typical frame-on restoration have been replaced. As a part of the body restoration all front sheet metal hardware components have just been replaced with new bolts etc. as sold in a kit by D&R Classic Automotive. The rubber weatherstrips. window fuzzies. light bulbs and other small items commonly replaced during a frame-on restoration have been replaced as well. The custom interior is still in great condition after all of these years. Factory equipment includes air conditioning. power steering. AM/FM radio. and the Rally Sport option. The big block engine was swapped out for the current small block 25 years ago. With this auction you get a 350 engine with less than 500 miles since it was built. This engine had under 20. 00 miles on it when it was built for the turbocharger. The bore and crank journals were perfect so the shop used standard size bearings and standard bore turbo pistons for the build. Topping the engine is a Martin turbocharger system. Backing up the engine is a 4-speed and Hurst shifter. If the winning bidder does not want the turbo system the seller will deduct $1. 00 from the price of the car and install an aluminum intake manifold and a rebuilt 650 Holley carb after removing the turbo system. This is a vintage show car with the same components used in the 1980’s to win all of the awards. There are no billet aluminum parts and no 20 inch wheels on this traditional show car. The rear wheels are 8 inch wide Rally wheels with L 60-15 Goodyear Polyglass tires. The front Rally wheels are 7X15 inches with 60 series tires. At this point the Camaro is 99% finished. The glass company removed the glass for the restoration and they were supposed to re-install it earlier this week. They were not able to make it because of a winter storm. They are supposed to install the glass on March 3. Once the glass is installed this Camaro is ready for final buffing and a trip to the muffler shop for a new exhaust system. A few small items are on order and will be installed by the end of this auction. Included with this sale are a photo album and a USB flash drive documenting the restoration process of this Camaro. Due to the age of this vehicle this shall be considered an as-is sale. The winning bidder must pay the required $1. 00 deposit to PayPal or pay the full amount within 24 hours. The balance will become due within 3 days of this sale and must be paid by wire transfer to the owner’s bank. If the balance due is not paid within 3 days I have the option of selling this Camaro to another buyer. This winter has been horrific and there is no need to transport your new show car in bad weather. It can remain stored inside the owner’s heated shop for up to 60 days at no charge while awaiting transportation. I am often unable to check email after 1 PM on Saturdays or on Sundays. If you message me on the weekend I might not be able to reply till Monday. Please be patient if you have any questions. More pictures will be posted in a few days after the glass company has installed the glass. Once the glass company has finished their work. the rest of the interior will be installed and final touches completed. To give you an idea of how much work has been done on this car. the second picture I added shows the Camaro as it was being taken apart last September for the second restoration. This car was taken almost completely apart for a correct professional restoration. The owner has been restoring cars and building award winning street rods and show cars for the past 40 years. This car currently has no fluids and still has a few more parts to be added after the glass is installed. Thus this car is sitting higher than it normally would with everything finished. This Camaro does not normally sit as high as the pictures make it seem. It has stock front coil springs with the factory A/C spacers installed. The rear springs are from a convertible to get a rear end up a bit higher. You can remove the factory A/C spacers to get the front down an inch or two if you wish. MORE PICTURES WILL BE ADDED IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS AFTER THE GLASS COMPANY HAS FINISHED THEIR WORK. On Mar-03-15 at 08:38:03 PST. seller added the following information:Somebody suggested the owner should take his Camaro outside for pictures. With a foot of snow on the ground he will not do that. This car has not seen rain or snow for 38 years so taking it out in the snow today is not a reasonable request. but thank you for your input. On Mar-03-15 at 09:03:54 PST. seller added the following information:If you plan to install a Big Block engine back into this car and do not want the 350 engine and turbocharger the owner will sell the car with the 4-speed and clutch assembly but pull the engine out to save you some money. He will deduct $3. 00 from the winning bid by selling this car less engine. If you want him to install his rebuilt 454 into this car he will do that for the winning bid less $1. 00. You can purchase this car with either the rebuilt 350 with a Holley carb or with a rebuilt 454 and Holley carb for $1. 00 less than the auctions ending price. If you want the turbocharger on the 350 that is in the engine bay now you pay the full auction price. Since not everybody wants a turbocharged 350 the owner is offering bidders a way to save a few bucks and get the engine they prefer.