1965 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 1965 CHEVELLE SUPER SPORT For sale is my 65 Chevelle

1965 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Chevelle
SubModel: Malibu SS
Type: Coupe
Trim: SS
Year: 1965
Mileage: 9000
VIN: 138375K122048
Color: Yellow
Engine: 327
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Federal Way, Washington, United States

Description for Chevrolet Chevelle 1965

1965 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. Condition is Used.

For sale is my 65 Chevelle Super Sport - 13837 series car. This car is absolutestunning in appearance and aside from the wheels and tires is very stock inappearance. Many people have said this car it is of show quality; however Iconsider it a driver class car. When I bought this car in 2013 it was asurvivor 283 V8 with a powerglide, it had been in someone’s collection for some20+ years before that and was a nice driver quality car albeit low inperformance and fun factor. In my opinion if this car was a factory 327 – fourspeed car it would not have survived in the condition it is today - as in thelate 1960’s high performance cars were raced and disposed of. I have refined itto its condition today which is muscle car performing but retains the gorgeousoriginal look of its day. The VIN is 138375K122048 and was assembled inNovember 1964. It shows about 9,000 miles on its odometer; but this meansnothing as I have replaced many of the instruments. The car has been transposedinto the highly sought after 327 - L79 - 350HP - 4 speed car, yellow exterior,black interior and with a Muncie M20 4 speed transmission. The factory optionswere power steering and power brakes, rear window defroster and CC group. Thelatter includes dimming rear view mirror, outside mirrors, padded dash, tintedwindshield and two speed wind shield wipers and washers.
The exterior was recently painted the original correct factory color calledCrocus yellow. This is the original color the car came new with and is thesecond Crocus yellow painting, the car has always been this color. The fenders,doors, trunk and hood are very straight and the paint is two stage with clearcoat, it looks beautiful. All chrome is very good showing no blemishes, Irecently replaces the front windshield and rear window as the ones that came inthe car were not correct LOF EZEye, The new glass is all correct date coded. Iwould rate the exterior as excellent. During the recent painting the car wascompletely disassembled, all windows and chrome were removed, the doors, trunkand hood were removed and painted separately, and all seams were addressed andmade correct, they look beautiful. The door jams were striped and painted andlook beautiful. The interior floors and trunk have never been replaced nor dothey need to as they have no rust and were also painted. All glass was removedand either replaced or completely cleaned, all rubber seals and window feltshave been replaced. The front and rear window regulators were all cleaned,repaired and lubricated, operation of the windows and doors are all smooth andcorrect.While I had the glass out, I had the chrome around the front andrear windows polished. I would rate the exterior as a 9.8 out of 10.
The interior is mostly stock, it is black and again excellent. The seat covers anddoor panels were replaced at some time before my ownership with factory correctreplacements. I have replaced the carpet with new high-quality deep weavematerial. It looks beautiful and the seats are firm and correct. The headlinerlooks very good. The car has a wood grain two spoke steering wheel and a tiltcolumn, both are aftermarket products. I replaced the front instrument panel withnew, it is stock and is beautiful. All instruments are functional and work asthey should. I have installed an aftermarket tach (I have the original ifsomeone wants it) as I prefer the needle movement of the new tach – 270 degreevs. 90 degree sweep. On top of the instrument panel or dash is mounted afactory clock. This is very rare and expensive but came on SS cars with factorytachs. The radio is after market and works well. The heater core is new andworks as it should. There is a simple modification that I made to the lightsswitch; while in the parking light mode the parking lights are on however inthe head light mode both the head lights and parking lifts are on. This featurewas found on later model Chevelles.
