Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Type: Convertible
Year: 1957
Mileage: 39
VIN: E57S10848
Color: Brown
Engine: 283 CI V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: White
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Henderson, Nevada, United States

Description for Chevrolet Corvette 1957

1957 Chevrolet Corvette
Fuel Injected Convertible
Rare Big Brake Option (1of51) This 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Fuel Injection Convertible is a highly documented extreme restoration with a colorful history. As we tell the story of this incredible rare car and its prior owner and builder, you will be able to see the labor of love that went into the complete nut and bolt restoration that brought this incredible car to the point it is now.

Viva Las Vegas Autos Known History... The current owner, bought this Corvette a few years ago without knowing hardly anything about it. His initial goal was just to add to his collection and enjoy the variety of classic cars within his growing collection. Not knowing the complete history of the car other than the two thick binders of restoration receipts and photographs, the owner contracted a thorough vintage Corvette appraiser to completely appraise and assess the car to verify its originality and restoration process. This was costly to have that done, but well worth the investment to determine the veracity of the history of this car and how it came to where it is at now. This took place about a year after he purchased the car. During that first year, the car also sat in his collection without being thoroughly prepared for storage. When the appraiser came to do his inspection, the car was in the process of having the engine removed and repaired because the car was running very rough and possible compression issues. The good news at that stage was with the engine removed and partially torn down; getting stamped numbers and casting numbers became an easy and more thorough job than normal.
The appraiser’s documentation and images gave us a very thorough picture of the history of this incredible and very rare car. We have also posted within this presentation, all of the pictures and documentation from the inspection for your review. A printed copy of the Assessment, Components and Numbers associated with this car is also within the images shown.

We also took the opportunity to talk with the original owner and record the conversation and tell all about the history of this 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Fuelie. The insight gained from this conversation is priceless and we are so grateful that the prior owner was so willing to share his build history and story of the labor of love associated with the restoration of this car.

As you review the appraiser’s documentation and images, you will see like we have, that the builder/owner went to great detail to perform the best restoration he could and took years to get it to this point. Well over six figures were spent to bring this car to this level and that really doesn’t account for the hours and labor involved to reconstruct this car. Read on. Between the images we will present the information we have regarding this documentation and history we have that tells a very special story about this 57 Fuelie.

Viva Las Vegas Autos
Preparations & Conditional Assessment... According to the VIN number, this 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Fuelie was built in the St. Louis, Mo. Plant between October 31, 1956 and Novermber 30, 1956. (1957 VIN Sequences E57S100001-E57S106339 with 100580-101070 for that period. Later part of November 1956 as its build date)
It has had two detailed owners from new. Both meticulous in their care and maintaning of such an incredible automobile. Anytime we buy or consign any vehicle we plan to sell, we thoroughly inspect those vehicles and do our very best to understand their current condition, needs of maintenance and or repairs, then proceed complete those recommendations. If we find any issues, blemishes of flaws, we will disclose them to the best of our abilities. No automobile is ever perfect and you will never hear my claim that to be the case. The most important factor we can demonstrate is that we do our best to provide a very thorough and concern addressing presentation of the facts and condition of any vehicle we market.
We don’t really know how many owners that car has had but we can assess the last few decades from its last two owners. Our current owner has had the engine pulled and rebuilt although, compression in cylinder number one is lower than other cylinders. We also have record of the fuel injection system being sent out for a full rebuild when the owner/builder had the car, but we believe that since the car has set for a few years without proper fuel storage, it may need to be serviced as well. The car does run and drive but not to factory standards. As far as the rest of the functionality of the car, it’s fully restored and serviced. Watch our video of the car running and driving so you can assess for yourself too. The cosmetic beauty of this car is excellent, but it would not pass for a museum piece because of the components used in the build process. We will post below the appraiser’s written assessment for your review as well.

Viva Las Vegas Autos Verified Data... VIN & Data Plate Information
Engine Displacement:283ci 283HP V8
Transmission:Origina Manual 3 Speed - Now 1961 Manual 4 Speed
Exterior Color:Aztec Bronze with Cream Insets
Interior Color:Cream/Beige

The interior is absolutely gorgeous and all new.

The side glass on the hardtop is date coded 1960, so obviously not original to the car.

The 3 Speed Manual transmission apears to be original to the car.

The set of 4 steel wheels will come with the car as well.

The VIN Plate is original to the car.

