1970 Chevelle SS 396 Convertible Survivor Holy Grail Full Docs! #'s matching!

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Chevelle
Type: Convertible
Trim: Super Sport
Year: 1970
Mileage: 71000
Color: Fathom Blue (code 28)
Engine: 396/402/350HP
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Medium Blue (code 765)
Drive side: LHD
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: West Chicago, Illinois, United States

Description for Chevrolet Chevelle 1970

1970 Chevelle SS 396/350HP TH-400 Convertible(MOST DOCUMENTED ORIGINAL CAR IN THE WORLD)
Very rarely in life, you come across a car that defies logic, is so well kept, and original...that you just have to own it. This car has all that and so much more.
This car...is just amazing. The only question you will have about this car is "if you can afford it?", because...you won't find another quite like it.
Here is the history of the car. Janet Wolfe, a piano teacher from PA, with a love for Chevys, went with her brother to a Chevy Dealership in rural Pennsylvania and bought matching 1970 Chevelle SS Convertibles. Janet ordered hers in Fathom Blue, with blue interior and a white top. She said that she loved blue so much that she would have ordered it with a blue top if it was available!
This was a big purchase for Janet, and her husband...and was her prized possession. The car was never bumped, hit, dinged, scratched, or even breathed on wrong for over 40 years. She rarely drove it, only on special occasions, and cared for the car with a touch of love that borders on obsessive. It was a fact that she suffered from OCD, recording every gas fill up, miles to the tank, date, date of oil changes, etc. Let's put it this way, the car had plastic covers on the seats, and she put towels on the floor when she drove it. At 100lbs, she was a petite woman...and the interior shows ZERO wear. The car accumulated some 50,000 miles on it when she passed away in October 1995. Her husband Dennis, kept the car in a climate controlled garage and drove it another 18,000 miles on it in 15 years. Dennis unfortunately suffered a neurological event in 2007, and decided he wouldn't be around long.
The car was for sale "through the grape vine" and unfortunately there was a bidding war on the car, simply because it was the nicest original in the Country...the car was sold to renowned Chevelle collector During Aquino. The car was inspected at that time by Jerry MacNeish, (sic) who validated the engine pad, and more and more documentation started surfacing AFTER he bought it...in any event...I tried to buy the car for years...for any amount of money...the second steward of the car wouldn't sell it. He fell ill and the car was put up for sale...for well over a lot of money from different brokers and local idiots who tried to sell it for the uninformed family. I was finally able to buy the car, and now...with this economy, my wife says we need to cut back...so for sale it is.
So, what is so special about the car?It has almost flawless paint. The car has ABSOLUTELY zero rust. The interior is virtually perfect...the chrome can be taken off the car and sold as NOS! The car has 73,000 DOCUMENTED original miles...not a little bit documented...not "I think it has 72,000 miles on it" It has 72,000 miles on it...I have every fuel receipt.
I see tons of SS Chevelle Convertibles for sale in the mid 60K range, why is this one different?Most of these cars are restored phony Malibus with big blocks of unknown eras thrown in them...with stop signs for floor pans and shiny paint and scantily clad women posing in front of them. Without a myriad of paperwork, they are all phony! They even make phony build sheets, sold right here on eBay.
What kind of documentation do you have that this is a real SS?-The original window sticker for the car (not a reproduction)-The original vehicle order form for the car in the name of Janet Wolfe-1970 new vehicle delivery sheet from 1970 for this car.-The perfect original build sheet-The Original Registration, and every registration thereafter.-Every fuel receipt for the car from 1970-1995-Every Service Record from 1970 until now.-The Protect-O-Plate in the name of Janet Wolfe-Janet Wolfes Marriage Certificate to her husband Dennis Desjardin-Janet Wolfe Death Certificate from 1995-Janet Desjardins (nee Wolfes) obituary.-Janet Wolfe marriage certificate to Dennis (retitled in his name after her death)-A letter from Dennis verifying authenticity and originality of the car.-Dennis Desjardins Death Certificate.-A copy of the original title and subsequent title to Dennis Desjardin-A 2008 Sales Receipt to Yuring Aquino for $110,000 and signed title by him in 2008.-Yuring Aquinos Death Certificate-Yuring Aquinos Obituary-A 2006 appraisal for $90,000....(this appraiser didn't understand the history)-Jerry MacNeish engine VIN pad stamp verification of authenticity.-ACAA Survivor Award-Over 20 first place survivor awards at National Shows and meets.
