Cosworth Vega #0108, a 28227 original mile, clean and rust-free time capsule car

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Vega
Trim: Cosworth Twin Cam
Year: 1975
Mileage: 28227
Engine: 122 CID
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Moline, Illinois, United States

Description of 1975 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth Twin Cam

For sale is my 1975 Cosworth Vega, thank you for taking a look.
Originally, the car was from the Detroit area and I purchased the car withunder 25k miles on it in 2003/2004. The car has just over 28k today as it sitsand the car portrays as a 40+ year old car with low miles.
This is the first year of this collectible model, number #0108 of 3508 totalCosworth Vegas produced in 1975-1976.
Zero option, close to original car with anodized gold trim. Only a hand-fullhad this treatment done and all were dealer add-ons, not a factory option.
The only option is an AM/FM radio. The car is a 4-speed with black vinylinterior.
The car retains it's original GM black lacquer paint and decals, both verypresentable for a car with patina. I would call it a survivor. When new,someone had the foresight to have the entire car undercoated and rust-proofedfrom the dealer, the yellow GM Rusty Jones plugs are prevalent throughout thecar. None are missing or exposing the inner, hard to reach areas to theelements. The body is mostly straight, with a few love taps on the front apronand 1 on the rear hatch. The under carriage is very clean and does not have anyrot, the floor pans are clean, and the doors are clean and free of rust andscale. There is a small spot on the rear passenger fender approx. the size of agrape that has been blistered for many years. The hood, roof, and the flat areaof the rear hatch have paint that is started to 'scale' like alligator skin,typical of lacquer paint and especially of the era. The aluminum bumpers are inexcellent shape without any major nicks, bumps, or bruises. The rubber trim isgood shape and does not appear to be peeling or cracking. The car also sports aGM add-on rear spoiler in nice shape. All lenses and glass is complete,unbroken, and near perfect. Somewhere along the way, one piece of windshieldtrim went missing on I-80 when the car was on a trailer. I am sure a statemower made hash of it by now.
The interior shows very well and is very clean. The carpeting and perforatedboard headliner shows little to no wear. The front and rear seats are completewithout separation or severally flattened foam. The vinyl grain is clean andshines without effort. The pleats and buttons are complete throughout. The doorpanels are clean and solid, they show no signs of peeling as well as the mappockets have close to perfect elastic. The arm rest/door handles are inexcellent condition, however the upper connection to the doors have pulledthrough. The dash pad is in as new condition and have been covered for mostit's life. The gold engine-turned dash is clean and bright, with the dashnumber prominently displayed. The rear side panels were cut before I purchasedthe car for small 4 inch speakers, but they blend well into the car. The hatchcarpeting appears as new, as well as the aluminum cover for the spare tire. Thecover retains its factory decals. The spare tire well and smuggler's box areaare clean and as new, having been Rusty Jones rust proofed from the dealer. Thecar has all 5 gold Cosworth wheels, the gold paint is original from 1975. Trimrings and center caps are present and are clean and shiny.
Under the forward opening hood, the original 1,999cc '2.0 liter' twin can 16valve engine and 4-speed Saginaw transmission remain in place. I purchased thecar from a gent who was a technician at a higher-end restoration and body shopand being a car guy, he simply couldn't leave the car alone. The original 9.0:1pistons were replaced with 11.0:1 versions with new chrome rings and theoriginal cams were replaced with Crane's Compu-Cam grind for the Cosworthengine. At idle, the car has a slight lope; through the factory header andfab'd rear muffler and twin tail-pipes, it sounds the part of the sportycompact it was intended to be. The rear-end is a factory 3.73 with limited slipdifferential.

The fuel pump has given up and will need to be replaced. This happened late last year and several other factors happened to take my time and not get to it. Included with the car will be a copy of the Cosworth Vega magazine detailing changing out the original style pump with a readily available 2.8 V-6 pump from most parts outlets. A new pump is included as well.
If you are interested in this car and want to genuinely come and look before bidding, pleasefeel free to contact me.
This is an easier winter restestifciation if you are looking for somethingto keep you and your son/daughter busy in the garage. Parts and knowledge are abundant when joiningthe Cosworth Vega Owners Association.
Feel free to contact me and we can find the time to meet up and look at thecar or I can provide more photos.
And, if you would want to put a V-8 in this car, well, I can't stop you. If youbuy it, it's your property. If you want to go that route, I can assist withresources that way as well.
Happy Bidding to you all.