The Appraiser's Documentation as follows.
"Vehicle Written Assessment"
"Although this 1957 Chevrolet Corvette is an undocumented vehicle in the sense of Original Sales Documents and a Build Sheet, the components of the engine, their dates corresponding to the actual production are in fact in line with what a documented car would be found with. All engine components and the fuel injection system are found to have been built or casted just weeks if not days before the actual production of the listed car. They also match in combinations that were set as build standards. This car is not a fully numbers matching cars as the rear end does not match the build date or before but is in fact a much earlier 1956 rear end. The 4 speed transmission is also a later T10 manual 1962 transmission but the owner retained the original 3-speed Manual Transmission that goes with the car. The 3-Speed Manual transmission is correct for the car; although the date code of it is about two months prior to the production of the car. The leads me to believe it may have been a replacement to a later dated original.
The wheels present on the car are vintage aftermarket spoke rims and again the owner has the original style 15” steel wheels that go with the car. The Frame on the car does not appear to be original to this car as the VIN derivatives are not in place and some of the body connecting areas have been altered. A body lift off may reveal the VIN stamp on the current frame but that remains unclear and possibly ground off. A confirmation of this has been found within the receipts of the restoration.
The Fiberglass Body, the frame and the Interior have undergone extensive restoration and is in exceptional condition and with a high level detail would show very well. There are some mechanical connections that would be advised to more properly repair or replace to a higher level of excellence. The Body is partly new. The receipts show the front clip was fully replaced including the dash. The rear portion of the body was derived from a donner car. The front door frames including the original VIN plaque and the underdash were retained from the original car.
It would be advisable to correct the minor details with the car and replace the current wheels and tires with original white wall tires and steel rims with their caps. All Glass on the vehicle appears to be correct but dated later than the production of the car. The windshield is dated 1961, both side windows are dated September 1956 which may not be original. The hard top Plexiglas is from 1960 and may indicated that the hard top is not been original to the car.
Overall Assessment
This 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Fuelie is a fine professionally restored example of an original Fuel Injected but undocumented car. Professionally restored with receipt documentation, includes dictation of the builder’s story of the entire project and will command a premium value but less than a fully documented car.
Documented Known History
On November 1, 2018 a phone conversation was held with the original builder and last owner of the 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Fuelie. This conversation was imperative to learn how the car as it is came to be and some prior unknown history that this builder and restorer could shed some light on for it new current owner. A delightful 28 minute conversation ensued with Roy Gipson.
Roy, a retired hobbyist and longtime builder/owner of several vintage and highly collectible Corvettes; some of which are still in production while this is being written. Roy 78 now, bought his first brand new Corvette in 1961 and sold it four years later. Since 1961, the Corvette bug bit his life with lasting effects. Fifty 7 years later, Roy is still building and restoring highly coveted Corvettes. His specialty, the C1 and C2s. This 1957 Fuel was acquired by Roy in 2008 as a running and rolling basket case original Fuel Injected car. Wrecked in front and wrecked in the rear and snatched out of another collector’s possession for $45k dollars.
When the project began, the most important condition that Roy wanted to achieve was originality of the original car. In this case, the original car was a true Fuel Injected, Big Brake car with a three speed manual transmission. It had been in possession of it prior owner for decades when Roy bought it. Roy spent the next 8 years, restoring and acquiring all new, NOS and correct restorable parts to fully restore this 1957 Corvette back to its original grandeur. Countless hours between he and his hired mechanic will never be compensated for although Roy kept detailed receipts in a binder that show his attention to extreme details and exceptional workmanship. The story with Roy is priceless and will be retained as a permanent digital record for this car that can be heard online for as long as the internet sticks around.
The main point of this phone dialog was to insure anyone who may own this car of its originality as a real and true Fuel Injected Corvette that started out at the factory in beautiful Corvette fashion, lived a life for who knows how long until it found its grave from a front and rear impact, then was resurrected from a presumed grave to find a passionate builder/restorer with unlimited funds and time to breathe life back into this beauty. The car lives on and hopefully will survive the next 61 years to come."

The three inch binder of receipts and the restoration photo album will come with the car.

The wire wheels were installed to mimic the article copied here.

The sheet shown here was from Roy.The pictures below are just a few pages within the 3" binder of receipts.

The following pictures are all pictures found in the photo album.

The last pictures shows the brand new convertible top that now resides under the rear deck.

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The next 90 images were taken during the Appraiser's Inspection back in November 2018.


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