1987 Chevrolet C-10

Make: Chevrolet
Model: C-10
Year: 1987
Mileage: 95094
VIN: 1GCDR14Z3HS169631
Color: Coca Cola Red and White
Engine: 4.3 V6 FI
Cylinders: 6
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Coca Cola Red and Maroon
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Columbia, South Carolina, United States

Description for Chevrolet C-10 1987

LINK TO ADDITIONAL PICTURES:https://imgur.com/gallery/DjhnVg1

No reserve auction.

Vehicle has high unknown mileage and very heavy use. Sold as is, where is. This is an extremely rare opportunity. This vehicle was surplussed in the early 1990s by theFayetteville, NCCoca Cola Company and flipped by a dealer to it's second and only other owner. The truck was surplussed with virtually no alterations and through subsequent years of heavy use little was altered.The small 'Enjoy Coca-Cola' decal was removed on each side but the 'ghost' of the slogan may still be seen from certain angles. The original paint job is still on the truck exactly the same as it was the day it left the Coca Cola Company. Almost everything on the truck is original.

Original paperwork includes a warranty information booklet from Chevrolet and made out to 'Fayetteville Coca Cola' with the delivery date of 6/10/87 (odometer reading - 10 miles). Also included is a one page document 'Pre-delivery Inspection Procedure' dated 6-8-87 as well as original owner's manuals for the vehicle.

Virtually everything on the truck needs restoration. Very little has been updated or replaced and the truck has been heavily used. After being decommissioned by Coca Cola this truck was bought and used for many years in a part-time/weekend antique business. Actual mileage is unknown as the odometer does not work. The mileage given (95094) is the mileage on the odometerbut is not correct. However, EBay requires a numerical value to submit the listing. Please ignore any evaluations based on the given mileage. The original a/c stopped working @1996 and has not been repaired or replaced.

The truck has not been operational since 2012 and has been parked in a closed, secured garage since then. Prior to 2012 is it was not garaged. Unfortunately no repair records are available.

Truck is sold as is/where is. Tires are currently holding air but have slow leaks, are old and, although garaged, have been sitting in the same position for many years. I would not recommend towing with these. If towing on two tires is the plan I recommend replacing or substituting the tires currently on the truck.

Access to view truck is available but there is no electric power in the garage. Please make contact through EBay if you wish to set up a time for inspection.

THIS LINK HAS BEEN CORRECTED: an album of many more pictures may be seen athttps://imgur.com/gallery/DjhnVg1

Damage and missing trim around passenger side headlight: This damage is from a fender-bender on the Coke Company's watch.There is also minor damage around the wheel well and that trim. Part of the missing headlight trim is currently in the truck (see glove compartment pic in Imgur album).

Back window: the original single-piece back window was removed and replaced with a tinted slider window. The original window is not available. The slider window no longer secures.

Driver side door lock (pic 23, close-up): the driver side door lock was punched into the door during a break-in. It has not been repaired and the original lock mechanism is still inside the door cavity. The door may be unlocked from the outside by inserting a finger to push up on the locking mechanism, which is still in place. The assembly still functions but the lock is downinsidethe door cavity.

Tommy lift: the Tommy lift is original. It was still working when the truck stopped working but has now lost its hydraulic fluid. The truck doesn't start therefore the lift does not have the power to work OR to re-spool the now fully un-spooled cables back into a closed position. As a result, the cables are totally un-spooled with no tension and the lift will now drop immediately to the ground if released. Until power is restored to the lift,fluid is replenished and the lift returned to an operationalstatus, releasing the lift (pulling the pins) without adequate help and preparation may cause severe injury and must be approached very cautiously! This will be fully explained to a new owner.

There is some rust on the floor of the cab and some places where the rust has eaten through the metal completely. Also in the cab, the original padding on the dashboard has essentially disintegrated as has the original upholstery on the seats. However, both are there to show what is original. A custom-installed rubber floor mat was removed but enough exists under the trim to see what was there.

The 'Enjoy Coca Cola' decals were removed when the truck was decommissioned but the 'ghost' of the two decals may still be seen from certain angles. Picture 17 captures a decal from one of these angles very well. For most viewing angles the decals are not as noticeable.

A CB Radio antennae base was originally on top of the cab, along with a wire inside the cab. These were removed.

At the time the truck stopped working it was clear the engine needed to be rebuilt. While in storage it slowly lost its oil.

An extra switch was mounted on the console in the cab as a solution for an electrical problem. It did not work well.

Please see pictures and please ask questions if you have them. This is an extremely rare opportunity to own and restore an actual, verified Coca Cola delivery truck.