1974 Datsun 620 pickup; two owners; Arizona rust-free Immaculate and Original

1974 Datsun Other

Condition: Used
Make: Datsun
Model: Other
Type: Standard Cab Pickup
Trim: 620
Year: 1974
Mileage: 43,940
VIN: PL620390280
Color: Blue
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Tucson, Arizona, United States

Description for Datsun Other 1974

This is a very rare find of an increasingly popular collector pickup. These little 620 Datsun pickups have gained popularity over the past few years and as a result are getting harder and harder to find, specially in this condition. Most of these trucks are now either modified heavily or rusted out or both. This truck is in amazing condition for a 41 year old pickup. I will outline the truck in more detail below:HISTORY:This truck was purchased new in Yuma, Z and spent it's whole life in a small town just outside of Yuma called Dateland, rizona. Now if you have ever been to Dateland then you know they are famous for their date milkshakes, ut you also know that the town is literally about 5 miles in diameter. There is really nothing there and most of the people that live there are retired snowbirds that spend the winter months there. The climate is very dry, nd if you had to pick a place to try and preserve a car then Dateland might be the best place in the country. I don't think anything can rust there. The original owner passed away some years ago, ut before he passed away he had a fender bender with the truck that caused the right front fender to be pushed in. It was purchased by a Canadian couple who wintered there in Dateland and they used it for about 10 years as their grocery and errand truck. The lived literally out in the middle of nowhere. They purchased a newer vehicle and they put the Datsun up for sale. I was the first one to see the truck once they put it for sale and when I saw it, have to be honest, t looked like crap. You could tell it was blue, ut it looked more white than blue as the original paint was heavily oxidized. But the truck was super straight and solid (other than the right front fender) and it drove great. I rubbed one area of the paint with my finger and the white, halky residue that was all over the truck gave way to nice and shiny blue paint. The seat was toast but otherwise the interior was in outstanding condition. The radio even worked. I asked the owner about the true mileage on the truck (5 digit odometer) and they swore it was the original miles and that the odometer had not turned over. We worked a deal and I gave them a deposit on the truck and came back the following weekend and trailered the truck back to Tucson. Below I will outline what I have done to the truck and give more detail on the overall condition of the truck.EXTERIOR:The white, halky residue that was covering the entire truck, ncluding the windows, think actually preserved the original paint. When I got it home we hand buffed the entire truck and did it ever clean up! The original paint shown like new! Unfortunately, he right front fender was damaged beyond repair. So I searched for an NOS fender and found one that was in great shape. Now came my biggest dilemma that I had with this truck. I am a purist and I usually do not buy cars that are not 100% original including the paint, or do I like to do anything to my vehicles that takes away from the originality of the vehicle. Well, knew the fender needed to be replaced so that meant repainting part of the truck to blend the color to the original color. There was only one person I knew that could make it look as close to original and paint the least amount of the truck as possible and so I took it to him. The truck was done right with no expense spared and whatever needed to be removed from the truck was removed to eliminate any overspray (which I hate) or other evidence of work done to the truck. So the truck retains almost all of it's original paint and the color match is perfect and you cannot tell it was ever repaired. Now having 41 year old paint that shines like this is great, ut it does have some scratches and blemishes on the original paint that you would expect from a vehicle this old. It is not perfect, ut it is super straight and shows very well. I have tried to picture the major blemishes for you, ut they are minor. There are a few minor dents on the top of the truck and tailgate but I chose to keep that all original. Overall the truck just shows beautifully as you can see in the pictures. There is no rust on this truck. The undercarriage has some surface rust in places but it has no scale or significant corrosion anywhere. There are still factory chalk markings on the rearend and on the brake drums. All the lights and lenses are clear and bright. All glass is in great shape. Emblems are in outstanding condition. Weatherstripping is soft and pliable. We did replace the outer window felts only as the original ones were badly worn from the Arizona sun but the inner ones are still original and in great shape. The original rims and hubcaps are in great shape. Tires are nearly new. Vintage Gem Top camper shell is in great shape as well and has been on the truck as long as anyone could remember. We did remove it for pictures and cleaning. The rear shocks that hold up the rear camper shell hatch will need to be replaced. The inside of the bed is also in great condition with some paint scratches but no major dents or rust of any kind inside the bed.INTERIOR:The interior was really in great shape when I got the truck. The original seat, f course, as shot, ut we had the seat professionally rebuilt and it looks and feels great. The dash was also cracked in several places from the sun which is very common in these trucks, ven in mild weather states. I purchased a custom cover for the dash that actually is bonded to the original dash and looks original. It was expensive but definitely worth it with the way it looks. The original floor mat, oor panels and headliner are in very good original condition. The headliner has come a little loose in the driver's side front corner but this is hidden by the sun visor so I left it alone. All the factory gauges work well and even the original radio works. Windows all roll up and down with ease and doors lock and unlock as they should. The original jack and tools are in the correct location and in great shape. Original owner's manual is in the glove box and also is in great shape. The following all work as they should: Wipers, ll lights, urn signals, igh beams, orn, adio, ome light, ash lights, eater fan on all three speeds. Overall the interior is in great condition and shows very well.MECHANICAL:The truck runs and drives great. The only thing I had to do is change the fluids, eplace a few dry and cracked vacuum and fuel lines and install a new brake master cylinder. New air and fuel filters were also done. It starts right up and idles perfectly. It tracks straight and there is no funny noises, hakes or shimmies. I have noticed a small amount of brake fluid forming on the brake lines coming out of the new master cylinder so the compression fitting may be leaking a little but I will try and tighten that and keep an eye on it over the next week or so. I just replaced the master cylinder so it may just be residual fluid forming there from the replacement. The brakes work well and I can think of no other mechanical problems to report. These little engines will run forever if maintained well and this one appears to have been very well cared for. Transmission and clutch work as they should. Tires are in great shape and the original spare tire is still under the truck and actually looks to be in great condition. This truck could easily be used as a daily driver as it is mechanically very sound.SUMMARY:This little 620 may be one of the cleanest, nmolested 1974 models left in existence. It is a blast from the past for sure and now that these trucks are becoming collectibles this is a rare opportunity to own a piece of history. Even though we did make improvements on this truck, would consider it an unrestored truck as it was mostly just cleaned up but left original as far as possible. In my opinion, his was the best color combination on these trucks and it just grabs attention wherever it is driven. The original owner was a Vietnam Veteran and the stickers on the shell were placed there by him and left there in his honor. The truck just screams 1970's and for over 41 years it has survived and hopefully will go to a new owner who will appreciate it and continue to care for it as it deserves. Due to it's age the truck is, f course, old as is with no warranties either expressed or implied. I may be listing this truck for sale in other media and so I do reserve the right to end this auction at anytime should the truck sale elsewhere. I require a $500 deposit via Paypal within 24 hours of the auction's end with the balance due within 7 days of the auction's end. Storage is available for a reasonable amount of time and should you want to fly in and drive the truck home, rrangements can be made to pick you up at the Tucson airport. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask BEFORE bidding. Check my feedback and the pictures and bid with confidence. This truck will not disappoint!