The fact is, this car was original. It was a museum piece...and thats where my problem lies.
When I got the car, lets face it...beautiful to look at and drive...but, I wanted to drive the car...anywhere, anytime...without leaving a oil stain everywhere from 50 year old gaskets on the motor and trans...or unreliability due to age. So, I don't regret it, but I had the engine pulled out of the car, I had the motor checked out, new rings, bearings, oil pump, valve job, valve seals and had it completely re-gasketed, along with having the transmission resealed. I had the brakes rebuilt, new shocks installed, a set of correct reproduction tires installed and thats about it.
I may get some grief for going through the driveline, but...these cars are 50 years old, and while I love the term "survivor"...I also want something that is reliable as it looks...as dialed in as it could be...and thats what this car is...a reliable survivor.
The engine...100% original and BORN with...#'s matching and correct down to the carb, distributor, alternator, water pump, etc. It's the 396/402 with 350hp and it is paired with it's original TH-400 trans and posi-traction rear end.
The paint, as verified by Mr. Desjardins (Janets husband) is 100% original to the car...and looks like it was painted last year.
The convertible top is mint and not dry rotten at all.
(I have the original battery, tires, some hoses, plug wires, water pump, brake booster, etc)
Of course various belts, hoses, etc were changed throughout the years...but other than that...it's as it was delivered.
The car runs and drives like new...and only these untouched cars drive this well...original ball joints on this car.
One thing about this car that really got me upset, was I seen that it was undercoated to hell! Ugh...I struggled with removing it....who would do this to this car? Well...then I took a closer look at the original sales invoice...and Ms. Wolfe ordered the car undercoated, and it was delivered that way, so it remains that way today.
The car was ordered and currently is equipped with:Strato-Bucket SeatsFloor MatsDoor Edge GuardsWhite Power TopCenter ConsolePositraction Rear EndTH-400 Automatic TransmissionComfortlite Steering WheelPower SteeringWhite Wall TiresClockPush Button RadioCowl Induction HoodSS 396 Package
This is the bottom line. I have a several million dollar collection of all top end original cars. I don't own anything that isn't original...I know these cars very well. I know its just a 396 automatic convertible...but no...its so much more!
If you want a Malibu Clone with a bogus build sheet, hundreds of reproduction Chinese parts and a non original motor...restored...for $70 grand...by all means...go buy one. Or you can get a real nice restamped bogus SS Convertible for 75k.... This isn't that car. This is for the person that wants a REAL car...that cannot be disputed or argued or picked apart by ANYONE...and you can drive this car... and it drives BETTER than any frame off restored car I have ever driven...they don't drive the same with the Chinese body bushings and tin can bumpers.
Chevelle SS's are, in line with Corvettes of this era...they were generally driven hard and disregarded, modified...used as daily drivers...and more SS Chevelles exist today than were ever built...and now the phonys come with restamped motors and build sheets. Unfortunately, these most desirable year Chevelle Convertibles are the most cloned, faked, copied, and bastardized cars I've ever seen. Lets just keep it real...these cars were rust buckets...they all were rusty...maybe some from out west are dry...but then they have dried up interiors.
If you are a true afficianado and only want the real deal, with every damned bit of paperwork to back it up, this is that car.
No, I'm not interested in any trades. Nothing you have compares to this car...
If you are looking for the LS-6 4 speed car...this isn't it either. This car is got plenty of power, and is easy to drive with power steering, power brakes, and the automatic. This car is so well tuned and quick, it'll scare you.
The car needs nothing. It's ready for you.
Clean and clear title in MY name...ready to be signed over to you.
I have some excellent shipping contacts and I can get this car to you faster than your wife can get her Amazon order.
Payment via bank check, (has to clear) wire transfer, or cash.
This car isn't inexpensive...and I don't NEED to sell it...but...I wasn't expecting the Pandemic...and cars take a back seat to my family during the Pandemic.

My cell phone # is 630-200-3860.
I'm a real seller, my question to you is....can you pull the trigger? You will never again see a car like this for sale.