1976 Datsun 280z Fairlady, Nissan, 260z, 240z

1976 Datsun Z-Series

Condition: Used
Make: Datsun
Model: Z-Series
Type: Coupe
Year: 1976
Mileage: 9,999,999
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Item location: Frisco, Texas, United States

Description for Datsun Z-Series 1976

Rare 1976 Datsun 280z Fairlady. This right-hand drive car was bought by a serviceman in Europe and came home with him. First, now that the car will need a bonded title, s the title change was never processed and it has been many years since the last sale. Bonded titles are no big deal, ut cost a little more.
About this car: Rare to the US, he car has unusual features that make it worth quite a bit when restored ($15,000 and up). These rarities include:
  • Right-hand drive!
  • Power windows (not available on US models),
  • Fender-mounted power mirrors
  • European rear taillight assembly
  • 240z-style turn indicators
  • Metric gauges
  • Different seats
Uncracked original dash, ood steering wheel in good shape, -speed manual
One of the best things about these rare cars is parts availability. Because they run the same drivetrain as US models with N42 head, arts are easy to get. This is a fantastic winter restoration project, nd while it would be easy to get her running and driving, nderstand that the car needs love by someone who is (hopefully) familiar with Z-cars. The 1976 model was the first fuel-injected year, nd still maintains the sports car vibe before they became loaded with creature comforts. If you don't know, hese cars are unibody and strong, aking them great track cars and superlative around town.

The car has rust issues, ost notably in the rear quarters (shown in pics). This may require new quarter sections ($140 ea) and some skills with a tig, ut the car is well worth the sweat equity.
I rescued this project and two others from a gentlemen who had great intentions, ut parked it (garaged) 12 years ago and never touched it. It was running great at that time, o in terms of drive train it would take a battery and fuel system flush to drive the car again. The pictures tell the story, nd I made every effort to show where the car has rust and where it doesn't. I didn't take a picture of the rails but they are still solid.
The car includes a replacement hood valance and two extra wheels.
The last restored example I saw was listed for $16,000, nd they are only becoming more rare. This is an affordable way to own one of these gems, ither restoring to keep or restoring to sell. There is a huge community of collectors and lots of support for Z-cars. In fact, lmost all of the parts are still available at AutoZone and Carquest! When you're finished you'll have an appreciating collectible.
I cannot take additional pictures, ecause I stored the car 300 miles away.
As far as shipping goes, can possibly deliver the car for 75 cents/mile, ut contact me before bidding if that's what you want to do. Because the car is 300 miles from me, won't go get it and deliver it 20 miles from where it's stored. However, f you live 1000 miles from me, can make it work for both of us.