1969 CAMARO Z28 X33 Lemans Blue Barn Find Dz302 4.10 Posi 69 project car 302

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
SubModel: Z28
Trim: x33
Year: 1969
Mileage: 20,000
VIN: 124379n628796
Color: Blue
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Monroeville, New Jersey, United States

Description for Chevrolet Camaro 1969

1969 CAMARO Z28 X33 Lemans Blue Barn Find Dz302 4.10 Posi 69 project car 302

Located in Monroeville NJ 08343 . Must be picked up within 7 days of sale ending . To be paid for IN CASH & cash only at time of pickup or via wire transfer in advance of pickup . I will not accept a PayPal payment for this car . You will need a car trailer to move this car beings it does not run . Clear NJ title

Here is an authentic Lemans blue 1969 Camaro Z28 X33 (04C build) with white deck stripes & black standard interior . This car has been apart since the 80’s according to the person I bought it from & I believe it . It is not running & is being sold as is in need of restoration. In 2 of the attached pics you can see how I brought the car home …… in many pieces . I loosely bolted the car back together so that all you need now to move it is a car trailer . Everything will have to be taken apart again so I didn’t waste extra time aligning everything or tightening down every bolt. My main goal was to get the car rolling & all parts off the floor. In addition it’s much easier to see what there & what’s not looking at it assembled . I have owner history back to 1976 on the car & the person who held title to it in 76 may very well have been the original owner for all I know . The title & odometer read 20000 miles . This car needs to be completely disassembled & everything will need to be rebuilt or restored as you can see . It has a DZ302 with cowl induction M21 Muncie 4 speed transmission with its original Hurst shifter (ball changed) & a BV 4.10 12 bolt posi rear . Power disc brakes with tach & gauges .

Body : Much of this car retains its original paint mostly from the doors back . Someone did modify the deck stripes as shown . I can see that the left front fender & header panel have been changed because the left fender is for a rally sport car. The roof has a light tint of brown that looks like it will sand off . Around the windows is beautiful. It’s as nice of a roof as I’ve seen on a car like this in years . The dash panel is rusted along the windshield & needs to be changed . The panel behind the rear window is nice & the tail light panel looks like it will only need minimal work . The doors look like they can be reskinned & I believe the header panel and the trunk lid & rear spoiler are OK . Quarters fenders valance hood cowl screen F&R wheel housings & drop off panels will need to be replaced . Radiator support was missing so I bought a repop just to get the car bolted back together . Rockers look solid . The floors are bad on the driver’s side & 1 area under the back seat on the RH side needs to be fixed . It could really use a full floor pan to make it clean on the underneath . The trunk pan is surface rusted & I would expect to have to change it however the shock towers look ok from inside the trunk. From under the car the inner sides of the rear frame rails are really scaly . They are not threw yet but may be after they are sandblasted . The outer sides don’t look bad & it kind of puzzles me as to why the it rusted so heavily on the inner sides of the rails . They may end up needing to be changed . Sub frame needs the 2 mount holes directly below the cowl fixed . Glass all looks decent .

Interior : Seats are unbelievable for being the original covers . There are 2 light cigarette burns in the front seats but it’s not real noticeable . No tears . Door panels are pretty nice with only a nick out of the bottom of the passenger’s side one . Dash pad is shot. Bash bezel needs cleaning up but is uncut . Console is real nice . Tach & gauges are the brightest Ive seen .

Here are a few items that I can tell you I know are missing : Keys . I do not have them . Long rod for the reverse lockout crank pulley fan shroud smog pump bumper jack & spare dust shield for trans .

I do have 4 15X7 YH rally wheels that I will throw in with the car . These are all dated 1970 but will serve their purpose until proper dated ones can be located .

Rear Dated 0403G1 BV 4.10 posi rear

Trans M21 Muncie 4 speed close ratio . stamped P9C26B . It does have the vin that matches the car so it is the original . Looks clean & feels good but I did not pull the cover to inspect it. It does have its correct & original Hurst shifter .

