1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

Condition: Used
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Chevelle
Type: Coupe
Year: 1969
Mileage: 12345
VIN: 136379K474803
Transmission: Automatic
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Eureka, Malta

Description for Chevrolet Chevelle 1969

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu
This is a project car that I've had for about 10 years. I was told that it was sold new in Missoula Montana and that I'm the third owner. It's a very solid project, which is why I bought it and have kept it this long. I had intentions to restore it but haven't had the time, so I'm moving on. The car has never been painted with exception of the primer guide coat. It is 71 code lemans blue, with black vinyl roof and black fabric bench seat interior. Column shift auto. I have a clear title. Vin tag matches the title. The trim tag is on it too. I have more pics I can send since only 24 fit on here. Message me if you want to do something early on it. Thank you.

The chevelle's original drivetrain is gone. I believe it had a 350 small block and turbo 350 auto. The car now has a 454 big block and turbo 400 automatic. This is a motor that I had in a pickup, and it ran perfect. It did not smoke, tick, or knock. No blowby. It ran nice and smooth and no oil in the water, or water in the oil. After I took it out of the pickup, it has been in my shop out of the weather. I had to buy a new oil pan to fit the engine into the chevelle. I forgot to order a different oil pickup tube, so I just put the oil pan in it with a new gasket. I needed the car out of my shop, and just put the new pan on to seal it up for shipping. The motor mounts are not right for this car. I'm sure the proper mounts are readily available online. I will secure the mounts for shipping. I figured most buyers would be either pulling the engine to do a restoration, or using an engine of your choice. If you plan to leave it in there, you'll need to jack it up to put the oil pickup tube on and switch the engine mounts. The engine is stock I believe, with exception of a mild cam. The transmission came out of a different rig I have and worked nicely. It is stock as far as I know. I'm sure you could add some speed parts and use this drivetrain for a nice cruiser. It has new chrome valve covers. No carburetor, radiator, or exhaust. The rearend is a 10-bolt open. The car has power steering and power brakes. Front brakes are drum. The driveline is not on it but I probably have one and I'll put it in the trunk if I do. Factory a/c. All the a/c stuff is still on the firewall. You'll need the condenser, pump, and probably other parts. The sway bars are not on it but included. The wheels aren't real nice but I suppose you could use them for a low budget ride. They are 15". Rear tires are older but nice. Front tires are not good. The car rolls, steers, and the brakes work enough to hold it on a hill. The original steering wheel is gone. The malibu horn pad is included and it has a Buick gs400 steering wheel on it now. Another black steering column is included. I have many other parts in boxes that come with it in the trunk. Some of the original wiring has been cut. You can get a replacement original wiring kit or use a stainless. I think that would be easier than repairing the wiring in it. Nothing has burnt or anything like that.
The body is in nice shape for a project car. This car has very little rust. Montana never salted the roads when this car was still on the road so it's probably never seen salt. It has minor rust through on the package tray metal. Two small spots. Unless your doing a high-end restoration, I wouldn't even bother fixing this. There are lots of other factory holes in that metal piece and a new package tray covers it anyways. The other rust spot is in one corner of the inside of the trunk lid. The rest of the trunk lid and the trunk jam are fine. I'm sure it's pretty easy to fix it. I have another trunk lid off a '71 I will include. I've been all over the car and underneath it and found no other rust-through. The floorpans are nice. No rust on the jams or rockers. The frame, quarters, wheelhouses, fenders, inner fenders, doors, roof, pillars, cowl, firewall, hood, etc., etc. have no rust. The doors, hood, and trunk lid open/close/latch as they should. I have no keys for the car. The trunk keylock is gone so you just use a screwdriver to open it. As most of you know, all that stuff is relatively cheap and readily available for this car. There is minor filler on the passenger rear quarter. Probably less than chip foose used to use on some of his cars lol. I have a paint thickness gauge that I checked the whole car with. The drivers side door is not original. Someone started work on it and the front of the skin has been taken loose. It may be easier to use a different door or new skin but I'm sure a bodyman could fix that door. Most of the body panels are pretty straight. It will need some work but really a pretty straight car to start with. No rust at all on the roof or around the rear window. The rear window glass is gone.
The interior is mostly complete and looks to be original. It is the black fabric bench seat optioned interior with column shift automatic. The interior needs to be redone with a full upholstery kit. The original steering wheel is gone. The malibu horn pad is included. It has a steering wheel on it now off a GS400. An extra complete black steering column is included too. The Drivers side doorpanel is not original and is green but if you get a new interior kit it shouldn't matter. There are several parts and plastic pieces included that are in boxes. The gauges are included and it also comes with a factory dash tachometer out of another car.
This is a great chevelle to start with and build one how you want it. I was going to do a yenko clone or SS clone but just need to move on and sell some projects. I'm sure I'll regret selling it. Good, solid chevelle projects are getting hard to find. The cars I see for sale are either complete basket cases or already restored. Thanks and happy bidding.