The suspension has been taken apart, cleaned, painted and replaced with newparts as require. It has all new; ‘A’frame rubber bushings, new springs to adjust the ride height, new rear rubberbushings. The car has a new aftermarket front 1-3/8” dia. sway bar (I have theoriginal) as the cornering is now much improved. I have also installed newframe to body rubber bushings. This car has not had the body removed from theframe as it is not needed, I call this a frame up restoration. Both theunderside of the body and frame are in like new condition, with no rust ordamage. I have replaced the original shoe type brakes with four-wheel powerdisc brakes from CCP. The car stops straight with no issues. It has powersteering and I up-dated the steering box to a fast ratio 12:1 vs. 17:1. It nowis 3 turns lock- to-lock rather than the original 5 turns. The car turns sharpas well as quickly and handles very well. I installed 5 Cragar SS series wheels(including the spare) with Goodrich TA Radial tires (I have the original 14” SSseries hubcaps), road handling is much improved and very nice.
Under the hood is highly detailed and looks very stock, that is L79 inappearance stock. The fender wells were removed during the recent painting andare painted flat black. I have installed, new battery cables, new alternator,voltage regulator, starter, etc. All electrical components work correctly. Oneitem that is not stock but is easily removable is a small sub instrument panellocated near the voltage regulator where engine readings are made. This newinstrument panel includes; RPM, vacuum, oil pressure, voltage and temperaturereading include; oil, water and carburetor air. I did this to better allow foradjustments while working under the hood on the engine.
The car comes with one of two engines; the first option is an L79 series 327.This is an engine that I recently assembled with the correct block, heads,intake, carburetor, etc it is an L79 in appearance and performance. It has 11:1pistons and 2.02 heads and runs very strong. The second available engine Iinstalled in 2016 and is a new GM crate engine called the SP383 and advertisedat 425 HP. The 383 has considerably more HP and torque than the 327. Bothengines are smooth running and make it the muscle car that it is. Either enginemakes the car a wonderful driver with great torque and performance. Bothengines are L79 appearing with 327 series chrome valve covers, correct 461series intake manifold, correct Holley carburetor and dual snorkel air cleaner.Open the hood and you are looking at a factory appearing L79 engine.
The car comes with two different exhaust systems; stock exhaust manifolds andAmerican Racing headers. Both exhaust systems have different removable headerpipes allowing easy exchange without a trip to the exhaust shop. The systems haveeither an H pipe or an X system. The mufflers are quiet at highway speeds but havea nice note to them. From the factory the car came with a 5/16” fuel line fromtank to engine, I replaced the fuel sender and installed the correct 3/8” line fromtank to fuel pump as found from the factory in the higher horsepower cars.
The car is available with one of two different transmissions. The first is aMuncie M20 – 4 speed (wide ratio) recently overhauled. It is absolutely periodcorrect. All features of the transmission are correct; it shifts well with noissues, it is quiet in all gears and does not leak oil. The linkage is thecorrect Muncie side shifter system with the shift lever that fits through thefactory correct chrome console. The M20 transmission has a 2.54:1 first gearratio and a 1:1 fourth gear ratio. With the 3.42:1 rear end ratio this combinationworks as cars did from the 60’s, that is a compromise from low enough firstgear to start the car moving but high enough fourth gear for highwayoperations. Recent developments have made overdrive transmissions available andtoday the car has a 5 speed transmission. This new transmission features a2.9:1 first gear that is better for starting from a stop and fifth gear is0.63:1 overdrive which lowers highway RPM’s by 37%. This new transmission makesthe car a much better road car with 75 MPH speeds in the 2000 RPM range. Thisis a reduction from 3000 RPM as with the Muncie. Great efforts have been madeto reuse the factory console making the car appear as a stock four speed carwould with the five-speed transmission. The shift levers of both the four speedand five speed appear the same. Both transmissions look and function correctly.Either transmission can easily be exchanged as very few changes were necessaryfor the conversion.
The car has a 12 bolt positraction differential with 3.42:1 ratio. The 12 boltis the correct series rear ends that 65 Chevelles came with when equipped witha 327 engine in 1965. These differentials are considered to be one of the bestthat Chevrolet made.
I have attempted to make this car a high quality, high performance, very stockappearing and great driving 1965 Chevelle SS. No expense was spared. I haveshown it at several car shows and it always receives accolades and has receivedseveral awards.