1966 Chrysler Newport

Condition: Used
Make: Chrysler
Model: Newport
Type: Convertible
Doors: 2
Year: 1966
Mileage: 2,822
Color: Red
Engine: 440 V8
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only
Air conditioning, Power windows

Description for Chrysler Newport 1966

"Full size" might be an understatement with this gorgeous 1966 Chrysler Newport convertible. As long as a city block and powered by Chrysler's biggest V8, it's traditional luxury with a bit of muscle behind it. You won't see one at every show, and once you experience a mid-60s Mopar, you might just become a convert, because they drive better than almost anything else of the period.Bright red is far from subtle, and there's a lot of it on this spectacular land yacht. The angular, straight-line styling works best on the big Chryslers like this, but that also means there's no place for sub-standard work to hide. This car was repainted some years ago, so it's not fresh, but we guarantee you're going to get noticed every time you drive this car. Those might just be the largest quarter panels ever created, but there aren't any major waves in the surface, meaning that they either started with great base stock or some poor guy sanded them until his fingers bled. There are some scratches and signs of age on the paint, but it shines up nicely and still showcases the fantastic details; just check out the trim that stretches from nose to tail along the top edges of the fenders, and the bullet-like piece that runs on the rocker, giving the car a tapering look that makes even this behemoth look sleek. The chrome is in good shape overall and it's been recently fitted with HID headlights and side mirrors with LED signals that are neat additions.The interior offers black buckets and one of the coolest dashboards we can recall. Quite a few new pieces elevate the quality, including fresh carpets and a new dash pad, and it sure looks like the seats have recent seat covers that echo the originals almost exactly. The gold-toned dash is a cool contrast that works rather well, and the hooded instrument panel is framed perfectly by the ivory-toned steering wheel. There are also auxiliary gauges under the dash to monitor oil pressure and temperature. The car is loaded up with options, including functional A/C, power windows, and an AM/FM radio, so it feels like a luxury car in every way. The back seat is truly spacious, as is the trunk, which also houses a brand new redline radial spare tire. The black power convertible top is brand new and uses the correct Chrysler long-grain vinyl for a correct look.Chrysler's big 440 cubic inch V8 provides effortless torque that makes this car feel smaller than it is. It was rebuilt about 30,000 miles ago and includes a new Edelbrock intake and carburetor, an MSD distributor, and a set of fresh exhaust manifolds to seal it up tight. It starts easily and idles with a bit of a rumble to remind you that this isn't your average luxury barge. It's nicely detailed with corporate turquoise engine enamel, and you'll note that correct decals have been affixed to the open-element air cleaner. The 727 TorqueFlite 3-speed automatic transmission was rebuilt four years ago and shifts smoothly, feeing power to a standard 8.75-inch rear end. There's also a brand new dual exhaust system that has just enough burble to it, and the front end was just rebuilt so it has that trademark Chrysler flying carpet ride. Traditional Rallye wheels are a nice addition and carry 215/70/15 whitewall radials all around.A handsome and unusual car with great power and lots of presence, all at a shockingly affordable price. Call today!