Engine . Dz302 #618 block dated D-8-9 . Assembly stamp V0415DZ .Bored +.020 . Clean inside & rotates by hand freely so the bottom end may very well be ok . (no lifters) I was convinced that this was the original block but after trying to read the vin on the side which is very faint I can only see 19----1903 which doesn’t match the cars vin . After the motor is painted I doubt you will ever be able to see the stamp at all . I was looking closely at it in good light with the motor out & could hardly see it . The build of the engine was as much as 6 days before the build of the car . The distributor is a 1111480 dated 9E16 . The previous owner bought this for $700.00 for the car a few years back because it was missing however it does not pre-date the car . It is an original just not dated correct for the car . The 2.02 186 heads are dated A13 & A15. They had the exhaust ports opened up a bit . They look like they were just redone . #472 Intake is dated B1069 . Carb is #4053 dated 931 . The carb was in pieces when I got the car . I bolted it back together but the power valves & jets were missing . You will need to rob a few parts from another carb for this one. Water pump pulley is the correct one . 772 fan blade is correct CB radiator cracked at drain valve & needs to be soldered . #837 alternator dated 9A13 with correct deep groove pulley . The exhaust manifolds were gone . I found header bolts in the pile of parts so I know the manifolds were taken off many years back. I had a pair of manifolds that were design correct but not part number correct I bolted on the car to close the engine up. The valve covers are the correct non dripper valve covers .

The previous owner did not have any additional paperwork such as a protect o plate or window sticker but as stated I do have title history back to at least 1976 .

Well that gives you a pretty good rundown on the car as I see it . There are over 50 pics attached so please look them over . This will be an absolutely fantastic car when it’s done . If I cant find a buyer perhaps I will have to do this one myself . The reserve is not disclosed so bid what you are willing to pay .

Keep in mind what just some of the parts are worth . I just saw an air cleaner do $1500.00 a reverse lockout cam do $364.00 & have seen complete 69 shifter do over $1000 . Doesn’t take long to add up !

THERE IS NO BUY IT NOW UNLESS YOU SEE ONE LISTED. There is no MAKE OFFER option unless you see one listed so please do not send one . Items are only returnable if not as described. NO SALES OUTSIDE THE USA . ASK YOUR QUESTIONS DAYS IN ADVANCE OF AUCTION ENDING IF POSSIBLE . Payment is to be made by paypal unless the item is a local pickup. Local pickup items are cash only . I am a legal registered business in NJ . NJ RESIDENCE subject to 7% SALES TAX. Its not my rule its the law. I ship items USPS with delivery confirmation . I only use UPS if the order exceeds postal size or weight limits . If I have to use UPS there is an additional handling fee already added to the shipping quote to cover the fee that the UPS store charges me . I can usually combined shipping on SAME DAY (Note: SAME DAY) auctions depending on the size of the items or how delicate an item is .I do not want to have to wait an extra week to be paid for an item in the following weeks listings that you may not even win . For example I can not combined items like a rally wheel & a steering column because they can not be packed together because of their sizes or a piece of NOS trim & a steering column because of how delicate trim is. Keep in mind I have no control over what the post office charges. Just remember if your in California I'm in NJ. In other words you re a long ways away. Shipping quotes can be seen right on the auction page. Click on other options to see a second shipping option if one is available. A handling fee of $1.00 is added in on SOME but not all shipping quotes . If it has to be higher for reasons of special packaging I will clearly state it . Shipping charges are not hidden during the auction & are not negotiable . I try to list everything as accurately as possible however I'm human too and from time to time I miss something . In the event there is a problem with an order please contact me immediately so the issue can be resolved. auction- auctio from augre "to increase" --related to AUGMENT : a sale at which things are sold to those who offer to pay the most Payment I accept the following forms of payment:

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